Her Life

A Free Spirit

Stella was born in Singapore, lovingly raised by Tang Tuck Yan and Ong Eng Aye, and educated at Methodist Girls' School at Mount Sophia. She moved to the UK as a teenager, and subsequently also lived in the US, Hong Kong, and Canada where she felt most at home. She raised two sons, Spencer and Darrell, and helped take care of her grandson Aaron.

Stella loved traveling, and explored the world with her family and friends, enjoying good food, drink, culture and company.  She was especially fond of Japan, but also spent extensive time in different parts of Europe, Latin America, China and Southeast Asia.

From Sydney to Edinburgh, Buenos Aires to Cairo, Accra to Sapporo, Stella embraced new experiences, new friends and new perspectives, pursuing artistic interests throughout her life. She leaves behind many fine examples of her work: painting, pottery, weaving, tapestry, etc.

Let us all remember and cherish this free spirit.