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Shared by Albert Eagan on September 23, 2013

This photo was taken about 1948-1950 in the front yard of our Carpenter grandparents. The shrub directly behind Stanley was still there in 2009 and had grown to a height of about 50'. The building at the treeline in the background was the "outhouse".

Shared by Mark Turner on August 25, 2013

Stan was an outstanding poker player and well loved by everyone at the Westville American Legion.  He will surely be missed by everyone.

Shared by Velvet McGee on August 25, 2013

It will never be the same without Stan next door. Hearing his laugh through the windows and the always friendly waves as we come and go. Stan and the whole family are so kind, generous and fun-loving. Having such great neighbors has always been a comfort to us. Stan was always ready to give a helping hand or borrow his tools-but we enjoyed the get-togethers and conversations the most. He will truly be missed. The kids are blessed to have had such a wonderful father and Dee a wonderful husband-you will carry him with you in your heart at all times. Just know that we are here and we care and are so very sorry for your loss. Claudia, Chris & Hef.

Shared by Jackie Kalin on August 25, 2013

 To try to put into words how much your family means to us... it's impossible. Scott and I are truly blessed to have gotten to know you and spend good, good times with you. And now, I have this fear and pain in my heart as I think of having to live the rest of our lives without hearing Stan's voice, without hearing his laughter, without his calm presence, and without seeing that smile of his. It's too much to think about. We absolutely adored Stan. We loved spending time with him. We will miss him so much. My love and prayers are with you all. We are here for you.  

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