• 89 years old
  • Born on November 24, 1922 in Akron, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on October 17, 2012 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States.

Stan passed away peacefully at home on October 17, a month short of his 90th birthday.  His wife Rosa, children Ben, Harvey, Dale, Robin, Steven, Angela, Vicki, and grandchildren Natasha, Noah, Sylvie, Pablo, Olivia, Norah,  and brother Herb grieve the loss to the world of our deeply loved husband, father, grandfather, brother and outstanding contributor to humanity. His courage and leadership from the early days of the labor, civil rights and peace movements, continued in his lifelong dedication to a just society for all.

Universally credited with the development of the field of amorphous semiconductors, Stan was a brilliant, self-educated physicist and inventor,  who with Rosa and his late wife Iris, lived his beliefs daily by using science and technology to create a more beautiful and better world. His many inventions including thin film solar panels, the nickel metal hydride battery which enabled hybrid vehicles, and phase change memory devices are examples of his pioneering contributions to the field of sustainable energy and innovative information technology. 

Private burial will be at the Workmen’s Circle Cemetery in Akron, Ohio on Sunday, October 21.

Donations in Stan’s honor can be made to: 

ACLU of Michigan
Attention: Paul Jeden
2966 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201 

(313) 578-6813


The Ovshinsky Student Fund 
c/o Darlene Logan, Director of Development 
The American Physical Society 
1 Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740

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Posted by Eden Spring on 18th October 2018
With love and admiration for Stan, remembering him now and always!
Posted by Subhash Dhar on 18th October 2018
He was and continues to be a great inspiration in my personal and professional life. He was a true friend and a teacher. He will be missed forever...
Posted by Steven Dibner on 17th October 2018
I lit a candle today for my Standad. But absolutely every day, I feel his inspiration, his fighting spirit, his belief in goodness, in beauty, in art. I hear his voice in my mind, and I feel his support and love. How privileged I feel to have grown up as his son!
Posted by Patty THOMAS on 17th October 2018
As a young girl growing up on Forrer Street, next door to the Ovshinsky family, I never knew Stan as a genius. He was just the nice man next door. I knew he was a great friend to my father and I knew that my father spent time playing chess and talking with Stan about things adults talk about. When my father died of cancer at the age of 38, my life changed and I lost more than I realized or was able to talk about at the time. I never really understood why Stan and his oldest son, Ben had moved out of the house next door around that time. When my mother was in her late 80's, we were riding in the car together and heard the report of Stan's passing. The flood of memories my mother and I talked about during that car ride was one of the few times we talked about the many losses we had endured when my dad died. I am grateful for the happy times the Conway family and Ovshinsky family shared.
Posted by Fabio Albano on 17th October 2018
Working in batteries and electric cars, there isn’t a day I don’t think of Stan. I can’t believe how fast time is passing. You’ll be forever missed..
Posted by Genie Mytilineou on 17th October 2018
Six years have already passed that a brilliant man, Stan Ovshinsky, a fighter until the last minute, has left us. Recently, a biographical book was released to remind us of some of his achievements. Let remember some of his inventions that make our lives better every day. The discovery of the Amorphous Silicon Transistor made possible the fabrication of flat screens, the "tubes" that limit the size and weight of TV screens gone and now they could be made “paper thin”. The mobile phones are now in our pockets, and the laptops in our bags. A rewriteable CD disc, with α chalcogenide alloy film as the active material, you can store music, data and later you are able to erase it and write something else. Electric cars, hybrids with gasoline or hydrogen, came out on the streets. I am very lucky to have met him and worked with him.
Posted by Robin Dibner on 26th May 2018
Wonderful news - The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, a fabulous biography of Stan written by Lillian Hoddeson and Peter Garrett, was recently published by MIT Press. It is an extensively researched and peer reviewed book, over 10 years in the writing, but also has much about the personal lives of Stan and my mother and their 50 years of love, professional partnership, and dedication to using science and technology to create a better and more beautiful world. Lillian and Peter did two book signing events in Detroit, there will be more coming up in Akron, and hopefully others soon. Here is the link to the Amazon page for the book. https://www.amazon.com/Man-Who-Saw-Tomorrow-Inventions/dp/026203753X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1527387014&sr=1-1&keywords=the+man+who+saw+tomorrow&dpID=51u32ibo8UL&preST=_SX218_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch
Posted by Patty THOMAS on 13th May 2018
I grew up on the street where Stan and his family lived in the 50's and early 60's. We were next door neighbors and my father, Pat Conway and Stan were great friends. My dad was a mechanical engineer who had graduated from MSU after WWII. When my dad got a job in the auto industry in Detroit, we settled there and enjoyed the close friendship of people on our block. We were a Catholic family and my sibs and I went to the local Catholic school and we were close friends with our next door neighbors who were separated from us by the driveway between our houses. My dad spent a lot of time with Stan and they enjoyed "intellectual" activities like playing chess together. I have the chessboard and chessmen Stan gave my father back in the 50's. Unfortunately, my father was diagnosed with cancer in the late 50's and our happy family life came crashing down. Stan was a wonderfully supportive and caring friend to my father and our family thru the difficult time of my father's illness and passing. I will always remember Stan as someone who was very special to my family.
Posted by Eden Spring on 18th October 2017
Love always! Think of Stan often! Much respect and regard, Eden
Posted by Fabio Albano on 17th October 2017
Your vision and legacy in electric vehicles is still unfolding and more present than ever. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Daniel Lubin on 23rd October 2016
Stan was an inspiration to me and the reason why I have the passion to invent. Stan made the world a better place with his technological ideas. He encouraged people to think creatively. He is greatly missed. I share the story of his vision as often as I can.
Posted by Subhash Dhar on 20th October 2016
I think of Stan every time I am dealing with tough issues, be it related to technology, science or people...it has always helped and I continue to be inspired by him as if he never left us. I want to take this opportunity to also mention that Iris was a great inspiration to many of us as well. I will light a candle for these two great souls...
Posted by Bob Kaplan on 20th October 2016
Stan lived life in two arenas: science and social justice. And in the social justice life he and I worked together through the Workmen's Circle. That was important to him and he is always remembered by our organization. Bob Kaplan
Posted by Eden Spring on 19th October 2016
I think of Stan often! One of a kind true genuine spirit. Love and blessings to Stan's family!
Posted by Fabio Albano on 18th October 2016
The memory of your creativity and strength is an inspiration to me and many others in the energy field. I light a candle and say a prayer for your soul to rest in peace.
Posted by Mike Iwakata on 17th October 2016
Time really flies. It has been already 4 years since Stan has departed from us. It is almost like few days ago that I am talking to you discussing new approach to advanced PV device across the table at Institute office. We all miss you, Stan but you are living in our heart and memory.
Posted by Steven Dibner on 17th October 2016
Today I symbolically light a huge candle and a dozen long-stemmed red roses and leave a note here as I will leave a stone next time I visit that lovely hillside in Akron, Ohio. My stepfather Stan Ovshinsky, or Standad to me, was an amazing blaze of energy which brightened and improved our world in so many ways.
Posted by Steven Dibner on 24th November 2015
Today we celebrate the anniversary of the birthday of my amazing Standad. Concentrating on the values we share, I continue to honor my parents by rededicating myself daily to finding my way to make our world better and more beautiful. SOLIDARITY FOREVER!!!
Posted by Eden Spring on 24th November 2015
Happy anniversary of the birth of a truly unique, inspiring and amazing human being! And, I wish a very happy thanksgiving to Stan's family!
Posted by Eden Spring on 17th October 2015
I think of Stan often and wish to honor him and send blessings to his family today! You will never be forgotten Stan! Your legacy lives on with your loved ones, friends, fellow scientists and colleagues. We all miss you!
Posted by Fabio Albano on 18th October 2014
I learned so much from you in a short time and you have inspired many of the so-called "impossible" ideas that I wish I could have had more time to learn even more... I revert to memory and I miss you! Rest in peace.
Posted by Subhash Dhar on 18th October 2014
Today, October 18, 2014 is the 32nd anniversary of the creation of Ovonic Battery Company (OBC); I had the prevailage of leading the company from its inception thru it's pioneering work in the field of Ni-MH Battrties under the mentorship of Stan. The OBC team changed the course of the history of electrification of automobiles; a great day for celebrations for all who contributed to the development and Commercialization of a breakthrough battery technology that launched a new class of vehicles, now known as HEV.'s...thanks to Stan's vision and untiring commitment to improving the quality of life thru science & technology....
Posted by Eden Spring on 17th October 2014
I think of Stan often.. The impact he made on the world and to individuals like myself.. You are forever missed Stan! Much love to the Ovshinsky family!
Posted by Subhash Dhar on 17th October 2014
Stan had a profound impact on a generation of scientifically curious entrepreneurs and all of them remember him and use his inspiration as they tread thru' their own course which, without the pioneering and exemplary work by Stan, would be treacherous. He was a great teacher and motivator; I miss him...
Posted by Carnicero Arcos on 16th August 2014
Conocí a Stan Ovshinsky esta misma noche en la red, intentando buscar inspiración en la causa de conseguir un mundo mejor. Solo puedo decir que intentaré seguir con su legado, que ha sido una piedra de toque en mi pensamiento y que ojalá podamos hacer realidad los sueños de tan apasionante vida como fue la suya. Jabo, Sevilla, Andalucía.
Posted by Giovanni Cornutto on 5th July 2014
Hello to every single soul that have been blessed simply knowing something about Mr. Ovshinsky. He had a dream and worked hard (I believe harder than any of us) to see his dream come true, but he needed more time. His latest goal was "... to get sun electricity as cheap as electricity from coal..." and as I said, he needed more time, but WE are the time he needed. WE are his new arms, his new eyes, his new legs... WE can go where he couldn't... The greatest tribute for the greatest person of this moment in earth's life will be to continue his dream until it becomes a reality. He gave us everything to accomplish his dream, all we need to do is keep moving the wheel (there is no perpetual motion, somebody has to keep pushing. That somebody is US) . We need to start spreading information about his solar panels (where to buy them, how to install them, etc.) here in the United States. He said on one of his presentations that it was a shame that none of his solar panels was sold in America; who buys all his production? Asian countries... it is a shame. He spent all his life, all his research here in America for us to be the leaders in the world in sun/hydrogen energy and all we do is cry for the good man that left us... God bless you Stanford Ovshinsky...
Posted by Eden Spring on 24th November 2013
Remembering and celebrating Stan's life, accomplishments and gifts to us all on his birthday today!
Posted by Robin Dibner on 2nd November 2013
From Stan's daughter: The following was published on the 1st anniversary of Stan's death, making me smile as tears streamed down my cheeks. I don't know the writer, though Stan subscribed to this liberal British newspaper. The piece fully describes the breadth of Stan’s foresight and lasting impact. www.newstatesman.com/print/2013/10/remember-japans-yankee-genius
Posted by Yang Li on 18th October 2013
It seems only as yesterday we visit Stan for the last time. That image of Stan with a smile and eyes with brilliant light always inspires me. He will always live in my heart!
Posted by John Glazer on 18th October 2013
Stan, I'm in the midst of a project where one of the chapters is called "Energy and Information: Two Sides of the Same Coin." You'd be pleased.
Posted by Fabio Albano on 17th October 2013
A year has gone by so quickly but your memory and inspiration will stay forever.. Rest in peace
Posted by Mike Iwakata on 17th October 2013
It has been already one year since Stan departed for his forever trip. However he still lives in our memory and our heart.
Posted by Subhash Dhar on 17th October 2013
I always think of you Stan everytime I am working on solving problems and decisions I make that affect people. You continue to be a great inspiration...
Posted by Srinivasan Venkatesan on 17th October 2013
It is hard to believe that Stan passed away 1 year ago. There is not a day we think of him, his work and our association with him for the 32 years we worked. He will always be remembered. Venkatesan
Posted by Ken Finberg on 16th October 2013
My connection to Stan is through His son, Ben. I did not know Stan, but I am getting the feeling that the "acorn does not fall far from the tree". Getting to know Ben has really been a blessing, and I am guessing that Ben's enthusiasm and joy towards people + life could be attributed to His Father and family. Warm regards & Love to the Ovshinsky Family, Ken Finberg San Francisco
Posted by Nicolas Pietrangelo on 21st August 2013
I am glad someone has kept this thread alive. With every passing day the importance of Stan's work along with Iris and his team deepens. Millions upon millions of HYBRIDS are running and will be running with the NIMH battery/the distribution of all solar cells worldwide continues at a brisk pace concerning more and more the utilities who have not embraced PV/PCM through Micron define info
Posted by John Glazer on 20th August 2013
today, I wrote in a book given to a 13-year old: "Eine besser shonere Welt far ale".
Posted by Dani Harper on 8th February 2013
Stan was my great uncle My grandmother was his sister.I miss him deeply with all my heart.Life has been hard Im trying to get use to the fact I cant pick up the phone and talk to him.I feel a little better knowing he is with Iris his sister and both of his parents.I love him so much I will never forget everything he has done for me never.WITH ALL MY LOVE DANI
Posted by Steven Dibner on 24th January 2013
I often reflect on the dedicatory words written by David Adler on his photo which hangs on the wall in Stan's home study along with those of other great scientists/friends such as Linus Pauling and I. I. Rabi: "To Stan, who taught me how to live, and how to think, and made it possible for me to do both". The loss of this great man, my father, is incalculable.
Posted by Paul Swift on 13th January 2013
To the man who inspired me the minute i saw him on the Huel Howsers show drinking a glass of alge water,I just learned of his passing now and the second I did, I can only say I felt a loss to the planet and felt my hear drop and said"Oh no".I can only hope that someone with half his passion and intelligence will pick up the ball
Posted by Nicolas Pietrangelo on 13th January 2013
Here I go again, but the world day by day is CONFIRMING Stan's(and his team-Iris-Rosa- others) GENIUS. History hadn't totally firmed up before his passing. But We All (for the good of mankind) should carry forward that GENIUS!! We read daily the probs with Lithium batteries,Chevy Volt/Fisker Electric/A123/LG CHEM/Boeing the success of MICRON with PCM,Solar cells @ grid parity. TX STAN
Posted by Dong Jokogdong on 6th January 2013
Thank you
Posted by Li Xianbin on 3rd December 2012
As a young guy on Phase-Change Memory, I always benefit from the most important cornerstone on PCM from Sir Ovshinsky. He is real great man in science and modern technology. We will miss him forever and work further on PCM following Stan in future. Rest In Peace !
Posted by Victor Mikla on 4th November 2012
“It is hard to find words to express the grief of loosing Stan. I grew up as a scientist on his patents and papers back in the early 1970s. I owe him so much. Stan was a brilliant scientist, a great inventor. He leaves a legacy that is meaningful. May your soul rest in peace, Stan."
Posted by Tomas Wagner on 31st October 2012
I was lucky to meet Stan in person at EPCOS conferences in Europe several times. He always brought excellent and visionary type lectures. I admired him very much as a scientist and as a kind and supportive human being. I wish him peaceful rest.
Posted by Natthanat Chulothok on 28th October 2012
Thank you for develop the NiMH battery for the world. (Sorry for my english is not good.)
Posted by Bubby Posen on 28th October 2012
Stan"s mother and my father were brother and sister, therefore Stan was my first cousin. My mother always called him "My nephew the genius" long before the world came to know him. I remember him as the big brother of Herb, who was my childhood playmate. I have read the tributes to Stan, and how many lives he touched. I feel blessed that Stan was in my life. Cousin Esther'l
Posted by Davdi Wright on 28th October 2012
Stan was a great pioneering scientist and inventor, as well as a warm-hearted and caring man. He was an inspiration to me and to many many others. He is irreplaceable and will be greatly missed by me personally and by all in the phase-change scientific community. May he rest in peace. C. David Wright
Posted by Yasuo Takagi on 27th October 2012
Stan accepted me as a trainee in ECD in 1983 after I finished Ph. D thesis. It was a great experience to work as a part of the ECD family. Last summer, I saw Stan and Rosa for the first time more than ten years. Stan was very passionate to talk on his research topics. My wife and I were encouraged a lot. It is unbelievable to hear such sad news. I believe his will be eternal.
Posted by Alvin & Harriet Saperstei... on 26th October 2012
Stan lives on: through his inventions as demonstrated in his work and through colleagues; through his values as transmitted to his children, grandchildren and friends; through his thoughts and conversatios through acquaintances and even those who met him briefly and were stimulated by what he said and did (as we all were). As long as he is remembered-and he will be remembered-he lives on.

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