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Today would have been Stella’s 75th birthday

July 14, 2022
Going through my mother’s belongings back in Toronto, I find many time capsules in the old photos and documents. Here’s a photo of her with her bestie Rose sometime in the 1960s.

Thinking of you on your birthday

July 14, 2021
Well, at least one of your two birth dates... we would go to that special place to celebrate, eating congee or laksa...and we would treat ourselves to (tzing toi???) AKA sesame balls. I will go there again...and this time will be sad, thinking of you and how you would order something special in mandarin, and laugh...

For all those memories...I will forever be grateful

Her first boss

June 24, 2021
Thanks to one of my mother's oldest friends, Ms. Avis Brown, I recently found out what this photo is about. I'd seen it once or twice before, and now I know that this was Mum with her first boss, Mr. Al Rachlin, at Sperry Univac in London. This must have been in the late 1960s, and I just read that Univac was a line of electronic digital stored-program computers, and part of the history of today's Unisys Corporation. Had no idea...
June 19, 2021
We were so shocked & very saddened by the unexpected news of Stella’s untimely death. It didn’t seem that long ago that I had been in-touch with her while she was still here in Toronto, & had promised to take her to Costco, which she had never visited before & was eager to experience, but with COVID-19’s arrival & the restrictions, it didn’t seem like a good idea. As friends of Spencer’s, we got to know Stella at IanG’s well-hosted brunches, at dinners, & when joining Spencer, Lisa & Aaron at their home for various events, & once Spencer had moved to Asia, meeting-up for dim sum. We came to consider Stella a friend, beyond being Spencer’s mom, someone whose company we enjoyed & valued, with her easy charm, warmth, & wry humour+observations. We were also impressed by her passionate pursuits & accomplishments in weaving & pottery; Stella provided a fine example of how to continue to learn & seek-out challenges throughout one’s life. We know how much Stella’s daily presence will be missed by Spencer, Lisa & Aaron, but give thanks that she was with you all in her final months.

Our deepest condolences to Spencer, Lisa & Aaron, to James, & to Darrell & his family.

With love & affection, Jeff&John

June 13, 2021
Stella, you always welcomed all of Spencer's friends and joined our gatherings as the cool Mom to all of us.  We adored the special bond you and Spencer had and how that love extended to us.  I'm thinking about the many meals and fun we had together including the ones with Roman and Aaron playing.  We loved seeing you with Spencer, Lisa and Aaron and how much joy they brought to you.  Our favourite picture in the gallery is the one of you in the pool with Spencer and Darrell.   We will cherish the picture Mike & I have with you that is posted in your gallery from when you helped host our baby shower.   

Our deepest sympathy to Spencer, Lisa and Aaron as well as Darrell and his family.  We will miss you dearly and cherish the time we had with you.

Love John, Mike, Roman and Siena  

Auntie stella

June 11, 2021
Auntie stella:

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