My life has been a good run. - Spring F.
  • 75 years old
  • Born on July 24, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on March 22, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Spring Friedlander 75 years old , born on July 24, 1943 and passed away on March 22, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Delsa White on August 9, 2019
I hope someone will read this on the occasion of the Memorial for Spring. We were long life friends as I posted before. Spring and I used to commune during our lives about our left wing upbringings. I believe Spring was worried for us and this country and the direction it was headed. Her life is a tribute to trying and, at times to making things work better; and the outcome, for better or worse could never be as bad as the politics of this period we are watching unfold. She has done her part and I hope we all keep on keeping on for the good causes Spring cared about.
Posted by Carolyn Arnold on August 9, 2019
Spring was a pioneer, and a brave one, as a bisexual, a co-housing advocate, and in living and dying . I honor her life and her spirit! I knew her from the 1970s in the women's community in Berkeley. She was a model of being strong and forthright at a time when we were all learning to speak up for ourselves. A year ago, I recorded an interview with her about her experiences as a bisexual in the women's lesbian community in Berkeley in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. She put the transcript in her archives. Thank you for living such a large and important life, Spring! Your spirit lives on in your work and the people you touched.  I am sorry to miss this event with others who loved and appreciated Spring. Have a great celebration!
Posted by Spring Friedlander on August 5, 2019
Evite, to August 11 event

Location: Shoreline Center in the MLK regional Shoreline, Oakland (near Oakland Airport)
Posted by Patrice Woeppel on July 24, 2019
You will always be remembered, dear Spring. You were amazing, and will be missed.
Posted by Deet Lewis on July 22, 2019
I met Spring when she was a shy 9-year-old Ruthy. She was in a group I lead (I was 15 then) in HaShomer HaTzair, a SocialistZionist
youth organization. We stayed in touch over these MANY year and I often stayed in her communal house during the 3 years that I lived in California. I always admired how she came out of her shyness, embraced her parents' progressive ideas and lived in her own unique way.  I died in that unique way too, and I admire her bravery to continue to be strong and resourceful all the way to the END. BRAVA Spring!
Posted by Laura X on July 21, 2019
it was wonderful seeing Spring Friedlanders Estate on the big screen at the SFJFF, where we always saw each other.. the estate made a donation ie per her wishes..
let me repost my request for donations for us to finish cataloging what she left in trust for us.. and shipping costs from STL to SFLAbor.
these will be shipped Just the week after her birthday, fittingly enuf! thanks all, in advance and belatedly for caring for her and therefore all of us.. lx
Posted by Laura X on May 26, 2019
hello, I just got an announcement that says there is a new tribute , but I don't see it,, so i will say hello to you all, amazing how many of you i know but did not know that she knew you!
fyi we are currently fundraising for turning over her collections she asked me to curate and ship to U of Houston with the 1000 boxes we have culled down.. and to the SF State Labor History archives.. The Bancroft library requires 1000 a box if someone donates to them for them to process it.
hopefully SF State will not require that, but it is a costly process..
any donations for the Breakaway or Tradeswomen collections are so welcome at in Spring's honor.
Posted by Robin Woodstock on July 20, 2019
Is there any more information about a celebration/memorial for Spring on her birthday? Please let me know. Thanks
Posted by Grace England on June 9, 2019
Ms. Spring will be missed, but we can Celebrate her memory in our hearts everyday. I and a few others are working on a Celebration and I was thinking about the park or marina in Emeryville off of Powell and I880. In order for everyone not to have to rush perhaps Saturday or Sunday near her birthday on Wed. I met Spring in 1983, but in many ways I realize I did not really know her, but enjoyed being around her. Spring will always be with us. Dance and have fun. I can be contacted through Stephanie, if anyone wants more information on the Celebration any contact information to get the Celebration going.
Posted by Delsa White on June 6, 2019
Spring was a friend since the third grade. Our parents were left wing and we could talk about such things during the McCarthy period, a saving grace. I remember Spring continuing to associate with our family; she said he felt like a relative. I remember her choosing her name and changing it from Ruth to Spring, nice choice! A UW grad and then a Hunter College grad and short time city planner, she found more satisfaction in carpentry and working with women and youth. She made a communal life in her own style too. and it lasted about forty years, I think. One of a kind, she was and to the end did it her way. It was good to have Spring in my life.
Posted by Carol Ruth Silver on May 29, 2019
The memorial for Spring on her birthday, a Wednesday -- the 24 of July -- is coming up. We need to plan! Who is thinking about this?  
   Some one on this site suggested reserving the picnic location at Pointe Pinole, where Spring liked to walk. Sounds good to me.
   I suggest late afternoon, say 5:00 PM to 7:00 (some of us work). 
   Spring always liked to do every event as a Pot Luck, which however requires someone to keep tabs (or else A-G bring main dishes and do set-up; H-L bring recyclable plates, cups, napkins, forks & spoons; M-Q bring salads and manage food tables; R-Z bring drinks and deserts, and organize clean-up).
   Someone should make a decision and send out an announcement. Sooner is better, because all of us are multi-taskers!
   I knew and loved Spring for almost forty-six years, and I love her still in her absence. She has used her end of life as she used her living, to point to a new and better way of being in the world, of relating to our environment and to each other. Truly she will be missed, and remembered.
Posted by Laura X on May 26, 2019
hello, I just got an announcement that says there is a new tribute , but I don't see it,, so i will say hello to you all, amazing how many of you i know but did not know that she knew you!
 fyi we are currently fundraising for turning over her collections she asked me to curate and ship to U of Houston with the 1000 boxes we have culled down..  and to the SF State Labor History archives.. The Bancroft library requires 1000 a box if someone donates to them for them to process it.
hopefully SF State will not require that, but it is a costly process..
any donations for the Breakaway or Tradeswomen collections are so welcome at  in Spring's honor.
Posted by Robin Woodstock on May 25, 2019
To Friends of Spring - I hope there will be a memorial for Spring -
Spring - I love your clarity and unwavering commitment to make choices about your life. I honor those choice even though I would have liked to have you still be here to talk and walk with. We shared connection on many levels. I appreciate your integrity and unique wisdom. I liked the ways you tried to manage your life - from organization and time management. Even when it didn't go smoothly or as planned you kept re approaching the areas you wanted to changed. Thanks for taking me to see Hick. I learned a lot over the years. 
All Ways Moving in love
Posted by Victoria Hamlin on May 22, 2019
Rest in gentle peace, Spring. From our Tradeswomen days, your smile and vibrancy will be remembered.
Posted by Darlene Jang on May 13, 2019
I will remember Spring as a kind and generous soul. She never hesitated to share her vast resources to help women in design and construction. Be at peace.
Posted by CATHERINE CAMPAIGNE on April 25, 2019
I met Spring relatively recently—about two years ago at the funeral of the mother of a friend of mine and a friend of hers. We ended up walking out together and, knowing Toni had been her friend, I asked her how she was doing. She told me she wasn't doing very well and that she was considering committing suicide. This was quite shocking to me, of course. I had recently started offering a Shamanic Healing Clinic once a month and invited Spring to come, thinking that perhaps some work on a spiritual level could return her to balance so that she would feel better. I was quite surprised when she showed up! She became a regular at the clinic for the next year or more, working with all our practitioners here, and received many healings, a soul retrieval, and was reconnected with her own personal power animal who could act as her personal connection to spirit. These things appeared to have a beneficial effect on her as when she returned each month she had more color in her cheeks and seemed more energized. I was once again surprised last summer when she said she was still committed to ending her life. After we had a good talk about it, I finally understood where she was coming from, and the work at the clinic moved in the direction of preparing for her transition, and being ready for what was on the other side.
Spring had a powerful effect on everyone at the clinic with whom she worked, and I really miss her, even though we really didn't know each other very well. I was drawn to her so quickly on our first conversation, and was so sad to learn of her passing without having been able to say goodbye. I know she is finally at peace and without pain. May she walk with the spirits in joy.
Posted by Tiffani Neal on April 23, 2019
It was a pure blessing that our paths crossed as we both served as a educators/teachers.
Spring was a true inspiration to all women especially in all fields construction, & engineering.
She may be gone but she will never be forgotten here on earth.
Prayers to all that knew Ms. Spring...
Posted by Willie Hill on April 17, 2019
I sincerely prayed that you would change your mind about the plans you had made. There were still substantial reasons to continue on in this life.Still the final decision on one's life is theirs alone. Rest it in the peacefulness of your belief.
Posted by Cierra Powe on April 16, 2019
Aunt Spring,
So thankful for the support you have given me and the lessons you've taught me. I learned hardwork and frugality from you. As well as being comfortable being my own person - as you were always you're unique self no matter what. There's no other Spring like you and you are definitely missed! Still can't believe you're gone but happy to know you were at peace when you left.
Posted by Stevanne Auerbach on April 12, 2019
you touched do many in heart mind with your spirit energy thoughts and actions
Blessed to have known you
we celebrate your life and light
we will miss you
thanks for leading the way with courage
Posted by Laura Knoff on April 6, 2019
Congratulations on a life well lived. Rest well.
Posted by Annette Kindred on April 4, 2019
I will miss your generousity, values and determination. Go in peace.
Posted by JJ Noire on April 4, 2019
Spring was a passionate & energetic being. So outgoing. She will be missed.
Posted by Maiyim Baron on April 4, 2019
Thanks for letting me know here, I wasn't sure how this went. Spring was unique and I was priveleged to share some time and space and love with her near the end of her life. Rest well, my friend, and lets do it again on another round of the wheel.
Posted by Bridget Basham on April 3, 2019
Dear Spring R.,
Towards the dark I’ve planted a seed; I hope now, three years later, that a corinicopia awaits you on the rim of that dark. Only you know the details of this journey.
Enjoy your cosmic travels and know that I look forward to chasing you and for you to share all the hidden things, again.
your buddy, Bridget
Posted by Hali Hammer on April 3, 2019
So sorry to hear this. I knew Spring since our Oakland East Bay NOW chapter was in full swing in the 90's. She was a wonderful person.
Posted by Heather Angeloff on March 29, 2019
Goodbye Spring - You are a special soul, and I count myself very lucky to have known you. You are missed.
Posted by Stacey Martin on March 29, 2019
Dear Spring. I am grateful to have known you. Peace and blessing be with you.
Posted by Laura X on March 28, 2019
hi there , do any of you know how to email Aleia to alert her to my note ?
Posted by Bear Dean on March 28, 2019
Much love spring, grateful to have known you. Blessings that you Rest In Peace surrounded by love
Posted by David Lincer on March 27, 2019
Dear Spring;
You and I made a great time together for the last 6 months. I met you through our common connection to the HAI organization. 
That truly describes your intention -- building connections. Because I saw the name of your friend on your phone, I got to call my friend that I had lost connection with. 
And you had a picture of yourself with another of my special friends as well.
I am a larger heart because of our time together, and have watered my face every day recently because of missing you... and that too feels right.
Posted by Joan Margaret on March 27, 2019
Love you, always, Spring. Be well now.
Posted by ReeAnn Dixon on March 27, 2019
A warm,. talented and honest woman, very much herself at all times.
I will miss her.
Posted by Jim Charley on March 26, 2019
I had many long conversations with Spring on community living. She seemed to be at all my HAI Workshops - Always there with a little ditty about shared housing and a smile on her face. I miss her...
Posted by Kristi M on March 25, 2019
Spring, I will miss our moments and unique faux pas communication style. Rest easy for a bit, then, come back and stay for a while, my friend. Terra awaits. I'll leave the porch light on for you :)
Posted by Susan Ruth on March 23, 2019
We will miss Spring very much. We always had a good time together!
Posted by Laura X on March 23, 2019
I am so glad i ran into her recently, so she could teach me a bit about about her planned passing before hand, and we could get clear on what she wanted to do with the Breakaway school materials i have for the U of Houston archive I am donating to... and the SF State Labor History Archive will receive the
Tradeswomen materials. What a great organizer she was.
and Aleia your first name is gorgeous.. is it a flower ? your last name intrigues me also because maybe 4 decades ago i met someone with that last name and it suddenly occurs to me that I should have thanked Spring for an introduction because the person was very, very kind to me. i slept for 22 straight hours on her floor.. i wonder if you were there!? Please email me at ( thanks and condolences to all!
Posted by Anita Goldstein on March 23, 2019
I honor Spring's life and death. She brought her conversation and questions to The Brain Exchange, and we were enriched by her honesty, clarity and integrity.
Posted by Patrice Woeppel on March 22, 2019
You will be missed, my dear friend. You were an amazing friend to so many. You were a pioneer for women in construction, and now for ending one's life on one's own terms.
Posted by Matthew LeGrant on March 22, 2019
Farewell Spring- Thanks for your contributions to us all while you were here.
Posted by Aleia Luster on March 22, 2019
Aunt Spring you will be missed and loved forever by me! Thank you for being an essential part of my family's life. Rest Easy

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