May her memory live with us forever
  • 43 years old
  • Born on July 4, 1971 in Mamfe, South West, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on October 5, 2014 in Douala, Littorial Region, Cameroon.

Dear Friends and Loved ones:

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Princess Stella Mbiatem. She passed away at the Muna Memorial Clinic in Douala, Cameroon on Sunday, October 5th 2014 barely two days after a tragic auto-accident along the Douala-Loum Highway.

The devastating news that Stella had passed unto eternal life is still unimaginable. As a family,  we're in disbelief; utterly shocked and helpless. Even though today is tragic and such a sad event, we hope that everyone can hold his or her head high. Stella would have loved that we celebrate her life and speak about her achievements and our fond memories with a smile on our face. Let’s not dwell on our significant loss, but focus on paying tribute to Stella’s remarkable life.

Profoundly, Maybelle   


Wake in Boston, MA  
Saturday, October 25th, 2014
Venue: 270 Mount vernon street, Boston, MA 02125....( Adjacent to the Bayside Exposition center)
Time: 7:00pm - 2am 


 Thursday - Oct 30th 2014 -DOUALA      

- 12:00 noon removal of corpse from Ganison mortuary, Douala
- 1:30 p.m. Procession/Laying in state at ENIEG Bonamousadi, Douala
-3:00 p.m.  memorial service at the Presbyterian Church Bonamousadi, Douala
- 5:50 p.m. brief  viewing of corpse at the Sunday School hall followed by entertainment
  - 6:30 p.m. return of corpse to the mortuary

 Friday – Oct 30th 2014 – DEPARTURE TO MAMFE

- 5:00 a.m. transportation of corpse to Mamfe,
 -4:00 p.m. arrival/laying in state at the Mbiatem’s residence
 -6:00 p.m. transfer of mortal remains to the Mamfe mortuary
 - 8:00p. m.  till dawn :Wake-keeping without corpse

Saturday – November 1st 2014  MAMFE

-  6:00 a.m. – Removal of corpse from the Mamfe mortuary and laying in state at the Mbiatem residence
-  9:00 a.m. church service at PC Mamfe town
- 12:00 Noon Burial followed by Reception.



Posted by Maybelle Mbiatem on 5th October 2018
4 Years ago this day, our dearest big sister Stella Mbiatem, Mami Oss and Eyong left this sinful world to join the Angels in the kingdom of the lord. I see you rejoicing in the Kingdom of the Lord. I know that his ways are not our ways, if it was up to us, we could have all been here . Continue to Rest on dear sister, and shine like a candle in the wind, Love you##, miss you##, Love you####
Posted by Maybelle Mbiatem on 4th July 2018
My darling Beautiful big sister , daughter , please Madame, friend to a lot, and above all mother to Ossang and Eyoung. It is with mix emotions that I leave this Tribute at this wonderful site for you. This is just for the records , not really what I personally use to remember you. Your demise is created such a huge vacuum that nothing, nobody can ever, and will ever fill. Again all we have to hold on to is your very Rich legacy that you left, amongst are your 2 Armies like you fondly call them Ossang and Eyoung. Like Elton John said, 'You live your life like a candle in the wind'.... And that candle will continue burning, will never and can never be put away by the strongest wing, we can ever imagine. Lots of love and Kiss##Miss you by the seconds####. Maybelle n Mayson
Posted by Maybelle Mbiatem on 4th July 2016
Today July 4th is the birthday of our dearest and loving sister, mother of Ossang and Eyoung , daughter to papa Wilson Mbiatem and Mami Regina Mbiatem and friend to alot. My dear you lived your life like a candle in the wind , i remember every year during this time we will have our little talk on how the new year will be for you. you will count your blessings ..... And them with your great sense of humor, you will say this age will not bring you down, you have to spice it up with something like a new hair do!!!!!!!!. So my dear what is the plan for this year????
Posted by Prisca Mendi on 4th July 2016
My dear thé Life u lived was examplary. It remains a lesson for younger ones to follow. I Know u dwell in his bossom. Adieu F.
Posted by Prisca Mendi on 9th November 2014
Thank You father for accepting our friend into your everlasting kingdom where she Will reign for forever. May your name be praised
Posted by Cecile Tarh on 9th November 2014
May you rest in peace. Forever we miss you. May the angel of the Lord guide you in heaven. RIP.
Posted by Maybelle Mbiatem on 8th November 2014
Posted by Claudine Metuge on 2nd November 2014
Thought I will never get the courage to leave a tribute. Was hoping someone will wake me from this nightmare, but no, it's real, I am awake and Mbiqua is no more with us. Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. That leaves me with the conviction that your mission on earth is done. You have fought the good fight of faith. Since every thing work for good for they that know God, I trust that our all knowing God know best why. Mbiqua I will hang unto the precious memories we shared through the years as teenagers growing up in Besongabang, as adolescents in Mamfe, and of course as adults in Yaounde. On behalf of the Taku and Metuge family our thoughts and prayers go to the entire Mbiatem family. May your soul rest in peace until we meet on resurrection morning.
Posted by Stanley Mbiatem on 31st October 2014
A Soul Searching Tribute For Stella Mbiatem Mbiqua By Cameroon Concord US Bureau Chief Bertrand Etukeni Agbaw-Ebai My Elder Sister, if Life were to be measured by accomplishments, then your mission on earth has been successful. Your sudden exit from this pilgrim world has nothing to do with your dying age, but what your lifespan have achieved for the entire family will be remembered for generations to come. Life is not measured by the way one dies, but the way one has lived one`s life. Stella Mbiatem was a seasoned and well level headed personality and a lady of multi dimensional skills. In short Stella Mbiatem was a great Woman. Her departure leaves behind an irreplaceable vacuum. For the entire Royal Family and Manyu as a whole will feel deprived of an outstanding lady who is a true soldier of peace and happiness. My second encounter with her out of Mamfe in Yaoundé for University studies was a pacesetter that gave me and prepare me for every challenge that will come my way till date. I still vividly remember how she taught and show me love. She always tell me not to get angry at any circumstance no matter what! And above all her succinct and charming smiles is a compelling factor and moment for you to think and wish your enemy good, tells me the moral obligation we owe ourselves in life. That was vintage Stella Mbiatem who gave all just for her family satisfaction. Married with two kids, she honorably quit the union for Bayangi men are just one kind of a specie. As a family pillar, she will do all her best for all her juniors to be happy. Her house in Yaoundé and Douala was opened to everybody who visited her. And guess what! Very delicious tanchot soup and accident eru will be served which is typical of Manyu Ladies of exceptional character. Again Stella was a mother for all. Her unexpected demise is a glaring example with the passing of the Physical, Spiritual and now to martyrdom. Grandseoure, If every minute details were to be written, I think there will be not enough space to accommodate all. Rest assure that you will forever remain in her hearts. Bertrand Etukeni Agbaw-Ebai Cameroon Concord US Bureau Chief Boston Massachussetts.
Posted by Soter Agbaw-Ebai on 31st October 2014
You and I shared a lot of things in common. We shared our secrets, we shared our passion, we shared our academics, to be sure, we shared everything. You supported me in what ever you can during the good and the bad times. We were a family.In you I had a friend, a sister, a mother and a wife. You taught me three things: to always have someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to. Now you are gone with the hope of rising again!! I thank you for your contribution to my person and to mankind. Your name like sweet perfume shall always remain in my heart. Speak me fair to Euphemia, Eyang and your Dad. Good bye Stelisko until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Monique Jikong on 29th October 2014
Dearest Stella, this news has left me asking myself too many questions. Since our paths seperated in UNIYAO1 i have never heard from you andMaybelle again. Only to hear this? I have always thought of you, your perfect braids, your smile, that gentle nature. Rest in peace dear, i pray that your departure does not only create a void and bring sorrow, but instead joy and laughter as we cherish the precious moments we (family & friends) had with you. Rest in peace dear friend
Posted by Küntzel Metem Awo on 27th October 2014
Stella ooooohhhhhh... my heart bleeds....., my sister....stella my friend,,,,,i decided to,,,,take courage today,,,,,,to write a bid you farewell........ i thought it was a rumour but i realized it is real, as days passes. by...,,,,,, i feel empty knowing i will never see you again..... oh lord what an empty world...........all is vanity.......... i want to thank you for the life we spent mamfe and in is sad but i truly know god knows regards to your dad who has always been there mother,,,,,,when she is in trouble.. i know he will be surprise to see you........and to my only sister Rose Awo....whom the cold hands of dead also snatched away from me. mbiqua rest in peace till we meet to part no more...............
Posted by Stanley Tabi on 23rd October 2014
My dear Stella, you rocked entirely. You were brilliant, charming, loyal and remarkably zestful with a unique charisma. Together with your peers, I got an upgrade of a nickname that I hated in the first place. Thanks to your creativity and great sense of humor. We lastly met earlier this year in Buea during my sister’s funeral service and shared some good laughs. We'll miss your reassuring voice, gentle disposition, and that happy ending we’d wished for you. I am comforted to know you are now resting with our Savior. Our thoughts and prayers are with your mom, your two boys, your siblings and the entire Mbiatem family. Rest in peace, Angel of God.
Posted by Esther Besong on 22nd October 2014
Dear Stella, I feel so bad that you left so soon, The Lord that gave you to us surely needs you now. I pray you enjoy the heavenly glories. May you rest in the bossom of the Almighty God. We truely miss you dear.
Posted by Enow Takang on 21st October 2014
I still cannot imagine myself writing about Stella in the past tense. As the days go by, reality sets in. Yes, you are gone, but will never be forgotten. I saw Stella in July and as always you never ceased to amaze me. Your laughter was radiating, just being in your presence was comforting. I learnt from you during our encounter that when you trust yourself and believe in God, happiness will be yours always. You were a happy woman and never failed to share your secret to happiness. God created you for a reason, He has taken you away for a reason. We will never understand why. To the Mbiatem family, let's not forget, The Almighty is still on the throne! Rest in peace my sister's "Manoh" till we meet someday!
Posted by Enow Takang on 21st October 2014
I still cannot imagine myself writing about Stella in the past tense. As the days go by, reality sets in. Yes, you are gone, but will never be forgotten. I saw Stella in July and as always you never ceased to amaze me. Your laughter was radiating, just being in your presence was comforting. I learnt from you during our encounter that when you trust yourself and believe in God, happiness will be yours always. You were a happy woman and never failed to share your secret to happiness. God created you for a reason, He has taken you away for a reason. We will never understand why. To the Mbiatem family, let's not forget, The Almighty is still on the throne! Rest in peace my sister's "Manoh" till we meet someday!
Posted by Veronica Ayukegba Akwe on 18th October 2014
Stella, it is very difficult to accept the fact that you too are no more! The pain of losing someone at a very tender age is very excruciating. I remember how you and Mabelle were the first people to ever braid my twin girls then in Yaoundé, when they were over a year old. Today they are almost 17years old! We come a long way, as you are/were a maternal cousin to my maternal cousins - the Tabots. Mama Regina, Mabelle, and the rest of the siblings I pray the Lord will grant you all the grace to be strong. Please be strong for your Mom and Stella's sons. May the Lord comfort and keep you all. May your family never know premature death again in Jesus' name. Vero Ayukegba Akwe
Posted by Mbiatem Mackmillan on 17th October 2014
I still can't believe that you are gone, I feel like am still dreaming sister you have always being there for us remember the vaccum you have created in our hearts , in the familly and to friends at large, sis I don't know what to say but if tears could bring you back am sure the same minute you passed away you would have comeback to live I know God has a reason for everything he does let him judge us. Greet Daddy for us. Stay bless until we meet again we love you and you will always remain in our hearts forever .
Posted by Shirley Njang-Ekangaki Ta... on 16th October 2014
Sis Stella how do you expect sis Maybelle to go about this? Your name is not just Stella but Stella-Maybelle and hers Maybelle-Stella, I mean you people are Stella and Maybelle ,that is how everyone identifies you. I don't even know where to start. It seems to me a stale story if I've to go about your character traits again, as many already said it all. You made me felt special whenever we met, I thought it was for a purpose because I couldn't recalled how we connected, I don't remember ever meeting you in GHS Mamfe but the click was so obvious between us, I came to realize that was just you, the always smiling and welcoming grand soeur. Sis Stella mami nyanga I called you,and you respond yes don petite soeur , the pain you've left in our hearts is unimaginable. As you find rest in the lord,give us,especially sis Maybelle the courage to accept this trial. To you Mbuenoh my own pal in that family as well asthe entire Mbiatem's family accept my deepest condolences. Rest in peace mami nyanga
Posted by Elizabeth Nfor on 16th October 2014
Ohhhh,This My Strongest Grand Seour,I can still remember when we met for the 1st time at your house in Tam Tam and u welcome me soo warmly with alot of Love,Joy and Peace.You were very encouraging.May Your Gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace In God's Heavenly Bosom for He alone has the answer to all our questions"WHY SOO SOON."You will Forever remain in our Hearts.My Dearest Maureen and All Family Members,May God Comfort Our hearts.I Love and Miss You,Cutest Princess Stella.
Posted by Cynthia Eyong on 14th October 2014
The Lord giveth and he taketh. From dust we were all made and to dust we shall all return. I wish you eternal glory with the most high and pray that you send peace and comfort to the family you left behind. I'm speechless but I know heaven is smiling cause they just received an angel. Rest in peace sweet angel.
Posted by Collins Enoh on 13th October 2014
The sad news about the passing on to eternal life of our dear Princess, Miss Stella Mbiatem came as an unpleasant surprise to me. I had to summon the courage to write this tribute for someone that I know was so full of life and hope for better days ahead up until her last hour. Hardly could I predict that I would be sharing this platform with others and participating in the unenviable but likely unavoidable task of writing a deserved tribute to Princess Stella Mbiatem, at least not while she was still in her youth or middle age. I had the pleasure and honor of calling and speaking with Princess Stella Mbiatem a few months ago. Just as it had always been the case with my previous calls, you were very cheerful and had the grace of sharing your smiles and optimistic perspective of life with me. There was no reason for me to think that the call on that day would be my last opportunity to communicate with you. Through your passing on to eternity, another experienced educator has exited the academic stage, has been invited and has answered a higher call from their Creator. While we may mourn, wail and shed tears as family and friends because you are no longer with us physically, as a Christian and believing community, may we find solace are comforted in the fact that we are witnesses to acclaim your eternal journey to meet your Lord and Maker. With gratitude, we thank our Creator for the unique opportunity and honor that He gave us to share this world and space with you for four decades plus three years. We thank Him for the gift of such a wonderful and inspiring daughter, sibling, friend and devoted public servant. You were born to the Mbiatem family but you reached out beyond that realm and impacted the lives of so many others through your friendship, connections, professional career and life journey in a very special way. Without doubt, you will always be in our heart and you will be remembered for those unending smiles, consideration and respect for others. Together, let us celebrate Stella`s life with grace in recognition that she lived her best while on earth. Our hearts and prayers are with Stella`s two sons, her mother and the Mbiatem family. Please accept our heartfelt condolences and sympathy. May you find the fortitude to bear this enormous loss and surprising demise that is now Princess Stella Mbiatem`s. I will choose to remember you, Stella, in life rather than in death as someone who was full of joy and laughter to share with others. You have been a beacon of hope and inspiration to your family and beyond. Hopefully, Maybelle and your other siblings will be able to fill the big shoes and vacuum that you leave behind. While we pray for ourselves, may we also pray for God`s continuous guidance and blessing to be with the Mbiatem family. Farewell, Stella, Adieu, Princess Mbiatem, educator, ''Miss radiant smiles without end'', Mamih Nyangah'' and mother to your boys. Like everyone else, you were a special person in your own way to so many individuals who now mourn and will miss you. We loved you dearly, but your Creator and Maker loves you more. We wish you peace and rest in the Lord`s bosom.
Posted by Kenneth Ojong on 13th October 2014
Lord have mercy on our beautiful friend. She left so soon but you know why. She is in a better place.Give the sister the force, the energy, the spirit,courage and healing for her to understand that you are great and you know why.She was fun to us but you needed her in your Kingdom.RIP.
Posted by Michael Liku on 12th October 2014
PRINCESS STELLA MBIQUA MBIATEM ( please Madam ), I still remember like it was yesterday. That's how a few of us who were really close to you called you. I still find it difficult to believe Please Madam, that you're no more. The last time we spoke was on Skype and I still remember that forever smiling face. Always laughing and encouraging, I still remember like it was last night we spoke. Everyday I ask myself WHY? WHY TOO SOON? We will miss you, we love you, rest in the blossom of the LORD. And we shall meet again. REST IN PEACE GRAND SEOUR!
Posted by Adele Lobe on 12th October 2014
My dear Stella, May Your Soul RIP., my condolences to your entire family, Maybelle especially who has lost her ‘twin sister’. It has always been “Stella and Maybelle”. Even though you guys were miles and miles apart you remain inseparable. Stella, It was great seeing you again in Douala last summer, and as usual we had our laughs, shared our stories and of course had our “Beers”. I will miss your smile and your ‘always happy mood’, your kindness and your friendship. You've always been there for me and my family in happiness and in sadness. You were a great role model to all of us and you’ll be greatly missed.
Posted by Prisca Mendi on 12th October 2014
F, This problem situation You posed is too complex for me. I am yet to get the competence required for it. You left too soon so much unfinished business on your table so unlike You. Look at what You leave here : the boys no mummy, as AP your fiches de progressions are still out, big Teacher your students are stranded, we had to host APED, we had one name in the njangi that just started, we just revamped FnS and You had an educative talk, see the crocodiles, your kuncha friends, the staff to whom You were so spécial, your principal who held You in high estime, You use to pray for us, the wonderful moments were shared .your boundless generosity devotedness, braveness, made You so spécial. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace for i believe God had a better plan for You in his kingdom. ADIEU Kuncha
Posted by Besem Takow on 11th October 2014
To the Mbiatem family accept my condolence for this great loss. I am still in disbelieve, Princess Stella you were full of life I remember the good times we shared when were in Yaoundé. We love you sis but the giver of all loves you best. May your gentle soul rest in peace. You will forever be in our hearts. Good Bye and good night sis..
Posted by Joanne Bodkin on 11th October 2014
Stella, may your soul rest in peace. You are so beautiful and I know you're a loving person because your family is so loving, I was unfortunate to meet you sister. May you shine with God and look over us. May God bless your family.
Posted by Teko Njonjo on 11th October 2014
My dear Stella, you died a Christian, winning your battles over satan. I know God is taking care of you. Rest in peace. Teko
Posted by Dolly Besong on 11th October 2014
Stello, it's a shame death snatched you from us, so so soon. I remember how I use to refer to you as the mother of my God children. Chaiiiiiiiii death, u try. Stella I will miss your smiles, your gists, most especially the boobs, when you're all dressed up. I wish this pain I have inside could disappear. I wish I could tell the boys you're on vacation and will be back soon. Ohhhhhhhhhh my God, I know we all belong to You and You alone decide when we come and go, but Father, this was so expected. Stello, our consolation is that you are resting in the bosom of the Almighty. We will miss you at Crystal. The meeting will never be the same without you grande soeur. I love you so much, but God loves you more. Rest in peace stello.
Posted by Constance Nkwantah on 11th October 2014
Those shadows deepen and our hearts bleed, but we will not question the way he leads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Stella my sister, i got to know you through your wonderful sister Maybelle.( My friend). On January 25th -27th, you dropped everything and you stood by my side during the memorial festivities for my late twin bro. I still feel your right hand rubbing my back at the grave side, saying to me" wehh maami you di still cry, trust and hold on to your God". 8 mths down the line, you are no more. I know one thing is true, that the Kingdom of heaven is now your home. For the few days i spent with you, i saw love, peace, joy and a woman full of life. I will never forget how you matched all your out fits. You had such a warmth about you . I still recall when i met you in Buea at a funeral and you were leaving there, heading to Yaounde for another funeral. I said sis you di go Yaounde this night? and you replied yes ohhh, nah my very good friend ie papa die. I had a look of disbelief on my face only because i lost my soul mate , my twin bro in an accident after coming back from a funeral. You said to me, no worry, nah so we di do for here ohhhhh. This just sums up how selfless you are. I hate to refer to you in past tense my dear. You surely did live your life like a candle in the wind. Sleep tight sister because you are now across the bridge were there is no sorrow or pain. Please say hello to my twin bro Bobo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This has just opened all the wounds. I pray that you are now an Angel watching over your family. I call on the Grace of Good to dwell in my friend Maybelle, to give her inner strength and comfort to be able to deal with such a loss.May the Lord comfort your family especially your mum and siblings. For your two boys, the peace of God that surpassess all human understanding will guide and protect them all the days of their lives. You are now asleep in Jesus, a sleep where no one ever wakes to weep. A calm and undisturbed repose. May your beautiful, ever loving soul RIP my dear. In tears and mourning.
Posted by Ayamba Tanyi on 10th October 2014
My heart bleeds to hear about your passing. I am just reminiscing the last time we chatted on FB, and you told me about your plans to visit the US next summer. Although you never got to execute those plans, myself, and Walters will for ever keep you close to our hearts. He is extremely saddened as I am. Your time and duties on earth is worth remembering. While in heaven, you will continue to blossom in the arms of God and his angels. RIP Stella.
Posted by James Oben on 10th October 2014
"Stella your life meant a lot to people who grew around you and even those who saw you coming up as a child to motherhood. You lived an extraordinary life of always smiling making people to doubt moments of joy or annoyance. Our hearts are really bleeding after we all heard of your demise from this sinful world, nobody can question the almighty because he knows best. We will trust your life into the hands of the almighty, its difficult but we have to accept it. To the mother ,sisters, brothers and family members please just take heart for the Lord almighty is in total control. All this joy, all this sorrow and all this pain.
Posted by Esther Ayuk Enow on 10th October 2014
Stella my dear friend and sister, its hard to believe that we are all saying good bye to you. We all loved you and will always continue to have you in our minds and our prayers. You were such a lady, a princess ,a mummy and a daughter, that's why Elton John is joining us to cry you my dear sister. He sang for Lady Diana and today its you . fare well sister and rest in the lord until we meet again.
Posted by Stanley Mbiatem on 10th October 2014
Princesss Stella Mbiqua Mbiatem for many years we've shared our lives one roof we always lived under sometime we laugh,sometimes we cried through moments of happiness and difficulties respectively,the younger years have faded fast we've gone our separate ways but through all times our friendship last our bond in life remains,as the summer, brings the happy times,the autumn winds will whisper , a closer friend I'd never find than the one I call my sister princessssssss.
Posted by Benen Takang on 10th October 2014
Stella, I still remember the the fun memories that we shared together as we grew up in Small Mamfe and schooled in GHS Mamfe. I still can not believe that you're gone, just so soon. Life on earth is sometimes unfair but I know God has a better plan. Even as we mourn, we will continue to remember you and I pray for mama and the rest of the family to draw strength from God. May the Almighty grant you peace and eternal rest. Benen Takang
Posted by Florence Bessem on 10th October 2014
what can I really say? u were always jovial and lights up every room u entered .How or where did sadness find u or entered your space? We can never fill your voided space my friend nor understand this mystery. we hold onto the word of GOD that says in every situation we should give thanks .Rest in peace stella until we meet again .
Posted by Florabell Achankeng on 10th October 2014
Sister Stella, its such a shame that death could snatch you from this world so suddenly, i can remember all the fun we had, the laughter during our meetings, the scream from every crystal member STELLOOOOOOOO when you walked in and i see you bouncing and spining around then we all laughted again. the fun when you read the minutes of the meeting ensuring every single word was properly pronounced, and we all say Please Madame is talking... I did not know you for very many years but the short time was filled with so much fun, we will miss you, the vacuum cannot be filled, your sudden death has just reiterated to me that we should live our lives one day at a time, always prepared to make this endless journey, we all have to be ready for the master's call!!!!
Posted by Gerald Tiku on 10th October 2014
Big sister its painful to write on your memorial page. What a shock.Full of life n love you were. I will not question the will of God because i know you are dancing in victory in paradise. Forever in our minds.
Posted by Ruphous Takang on 10th October 2014
" He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die." John 11: 25-26. I knew Stella at her childhood, she was the fountain of life yet lived in the fear of the Lord. She was beautiful, loving and a delight to know. Her early transition is really tragic but being a believer, I know she has turned from the snares of death, and she has not died but lives forever. RIP!! Ruphous Takang & Family. Boston.
Posted by Miranda Obi on 10th October 2014
Mbiqua as I fondly call u…I thank God for sending you to Douala. Our little circle of Friends had all dispersed. Maybelle and Adele abroad , Sissy in Kumba I was left all alone here. Until God sent you to meet me in Douala. It’s been a pleasant reunion. I am happy we lived to the fullest. Our Beach parties, bbq’s, clubs, little girl talks, Mama’s house warming.. Crystal!!! I have a full album and that’s the greatest gift of all. Ossang and Eyong will always be catered for, you can rest assured. Keep on smiling from above.. In Life I loved you in death I will not forget you. My Mbiqua forever my heart hurts!!!
Posted by Sylvie Fotabong on 10th October 2014
Mme Ayuk, sorry that's how i've always known and called you. I still find it hard to believe you're actually gone. I remember when i got post to Enieg Douala and had to be presented as a new staff, you were one of the first persons to welcome me. You were always so classy, sociable and loveable. You were one of those who made me felt like i belongeg to that institution. "My Small Mami Nyanga", that was what you called me and told me never to give up my dressing standards because the people around me look different. Just last wednesday you were telling me how we have just the church and our school as our own office and we have to look our best when going there. We talked all alone during that wednesday and you showed me a pic of your mum and your sister in the us, telling me of the pranks you pull when you go to the village. You were so excited to go for this burial and i promised paying you a visit when you come back. I was so happy to find in you that big sis i never had. How cruel is death, to have taken you so soon! I am going to miss you so much. What Enieg Douala be like without you? Adieu ma grande. You'll forever be in our hearts.
Posted by Valentine Tabot on 10th October 2014
Petit Petit as we funly called each other.You have just gone so soon it is a tragedy a story that started well just got bad.Stela your so nice a human to be missed in this way, so meek as a dove, fun and kind, did you ever get worried for anything?i have just lost a wonderfull person. why you Stela the fotress and joy of many you lived your life on this evil earth i trust u do same where ever you are.I know you will surely respond to the mail i sent to you the day i got the sad word.i am waiting with patience.
Posted by Edelia Mbiatem on 10th October 2014
my dear friend and sister in law,, if tears could bring back your life, then you shd have been alive by now.i keep waiting for a phone call to tell me it was a rumour. ohhhhh stella.may your soul rest in peace. if you see GLORY ngwana extend my love.we will forever miss you. we are speechless!I mean confuse.i just pray you fine REST!! ADIEU, your wife, as you fondly call me
Posted by Ted Enoh on 9th October 2014
Stella dear, rest in piece. Only God knows the destiny of all of us. You lived your life like Elton John said, like a candle in the wind and you play your part in the big stage call life and its time to depart. We will truly miss you.We loved you but the one that gave you us loves you more.Bye bye my sister until we meet to part no more. To the family be strong the good lord is in charge he will guide you all through this very painful moments.never loss faith.

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