Shared by Srinivas Konduri on July 8, 2019

We will always miss Srinivas Garu. His sudden departure hit so hard not only to his family but also to the friends.. He was warm, personable, friendly and ready to help kind of attitude .. we will always remember you in our hearts. Farewell good friend.May god bless their family ..

Shared by Susan Fong Aguayo on June 18, 2019

My daughter and I have known the Koka Family for 10 years. Ananya and Alegra attended CTA Independence together. Mr. Koka always waived as he drove by our home or greeted us as he went on his frequent walks through the neighborhood. His beautiful smile and warm eyes always made us feel at peace.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.


Susan & Alegra Aguayo 


Shared by Shyla Ganesan on June 18, 2019

I wake up everyday hoping that this is a dream! You have been a great support to not only your family but also to the family and friends near you. As a supporter of our Dance school, you were full of enthusiasm and wonderful comments which only makes one strive one step better. You have always  shared a smile a kind hello with everyone which definitely makes ones day better. You are dearly missed Srinivasji!!!! 

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