Posted by Effy Gray on April 14, 2021
To the beautiful person reading this,Jacqueline aka (jacko) was one my best friends we were close I loves jacko with all my heart I rember that day in the photo it was a bank holiday and we only got new clothes,so of course after buying 10 John player blue and a box of matches me jacko went to the chemist and got a desposoble camera we decided we would take photos of the two of us and our group friends that day cause we loved buying cameras I think I rember is either following a boy band that day aswell it was an Irish band we fancied them so we went to temple bar to see them,we had a great time not better than the time Donna brought us to see steps we couldn’t see them cause the people in front was to big I’ll never forget what she done,but we got to see steps thanks to jacko,even I got a boyfriend Jacko would walk to uncle and in Dorset at every night we would get a 4in1 with beef every night without fail I hope the two of yous are dancing up there now,jacko was to good for this world I could write a book of stories about us or sit all day and tell stories she was one my best friends and she’d many others cause everyone loved her,when we use to babysit for Denise she’s bring us in and me and Jacqueline was in competition with the game on sky with the ball,jacko loved life and was always full of laughter there was hardly anything we didn’t do together when we were young she’s was a great friend and beautiful young woman and an amazing mam may you continue to rest in peace my dear friends and it’s not goodbye it’s more like a see you later ❤️ xx

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