I. Stanley Levine
  • 81 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 26, 1928
  • Place of birth:
    Ohio, United States
  • Date of passing: Sep 20, 2010
  • Place of passing:
    Florida, United States
Let each of us live every day cherishing the joy and wonderment of life as Stanley always did!

This memorial website was created to celebrate the memory of our loved one, I. Stanley Levine who was a gift to the world. He is survived by a loving family: his wife and greatest love Elaine; children Kenneth (Sue); Robert (Mimi); Tina (Bill); and Alan (Jen), and five grandchildren: Kyle, Max, Daniel, Spencer and Sabina. 

After working as a lawyer for five decades, Stanley may have harbored thoughts of retiring but he never did. He remained as chairman emeritus at his nationally recognized Brickell Avenue law practice now run by his sons, however, he concentrated on another lifelong devotion - serving the community through what he described as cultural experiences.

Mr. Levine was responsible for keeping Miami Beach's Lincoln Road a traffic-free pedestrian precinct and its revitalization into an artistic and entertainment center at the heart of the Art Deco District. He was founding chairman of the Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council. In addition, he was a board member of the Performing Arts Center Trust, which brought the Carnival Center for Performing Arts to downtown Miami.

Following the success of the Lincoln Road project, he went on to replicate that revitalization in the historic district of Homestead in South Miami-Dade County. That venture involved assembling a three-acre campus renamed ArtSouth.

Mr. Levine was also engaged in yet another revitalization project in Alice Town on the Bahamian island of Bimini. There he produced Heritage Village, which as its name implies is intended to preserve the local history. He was active in helping to improve he lives of at-risk children through education and involvement in the arts.

In addition Mr. Levine owned a ranch in Pagosa Springs, Colorado where he loved to spend time with his family and was dedicated to the local community. Due to his commitment to stewardship of the land, his family was honored with "Outstanding Forest Steward of the Year" award for all of Colorado in 2010.

A memorial service will be held on Sunday, September 26, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. at Temple Beth Shalom at 4144 Chase Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33140. In lieu of flowers, Stanley would want you to open your hearts to your family, friends and community.  

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Tina Fitch on 20th September 2017

"My Father
My Father is a man like no other
He believed in me, protected me, strengthened me, but most of all he loved me unconditionally.
There aren't enough words to describe what my Father means to me and what an influence he still has on my life.  It takes a special man to be a Father and a Dad.  Love and miss you everyday!  T"

This tribute was added by alli litwak on 20th September 2017

"Heard from a reliable source that your latest project up there is another winner.  Still cannot believe you aren't here, it still seems surreal.  Love and miss you xo"

This tribute was added by Mitzi Corsello on 23rd September 2016

"You are still sadly missed after five years but not forgotten. What wonderful memories!"

This tribute was added by Mitzi Corsello on 23rd September 2016

"You are still sadly missed after five years but not forgotten. What wonderful memories!"

This tribute was added by Tina Fitch on 21st September 2016

"I miss and think about you EVERYDAY.  Love you forever!!!"

This tribute was added by alli litwak on 20th September 2014

"Dearest Stanley,
I'm still waiting for it to sink in that you've moved on from this world.  I know you are enjoying and I know you are watching over your family. Just wanted to remind you that you are still very much in our hearts and our thoughts. Xo"

This tribute was added by arcy perez on 26th November 2013

"Dearest Stanley - miss you terribly - still think you are around the corner coming out of your office - your presence will always be here at Levine & Partners, P.A. and with all who loved you.  with love always  ARCY"

This tribute was added by Rene Sotolongo on 26th November 2013

"You're kindness and generosity lives on through your family. You are missed Mr. Levine."

This tribute was added by Rene Sotolongo on 29th November 2012

"For Thanksgiving this year I sent an email to Levine & Partners and included you just out of habit. :) You're not here but you left an amazing family who will never let your memory pass."

This tribute was added by Tommy Thomas on 26th November 2012

"Just spent the Thanksgiving Holiday with the Levine family ... Stanley is and always will be missed as well as my mom. I'm sure my mom and Stan were sitting by the fire with all of us laughing at everything going on and enjoying the family's smiles and warmth as the bright moon reflected over the lake all around us."

This tribute was added by arcy perez on 20th September 2012

"Stanley - you are so truly missed - to this day all of us at the office still think that we will see you walking down that hallway always so cheerful and loving and we always peek into your office to try to find you - you will always be here with us in our hearts!!!!!! love you truly - ARCY"

This tribute was added by alli litwak on 20th September 2012

"Two years and i still feel as though you havent passed. You are always in my thoughts as is your amazing family.  I know youre looking down on everyone. Im wondering if youve already set up some sort of cultural center where u are, found some brilliant artists up there to paint the walls. Sounds wonderful Stanley....."

This tribute was added by Paul Yang on 29th November 2011

"I receive continuous psychic income from assisting Stanley and Ellie (Schneiderman) in establishing the South Florida Art Center and providing it with its headquarters on Lincoln Road; I receive continuous psychic income from the knowledge that Stanley is still smiling today because of that."

This tribute was added by Paul Yang on 29th November 2011

"During one of my hundreds of nights spent with Stanley, we had dinner with Luciano Pavarotti. I remember telling Stanley that Mr. Pavarotti was number two in stature at our table that night. The years since that dinner further cemented my statement. Stanley, my friend, I miss you."

This tribute was added by Paul Yang on 29th November 2011

"In the late eighties and early nineties, Stanley used to tell clients investing in South Beach that he does not participate in the gold prospecting, but that he only sells them spades. I realized much later that he was being humble; he was selling spades only to those whom
he chose to dig where, when and how he wanted them to dig to enrich South Beach."

This tribute was added by Wendell Ray on 29th November 2011

"A part of me died with you my best friend in the whole world. My eyes still swell with tears when I see all the emails on my computer and when we have a Board meeting at the Linda Ray Children's Center that you helped form and make successful. Rest in peace Stan!"

This tribute was added by Rene Sotolongo on 29th November 2011

"You are missed my friend.

This tribute was added by Ellen Beck on 23rd May 2011

"Mimi and Robert; So sorry about your Dad,my father passed the same week. I crossed paths with your father a few times but remember him well,conversations about Miami theater. It is a little less colorful world without him."

This tribute was added by A A on 24th January 2011

"So sorry to hear about Stanley. My deepest sympathy for you all. Will always have the warmest of memories of the time spent with all of you.

Karen Allison"

This tribute was added by morgan murri on 4th October 2010

"Stanley.... Not so many weeks ago we sat together in Pagosa Springs to talk life, politics and mostly about giving... All of which you were such an expert. Last week at the trail race you allow the use of your ranch for we all said a prayer and a thank you before we raced off across your most beautiful land... Your gift, as was your life, is priceless... Thank you for your friendship..."

This tribute was added by Diane Sepler on 29th September 2010

"Stanley was a champion of our community --
You're a wonderful family.
Diane S. Sepler"

This tribute was added by Paul Yang on 27th September 2010

"Stanley, I always admired you. Yesterday, sitting at your funeral service, I realized that I love you. I always considered you as a wonderful man, with so much more good qualities than bad; yesterday, I realized that you are as perfect as a person can be. I miss you, Stanley; now, I realize that I always will. Your friend (my honor to be so) Paul Yang."

This tribute was added by Gabriella Diaz on 27th September 2010

"Stanley,You have truly captivated my heart with the love you had for your family and others. I am so lucky to have known such a wonderful person like yourself because just in the 3 years that I have known you, I feel lucky and privelged to have shared memories with you and your family. I love your family very much and admire the unity that you created within the Levine family. R.I.P"

This tribute was added by zev beitchman on 26th September 2010

"Stanley was our neighbor for the last 12 years. He would always give us a wave and a smile. I'll miss discussing our travel stories and will always remember him saying "Another day in paradise.""

This tribute was added by Elaine Wood on 26th September 2010

"So sorry to hear of Stanley's death. Our deepest sympathy at your loss.
Bev & Gene Sulzberger"

This tribute was added by Armando Brana on 26th September 2010

"Bimini and Big John won't be quite the same without you. We lost a great person. Rest in Peace and my condolences to Elaine and the rest of the family."

This tribute was added by alli litwak on 25th September 2010

"Don't even know where to begin. Its been an absolute honor to have known you, to have had the opportunity to stand in your light, next to you & your amazing family.  To say my own life has been enriched & enlightened having known you is an understatement. If I lived a 1000 yrs I couldnt thank you enough. My deepest love to the entire Levine family. Youre all in my heart. With you always, Allison"

This tribute was added by Linda Ray on 24th September 2010

"My thoughts are with the entire Levine family. Stanley is an amazing person and it is truly an honor to call him my Friend. His legacy will forever comfort all who had the privilege of knowing him! Linda Ray"

This tribute was added by Elaine Wood on 24th September 2010

"Stanley made a major contribution the the formation of the Linda Ray Center. He thus contributed to a program that has given hundreds of children a start in life that endures. Those of us who new him will remember how many children have benefited from his quiet consistent efforts over the years. His legacy will endure in the lives that benefited.
Professor Keith G Scott, Dacula, Georgia"

This tribute was added by Elaine Wood on 23rd September 2010

"We are deeply saddened to hear of Stanley's passing. He was an exceptional individual, a giant of a man to those of us who were fortunate enough to have known him these many years. Our deepest condolences to Elaine and all of the family.

Mickey and Cynthia Zaret"

This tribute was added by Michael Whiting on 23rd September 2010

"I only met with Stanley and Elaine once. A great evening at the Pitcher's, of wine and conversation about the ocean, cruising, foreign travel that we had in common, and our shared affection for the arts and for Pagosa Springs. Truly, I did not know Stanley in any significant way, but he made a permanent positive impression. Michael Whiting"

This tribute was added by Wendell Ray on 23rd September 2010

"September 23, 2010
We have lost our dearest friend of over 50 years. Linda and have the best of memories of Elaine and Stan over the years as we vacationed together to the islands as well as Paris and London.After being married in their home Elaine and Stan went on our honeymoon with us.Stan helped Linda and I start the Linda Ray Children's Center in 1987, and he has served as Vice President"

This tribute was added by Elaine Wood on 23rd September 2010

"I will miss your warm smile & friendship. I will cherish the memories my friend. Our deepest sympathy to your family & loved ones.
marvin@susan pierce,
miami, Florida"

This tribute was added by Elaine Wood on 23rd September 2010

"Our deepest sympathies go out to the entire Levine Family for their loss. Peter and I were neighbors of his wonderful mother, Sydell. As we miss her, we shall also miss Stanley and his friendship. What a wonderful and great family - you are all..." Rita Sheil (Bay Harbor Islands, FL)"

This tribute was added by Elaine Wood on 23rd September 2010

"My deepest sympathies to the Levine family. ISL enriched all who knew him.

Lloyd Shane"

This tribute was added by Elaine Wood on 23rd September 2010

"Our deepest sympathies to the entire Levine family. Stanley will be missed by all who new him. He was a remarkable man. Alina and Harry Turk (Miami, Fl.)"

This tribute was added by Elaine Wood on 23rd September 2010

"On behalf of the Men's Grille at La Gorce, please accept our heartfelt condolences. Mr. Levine was a true gentleman and he will be missed.

Coreen Falco, Carlos Giordano, Jesus Sumano and Jose Rivera"

This tribute was added by Elaine Wood on 23rd September 2010

"Ruth and I will cherish our friendship with Stanley. He was a good, generous soul, always upbeat and full of life. His joie de vivre was contagious. He made you happy.
We share your sorrow and will miss him.

Peter and Ruth Schlossberg"

This tribute was added by Federico Arocena on 23rd September 2010

"Dear Stan, I am very sad you left. But I understand its part of life, and it was your time to go. I wish you could have been with us more time. I will miss you. It was an honor and a pleasure to have shared every minute I shared with you.  I admire you. You have influenced me in so many positive ways. You are a great man.  Knowing you, I am sure you are having a great time where you are, and that helps me overcome the sadness. Take care. I will be seeing you. Federico"

This tribute was added by Elaine Wood on 22nd September 2010

"My dear friend Stanley,

If I could just have one more day to spend with you I would want you to know a few things. In fact, I think you probably do know already, but it would help me to say them out loud to you because I’d want to make sure you truly knew just how important you are to me.

What I admire most about you is how you engage, love and support your family. You often told me about each one of your children and their special gifts. When you spoke about them your eyes would light up with pride. You celebrated the uniqueness in each of them and rejoiced in letting the world know how special they were and how much you loved them. That same special pride extended to all of your grandchildren. Your light shone thru in each one of them. I loved the brief interactions I saw you had with your grandchildren. The immense respect and love they have for you is strong and real.

The love you share with Elaine is simply beautiful. Every person who is around you knows that the bond you have is special and full of unconditional love. You make a great team and chose the perfect life partner. There was never any question that your family was the number one priority in your life. It guided all your decisions, as it should have.

You taught me what a true, close, loving, committed family could be like. You set a shining example of the type of family I hope to have with my children and grandchildren. I thank you for that and will do my best to embody some of your amazing love and support for the rest of my life.

From the first time I met you I felt a special connection with you. I immediately wanted to please you and exceed your very high expectations. You challenged me many times to research more, work harder, find alternate solutions and get very difficult tasks done. I would work extra hard because I felt you were counting on me. I loved to hear excitement in your voice when I could tell you good news about something we were working on. I did it for no other reason, I wanted your respect and approval and I was fortunate to earn that on most occasions. You served me well!

One of my favorite sayings of yours was “I know what I know, but what I’m concerned about is I don’t know what I don’t know”. You were humble, kind, funny and diligent. I never did well across a negotiating table from you (not many people did I suspect), however, I  always walked away happy. I loved to see you captivate a crowd. You melted them like butter. You have an amazing way of earning instant respect, yet being personable enough for everyone in the audience to think “what a great guy, I’d love to be his friend”. It’s true. You were one of a kind, just truly amazing.

You told me you wanted to do renewable energy projects with me because you believed in the cause but also because you thought it was “fun” to work together. Well, Mr. Levine, everyone around you will tell you that YOU made everything fun. You saw the joy and delight in every day. I often thought you looked at the world with the wonderment and delight of a child. Your enthusiasm was contagious. I loved being around you, as did everyone I know. I feel grateful for that sense of enjoyment you instilled in me.

We never know when it will be our last day, however, I want to live like you did. Making plans decades out in the future, living and believing and dreaming of the next month, year, decade. I thought about the song “Live like you are dying” today and thought, no, that’s not Stanley. His motto would be “Live like you are living forever!”  

I believed that you would live forever. I can’t imagine a time when I don’t get your cheery phone calls and your quick wit humor. I can’t imagine doing something I’m really proud of and not being able to dial your number and say “Stanley, guess what...” It didn’t matter what it was, you were fully present. I know you were that way for everyone in your family too. I’m just grateful for the time and attention I got from you. It made my day and will help shape the person I am for the rest of my life.

I believe you were a gift to this world and I was a very lucky soul to have a close relationship with you. Please know, your spirit carries on and lives in all of your family and the other lucky ones you’ve touched. Your spirit will fill us up with a joy of life to carry on in your honor.

I honor you, I respect you, I love you and I will miss you more than any words could ever convey.

Elaine Wood"

This tribute was added by Elaine Wood on 22nd September 2010

"I send love to the wonderful Levine family.  Stanley was one of a kind.  I feel honored to have counted him as a friend.  Because of the family man that Stanley was I feel close to all of you, especially dear Elaine Levine.  I am here for you whenever you need me.

Jann Pitcher"

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