As long as there is memory, he'll live on in my heart!
  • 67 years old
  • Born on April 28, 1945 in North Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on March 19, 2013 in North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Stanley Hawley, 67, born on April 28, 1945 and passed away on March 19, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Dee West on 8th May 2017
I didn't write a post on your birthday but I did eat at Parkers for you with mama and even Stan went. I know you were laughing and saying "meals on wheels"! Michael was there also and I know you're happy for me and him. I know the angels sung to you and your birthday was far more beautiful than it would of been here. One day soon I will be there with you and you can tell me all the korny jokes you use to tell. I can't wait to see you and hear your voice. Mama is doing good, I just wish she would slow down and stop worrying. The kids well lets just say you would be disappointed and in jail if you were here. I speak your name often and tell things about you. I hope you are watching over me and you are happy for me. I love you daddy and I will always be your baby girl!!!
Posted by Dee West on 15th March 2017
Today 4 years ago you were at Wake Med and little did I know it would be the day I would hear you say your last words, see your smile for the last time and crack your last joke. I never thought I would be watching you slowly die, your were too strong for that! I stayed in your room with you for most of the night until we had to leave. The next few days I know you knew I was there because your heart rate would go up and the nurse would only let me go in to see you periodically but I never left that hospital. I know you wanted to tell me something, well that's what they told me anyway and I can only imagine what it was...take care of your mom, I love you, make them girls behave, the list goes on. There were so many things I wanted to say to you and now I wish I had of but my mind and heart wouldn't let me think anything other than "this is a setback" and he will be home soon! I saw you lay there with that metal rod in your forehead, those pipes in your mouth, your eyes shut and sometimes half way opened. Those visions I will never be able to unsee and the heartache I will never be able to unfeel. You were and still are my hero and I was and still am your baby girl. I love and miss you!!!
Posted by Dee West on 28th April 2016
Happy birthday in Heaven daddy. I know you have had a celebration like no other here on earth. I have thought about you all day and missed you like crazy. I didn't get to go eat at Parker's in your honor as I have done every year since you've been gone but know you were in my thoughts. Mom had to work today,she's been working a lot and it's still hard without you being there by her side. Daddy, I miss you and I wish you were here to help us right now deal with all this chaos that is going on. I need you,you were my rock and I knew you would back me and would put your foot down with the girls. Megan needs you daddy so please send her a sign that you are near and ask God to get her clean. She has given you a little great granddaughter. Her name is Riley and she is beautiful. Matthew has been accepted to early college, I know you would be so proud of him. He is wonderful child. I am back with Michael, aka. Mikey. He asked me the other day if I thought you would approve. I told him all you wanted was for your baby girl to be happy and daddy I am finally truly happy. He makes my heart smile and has put that sparkle back in my eyes. He is just amazing to me and daddy he has changed! Megan and Madison are good and Stan would make you proud. He is doing great and is helping mom out a lot. Happy birthday daddy and I can't wait to see you again one day. I miss you and I love you....your baby girl!!!
Posted by Dee West on 14th June 2015
There are times that the simplest things bring you to mind, a smell, a picture, a bird or a beam of sunlight from heaven. Usually I smile and my heart is filled with happiness for a moment but there are other times that I want to shut the world off and sleep only because there are no thoughts or reminders of you. As father's day approaches I feel myself seeping back into that sad state I was in the day you left us. When in a store and see the fathers day cards I immediately turn away but the first thought daddy is dead! I wish you were here old man. I took so many things for granted and only to have you back for just one more day I would tell you just how much I appreciate and love you always daddy....your baby girl
Posted by Dee West on 24th November 2014
I have you on my mind and wanted to write for a minute. Daddy, you were my hero and someone I looked up to. You were always there for me and you never turned your back on me even if you didn't agree with my choices. I wish you were here to help me right now and make things seem less difficult. Watch over me, Madison, Mallory, Matthew, Megan, Aiden, Colton and mom from above. Love you and miss you !!
Posted by Dee West on 19th November 2014
Sitting here with you on my mind and wishing I had you to talk to, I know you would help me to make all this make sense.
Posted by Dee West on 2nd May 2013
You weren't here for your birthday but we celebrated by going out to eat in your honor. We cried off and on all day and we were sad, we missed you so. I went and talked to you. I use to think it was weird but now that I've been put in this position, its actually comforting. I miss you daddy and I know your birthday in heaven was better than any birthday here on earth!

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