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no one will ever know..

Shared by Sam S on November 15, 2020
Dear Lovely Stace,

Our heart still ache
in sadness.
And secret tears
still flow..
What it meant
to lose you,
No one will
ever know.

Since Christmas is
coming closer,
all the memories
are coming closer
We miss you :(

Picture of lovely Stacey, Anna and mom.

This picture is by our lovely Stacey. She loved to take photos and photoshop them. She was a very creative, kind and fun person to be around.

This picture has message from Anna to lovely Stace and from Stace to her mom.

We miss you...

Easter 2018

Shared by Sam S on September 3, 2020
Lovely Stacey loved to take pictures, and photoshop them. This one is from Easter 2018.

She always loved Anna and cared for her a lot. Anna was her world. Anna and Stacey used to have great time together, sing songs, go for a walk with Penny, go for camping and to ChuckyCheese. Every time she went to buy anything, always bought something for Anna. Anna's room was always full of toys. 

Stacey I knew was a wonderful person, so kind and compassionate. She knew how to have good times. She always made most out of even bad times. The quality I most liked about her, was her smile and sweet caring heart. She never wished anyone anything bad. She was a great soul. I miss her very much. Who knew she would be forced to leave so soon?

Butterfly gone too soon

Shared by Sam S on July 11, 2020
Today a beautiful butterfly
came into my garden
and flew by me.
Reminded me
of someone very special.

I thought to myself
where have you been
little butterfly.
You come into this world
as a cocoon
all by yourself
and blossom into
this beautiful butterfly
and fly off
to see the world.

What you don't realize
little butterfly
as you flutter through your days
is how you touch
those around you
in your soft gentle way.
You don't even realize
the wonder and awe
you create around you.
And the love
you give
to the flowers
and the World
so kindly.

She fluttered
her wings toward me
as if she was waving good-bye
as she headed
towards the horizon.

She looked sad
as she went on her way,
as if to say to me
"Don't worry I'll be okay".

I was sad to see her go
for she had touched
our heart in such a way that
I knew our life
would never be the same.
She had left an imprint
of all the beauty
life has to offer.

I miss my butterfly :(
I miss my friend.

Happy Birthday

Shared by Andrea . on January 30, 2020
Sending lots of birthday love up to heaven today. I sure miss you, my sister

Happy birthday sweetie

Shared by Sam S on January 30, 2020
Dear lovely Stacey,

Sad that you are not with us today.
A very special day for
a very special person
a great friend, and
a great mom - our Stacey.

We may not be able to spend time
with each other anymore,
but I want you to know
that you are always in my mind.

I hope that this special day 
And every other day,
in heaven is truly incredible,
because we are sending you
lots of love and hugs,
from here on Earth,
Happy Birthday Sweetie!

We miss not having you around.
I remember all the good times
we had together.
Those hikes to the mountains,
camping, biking,
swimming in the cold lakes,
enjoying fire
and gazing stars in open sky.
Best of all,
your great sense of humor.
You had a kind heart
and great soul.

Even though you are gone forever
We still love you a lot,
And we miss you a lot.
Happy birthday Sweetie :)

The broken chain

Shared by Sam S on December 25, 2019

Hey Sweetie,
Miss you
My mind knows
That you are in a better place
Where there is no pain
And you are at peace.

I understand that,
I just wish
I could explain that to my heart.
There is an empty space
That nothing will ever fill.
I grieve everyday
Trying to get over it.
But it has been a hard journey
All those memories
Not easy to forget...
In silence
Still in pain
Will be together again
Until then rest in peace.

Never ending prayer

Shared by Sam S on December 24, 2019

Lovely Stacey
A beautiful young soul
gone too soon,
Leaving hundreds in tears.
Tears show how much we love you.
There is sacredness in tears.
They are not the mark of weakness,
but of power.
They speak more eloquently than
ten thousand tongues.
They are the messengers of
overwhelming grief,
of deep contrition,
and of unspeakable love.
We miss and love you. 

God bless you with peace
Rest in....
till we meet again..

Miss you every day

Shared by Sam S on December 24, 2019
Hey Sweetie
May the winds of heaven blow swiftly
and whisper in your ear
How much we miss you
and wish that you were here..

If memories could build a lane,
we would walk right up to the heaven,
And bring you back home again. 

No farewell words were spoken,
No time to say good bye
You were gone before we knew it.
And only God knows why.

God have you
And we have you in our hearts
Rest in...
Till we meet again

Sad not having you around

Shared by Sam S on November 5, 2019
Hey Sweetie,
Sorry it took a while to come see ya. Sad not having you around. Your sister, mom and family members were very kind to us (me and Penny) in Manitoba last week. I do miss you a lot and so do all of your families and friends. You are never away, always in our mind, never forgotten, always remembered. We all love you very much and miss you. Rest in peace sweetie. xoxo

Missing you

Shared by Marilyn Petitpas on August 17, 2019
Stacie yesterday your mom had to put you in the ground.  So sad for all of us that new you and loved you. You were loved and are missed so much my heart breaks. Love you always  Auntie Marily

Missing you sweetie :(

Shared by Sam S on August 15, 2019
Rest in peace sweetie,
Just know that you are always loved
 We miss not having you around
Always remembered and missed


Shared by Marilyn Petitpas on June 29, 2019

Stacie we miss you. Wish you were here

Gone but not fogott

Love you

Shared by Holly Petitpas on June 13, 2019

I Miss & love you pretty lady 

prayers for you

Shared by Sam S on March 30, 2019

Rest in peace sweetie, sending prayers for you.

Location of the incident

Shared by Sam S on March 20, 2019

Spent few hours hanging out with lovely Stacey, at the location of the incident yesterday. It was not an easy day, just like any other day. Still can't belief that she is gone forever.

Anyway if anyone would like to visit the scene, read below:

It happened on McKnight Blvd heading east, past 68 Street NE just before Exit sign reading "South Stoney Trail". Some pictures and a video clip have been added. Click the picture to see the video. If you still have question, please send me an email or call me. Please visit, she would love that.

For you, my sister

Shared by Andrea . on March 12, 2019

I visited the scene today to see it for myself as I still cannot beleive what happened and that you are gone. I left you some roses. I miss you. ❤️

My Beauty

Shared by Holly Petitpas on March 8, 2019

I still can’t believe your gone. I miss your pretty face everyday I feel like a piece of me died the day you left this world I have never felt more alone. You were the strongest woman I know and I miss you everyday it’s sad to know I have to live this life without you. I love you more than you will ever know and I am proud of the woman you were and I’m so grateful to call you my beautiful cousin who treated me like a sister. Happy National Womens Day!!

Happy Valentine's day Sweetie

Shared by Sam S on February 14, 2019

Wish you were here today.

Miss not having you around

Miss that nobody calls me at random times of night or day

Miss hearing your voice

Miss you sweetie

My niece Stacy

Shared by Marilyn Petitpas on February 4, 2019

oh how I miss your smiling face. I remember you cooking supper for us, you were a good cook my dear.Having breakfast with you and Anna at Humpty . The only time I can remember you being sad is when Anna wasn’t were a great mom who loved her daughter very much, I know you tried really hard all your life to overcome obstacles. I wish I could of done more to help you my heart is broken like everyone who knew you. You are missed and loved. Your in gods hands now no more pain just smiles I love you . Aunt Marilyn

Happy Birthday Auntie

Shared by Jessica Lukin on February 1, 2019

Stacey was the best auntie anyone could ever ask for. I really miss you Stacey you are loved and missed by a lot of people everyday. I always looked up to you. You were and always will be the coolest auntie ever. Happy Birthday ❤️ forever loved and forever missed Rest In Peace Stace!

Happy Birthday Beautiful

Shared by Andrea . on January 31, 2019

I hope you are enjoying your special day! I love you and think of you every moment of every day!

Happy Birthday Sista!

Shared by Holly Petitpas on January 30, 2019

Happy Birthday Pretty Lady  

Stace I'm lost for words you are one of a kind my love. You are more like a sister than a cousin breaks my heart thinking about going through life without you. I remember all the good times living on the Northside together working at Edan waiting tables ordering pizza when we had no cash and starving you opened the box and started digging in when I tired the debit machine knowing it would decline lol  all the sleepless nights travelling to your house on the Southside causing trouble smashing into that Benz and we thought we weresmooth criminals running from the scene to getting called from police the next morning. haha you were my ride or die there for all the tough shit and picked me up when I was at my lowest and you never judged me. We shared the struggle and we felt one another’s pain no one will ever get me like you. Xoxo Beautiful muah... Holly

Lovely Stacey, gone too soon

Shared by Sam S on January 21, 2019

By Kelly M, 

My name is Kelly, and I had the privilege of working with Stacey. This terribly tragic event that has claimed Stacey's life has had a rippling effect - I too am grieving. It is hard to believe that this truly happened, and in such a senseless, profoundly heart-breaking manner. I have never met someone who tried as hard in life as Stacey did. I pray for her daughter and hope she will one day see all of the wonderful and meaningful things that people have to say and contribute to your website about her darling mother. It is my greatest wish that she gain strength and knowledge of the magnanimous woman Stacey was. Memories shared are how people live on. 

I have every faith that she is now watching over us all. Written below is an acrostic style poem for Stacey in addition to my own version of the inspiring young woman I got to spend quality time with. ...............................

There are no words that could begin to pay proper tribute or do justice in relaying what a brilliant, shining light Stacey was, and will continue to be. Her divine aura and disposition of grace was humbling, which could serve as a lesson for us all when we are in need of self-reflection. There could never be a human more pure of heart than she - it is unmatched. Stacey will eternally be remembered for the loving, benevolent mother she was and strived to be, and as a precious daughter of the universe. The stars will now shine that much brighter now that she is amongst them."

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