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Re Switzerland

August 7, 2021
by Laura X
 hello, I heard about something called the Death Cafe where people talk about anything death-related and it is somewhat run as a 12 step meeting.. no cross-talk. in any case, my friend, who attended some of the meetings, said that someone in the meeting said that the place in Switzerland is no more because they were sued. another person said it costs 20,000 because they were sued.

I would appreciate knowing what's up.. a  Spring sat me down to tell me her plans and I thought of many people who could use this info.. Please contact me off this site, if necessary.. by emailing me at  thanks mucho,Laura. and ps sorry for your loss of Spring and mine too.. Best  of health to all, Laura
July 25, 2021
Seeing the photos of Spring and me walking in the woods so reminds me of our so many trips to Strauss family farm.  

You are so missed, dear Spring, aka Ruth from our much earlier days.


Dear Spring,
Thinking of you on your recent birthday:  You were so brave, so ahead of our times in making the decision that you did.  But then you were always ahead of your time, in your career, in who you were, and how you lived your life.  You will always be remembered; you are so missed - and you always will be.
March 22, 2020
I first met Ruthy (long long before she was Spring) when she was 9 a nd I was 15.  Her parents .... Ben andEva brought her to the moadon (meeting place) where our youth group welcomed children starting at age 10.  But her parents said she was tall and very smart for her age.    That was true!  And we continued to know one another for the next few years within that group (HaShomer HaTZair).   And it was so nice to keep in touch over tthe years when we both were adults, and the age difference didn´t matter at all.
MAny years later, I moved to Esalen Institute, and it was easy for me to get to Berkeley and stay at that wonderful communal household.  
Since then, I´ve lived in Antigua Guatemala, and didn´t hear from her from until the note telling me of her plans to  go to Switzerland to end her life.   A difficult and noble decision!

I will ALWAYS remember her, lovingly!

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