Death leaves a pain that is hard to heal,
But love leaves a memory nobody can steal.
  • 77 years old
  • Born on January 15, 1941 in Leaksville, North Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on February 2, 2018 in Annapolis, Maryland, United States.

Life is but a stopping place,
A pause in what's to be,
A resting place along the road,
  to sweet eternity.
We all have different journeys,
Different paths along the way,
We all were meant to learn some things,
   but never meant to stay...
Our destination is a place,
Far greater than we know.
For some the journey's quicker,
For some the journey's slow.
And when the journey finally ends,
We'll claim a great reward,
And find an everlasting peace,
Together with the Lord.
- Author unknown

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Stella "Terra" Walters. Please feel free to share photos and stories here. With her servant's heart, she has touched so many lives and meant so much to many. We honor her legacy and cherish the time we had together, and hope to see her again! 

*****UPDATE: Celebration of life to be held on Saturday, April 28 at 1 P.M. at Laurel Grove Inn on the South River. All are welcome.*****


Posted by Mary LeTellier on 15th January 2019
How fast a year goes by. Still think of Terra often as do most of you, I'm sure. It will be a year next month, since we adopted Kayah and Remy her cats. They have integrated well with our family. Such loving and free beings, much like Terra. Sending good thoughts for all who love her and prayers for her happiness as she continues her spiritual journey.
Posted by Julia Takahashi on 20th February 2018
I didn’t know Stella or your family but wanted to share some words of encouragement. It’s never easy to lose the ones we love. This makes sense because we weren’t created to die. We can take comfort in knowing that as 2 Corinthians 1:3,4 shows the God of all comfort will comfort us in all our trials. Also we can look forward to the near future when Revelation 21:3,4 will be fulfilled and God will eliminate death, tears, and pain. Until then — deep sympathy— Julia
Posted by Mary LeTellier on 15th February 2018
I met Terra through Scott Brinitzer, during one of the lowest moments in my life. At the time was going through countless rounds of doctor's visits and tests, before finally being diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm.After visiting in her beautiful, artistic home, Scott and I took her out to dinner. For awhile we were transported into the magical world of Terra. Her stories, humor, and wisdom gave me the courage to continue my journey. Over the years, we continued to email each other and occasionally visit. Now my spouse and I are the proud guardians of her cats, Kayah and Remy. Terra may your light continue to shine in the next realm.
Posted by John Brinitzer on 11th February 2018
Terra was one of my Mom's dearest friends. Such a great friend; so caring and giving. There were the outward signs, like the perennial Bastille Day party (happened to coincide with Mom's birthday). And the intangibles like the way Mom spoke of her, making it clear how special she was to her. Terra was a friend to me too. Must not have been easy for her at the outset, as my fourth grade teacher... She was a confidant and advisor when I was in high school and college, and someone with whom I enjoyed spending time ever since. Easygoing and fun but also erudite and "deep"; there were always meaningful conversations. So full of life and living for the moment; a model for us all. Wish I had gone to Annapolis to visit on my last trip home... RIP, Terra.
Posted by Barry Hill on 7th February 2018
To anyone who remembers Tim Allen’s Home Improvement, Terra was my Wilson. Her driveway is directly in front of my house and is partially obscured by a line of trees. So we had thousands of conversations with her face partially blocked by the leaves. And just like Tim Taylor’s conversations with Wilson, our exchanges were always amusing and always gave me a lift. And just like Wilson, she was always into something exotic--off to Ireland to go fly fishing, or off China for a week, and regularly off to a beach to meet with her cherished group of teaching friends. No one can say she didn’t live life to the fullest. The group of many, many friends who came far and wide to attend her annual Christmas season kick off party are a tribute to her glowing personality, her adventurousness, her sense of humor, and her warmth and kindness. The Christmas season will be not as bright this year. Goodbye sweet, dear friend.
Posted by Patricia Overton on 6th February 2018
I met Stella in 1969 when I joined the Fort Hunt Staff. I left for an Assignment in Colorado and on to Hawaii. I returned to the area in 1981. I was invited to socially to rejoin the Fort Hunt staff. That was when I found Stella to be a fun loving person. I will miss her.
Posted by Chris Johnson on 6th February 2018
I met Terra while working at Merritt Athletic Club in Annapolis. She was fascinating to work with. Her spirit was always upbeat and her motivation high. It was an honor to be invited to her home for holiday parties to meet everyone she had told me about through our time working together. I will always remember Terra as a bright light in my life.
Posted by Mary Van Zandt on 5th February 2018
Terra and Richard were on their way to Key West in December 1970 when they stopped at our little house in Miami and a long friendship began. The connection was that Richard and my husband, Peter McWhorter, had been high school friends in Weston, West Virginia. I was pregnant with my first child, and a few weeks later I received a hand knit blanket for the baby---the first of many gifts from her heart and hands that I would be blessed to receive from Terra. We saw "The Walters" nearly every year from that time on, since they enjoyed taking cruises from Miami and visiting the Florida keys. But it wasn't until Richard and Peter both passed away, one shortly after the other, that Terra called me up one day and asked if she could come for a visit. From that time on, we were often a terrible twosome, flying down the road with the top down, singing Elvis, the Bee Gees or Ella Fitzgerald at the top of our lungs, shopping, laughing, drinking wine, eating in lots of fantastic restaurants, and visiting New York, New Orleans, Montreal, Quebec City, Vermont, Key West and many more amazing places. There is no way to replace the wonderful advice she gave (and never charged for) or the love you felt in her presence. She cared deeply about all her friends and family and showed it in a hundred ways. She was truly the ultimate friend. I will miss her sweet soul.
Posted by Scott Brinitzer on 5th February 2018
I met Terra in 1973. She was my 4th grade teacher. When i met her, i knew that she was special; i had never seen someone as creatively dressed as Terra, each day wearing a unique outfit, with outrageous jewelry. I clearly had a good sense of the term 'special' as my mom, Donna Brinitzer, a teacher at FT. Hunt and my father became good friends with Terra and Richard. As with most 'kid's' as we grow up we move away and follow our own paths, Unbeknownst to me, while I was away my parents had numerous dinners, parties, and outings with Terra and Richard. When i returned to DC all i heard from my parents was how wonderful Terra was, and that her home was amazing. A work of art in the woods. My mother complained that it was hard to find, however and always noted that you needed to 'see the bank of mailboxes and then turn right!" Long story short, Terra was the link that tied me to my former husband Carroll, (she was there for me when he died), she was at my brother's wedding, she cooked my mom her birthday dinner each July 14th, she was there when my dad passed, when my mom passed, and when i met and married Matt. Lately she made dinner for Matt and me as we returned from the beach on Sunday nights throughout the year. Dinners were always amazing. We sat at the table where i had countless dinners before, both with my parents, with Carroll, and now with Matt. In the most outrageous event of recent history Terra and i went to her Porsche dealer to buy a car. Not for her, but for me. She sat me down with her sales person and said "you need to get Scott into this car!" And what then unfolded is pure joy. How may people can say that they purchased a car, let alone the Porsche, (you just HAVE to have this car). with their 4th grade teacher? I can't imagine a world without Terra. I always thought that i had more time with her.
Posted by Patt Carney on 4th February 2018
The staff of Fort Hunt Elementary School was not a staff. They were family and my time there represents one of the two highlights in my professional career. When I think back to Stella, the first thing I remember is looking forward to lunch each day so I could listen in to Stella and Penny's conversations. I would then return to my classroom and look up all the glorious new words they so easily infused into their conversations. Every lunch was a vocabulary lesson! Good-bye, my friend. You probably had no idea how much you influenced my life in so many ways.
Posted by Carol Alderman on 4th February 2018
Stella came into our family in 1966 when she married Richard. He encouraged her to tell some of her interesting stories to make us laugh even though he undoubtedly had heard them many times. She made him so happy. After my brothers death she spent every Christmas with us -a fun time for all of us. She loved playing cards , scrabble and doing jigsaw puzzles which the kitties would not allow her to do at home. Some of our favorite times were the trips to Las Vegas where we would have adjoining rooms and we had our coffee in front of the floor to ceiling window watching Vegas come to life while Kurtz slept in. We had many motor trips and a couple cruises all memorable .She will be sadly missed but oh the stories she left behind!
Posted by Bobby Alderman on 4th February 2018
We learned that our friend Terra entered into the mystery of the resurrection so suddenly and unexpected. We feel fortunate to have gotten to know Terra during our many vacations at the beach.. We will always remember her smile, the colorful way she had of telling stories, the guidance on selecting the best restaurant for dinner and her thoughtful gourmet treats at the beach. Terra's death is going to take a long time to sink into our minds. Wonderful memories of this vivacious fun loving lady will forever live in our hearts. We feel so blessed to have known Terra. Marie and Bob
Posted by Hannah Poe on 4th February 2018
We met in college and had lovely times with each other and with Pat. We lost touch later on and were both overjoyed when we finally reconnected. Thank goodness, we exchanged frequent emails and calls over the last few years and I was able to enjoy her warmth, humor. caring and kindness before it was too late. I loved her.
Posted by Hannah Poe on 4th February 2018
Stella and I were friends in college and she introduced me to Pat then. The three of us had many a laugh and I loved her. We lost touch for years and then found each other again and began to catch up. Her humor and warmth were the same, her writing still brilliant and thank goodness we were in frequent contact again before this sudden shock. I loved her.
Posted by Martha Sisk on 4th February 2018
I met Terra at Woman's College in 1960. She had long blonde hair then and we would all get together and talk in the dining hall after supper. She was at my wedding--even loaned me the dress I wore that day. What a bright light! We had recently been in touch, and I was fortunate to have met with Stella again just several years ago. So sorry.
Posted by Sue Dikeman on 3rd February 2018
Terra is an official Beach Bum!! As teachers we started going to the beach together every June, and have continued for over 40 years! In addition to beaching, we have become sistas in every way, going through life together, celebrations and tribulations, all for one, one for all! I am at a loss for words over her sudden passing, she who always lit up a room, could remember everything, whipped up killer meals, told the BEST stories, and would do anything for you! Still can't wrap my head around losing her....
Posted by Donna Giannascoli on 3rd February 2018
I met Terra at Fort Hunt when I began my teaching career in 1973. I can always remember her laughter in the teachers lounge. We’ve stayed in touch all these years. She had a way with words and was a great writer. Terra was very knowledgeable about art and artists. My favorite story about Terra is when she and Richard would drive to New Orleans in her little fast car. She always bragged about how they would speed and make it in record time. One year she said she got a ticket but said it was definitely worth it ....since they still got there in record time! She was so funny. Every year she invited us to her fabulous Christmas party, She knew my sister lived in Annapolis and invited her, too! Terra had a heart of gold. She will be missed by so many. Rest In Peace, my friend!
Posted by Wallace Wilhoit Jr on 3rd February 2018
I met Stella in 1973 when I was hired to teach at Ft. Hunt Elementary. She has been my friend ever since. She called me Wa (short for Wally). My favorite Stella story took place in 1976. I was going to Europe that summer to drive around. At that time she and Richard went to France every year or two to dine at 5-star restaurants so she made me a list of favorite restaurants for me to enjoy. Well . . . when school began that Fall I knew the first question from Stella would be "How did you like France?" I had to say, "Well Stella I didn't exactly get to France." Her response to me was, "Wally . . . I've recommended a restaurant to someone and they didn't go; but I've never recommended an entire country that someone just decided to skip over!" There is a hole in my heart.
Posted by Megan March on 3rd February 2018
I am very, very sad at the sudden, unexpected passing of Aunt Terra. Her zeal for life and vibrancy of spirit made her light shine so brightly--everyone who came into contact with her noticed. Aunt Terra's selflessness was hard to miss. She was at every piano recital and every graduation of mine. She took me in my first limo ride and on my first trip to NYC. She taught me how to make biscuits the proper way (with a fork and real butter) and she sent me infamous cookie care packages during my first year at West Point (they were so good, people kept stealing them). Without her, my grandparents wouldn't have been able to visit me at college or see my Sandhurst competition. She threw me my bridal shower and provided the first piece of artwork for our house. I could go on and on. She truly invested in those around here and was always there...she was everyone's "phone a friend"! I will never forget playing cards with her at the beach or over Christmas, or the way the phrase "very unique" grinded on her polished grammar nerves. I will miss hearing her tell stories with her masterful accents and the chuckle that would emerge from one of ours. I am grateful for the 28 years I got to share with her and look forward to seeing her again one day!
Posted by Pat Hossenlopp on 3rd February 2018
As schoolgirls, we were often in trouble for passing naughty notes in class. As old ladies, we were gleefully carrying on via email. Wherever Stella went, there was sure to be laughter and loads of fun. P *I never got a handle on Terra, and Stella, ever tolerant , never chastised me for this failure. Oh, we’ll miss her; miss her visits; miss the recipes, the wine finds, the books and articles she’d send; and all those hilarious stories.

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