The Lord redeemeth the soul of His servants: and none of them that trust in Him shall be desolate. Psalm 34:22
  • 63 years old
  • Born on March 28, 1953 .
  • Passed away on April 24, 2016 .
Funeral will be held at Hartsons Funeral Home: 11111 West Janesville Rd. Hales Corners, WI 

On Thursday May 5th, 2016.

Visitation is from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Service will be from 12:30 pm -1:00 pm

The funeral will conclude with the procession to Wisconsin Memorial for the committal service.

"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal"

Memorial page created in memory of our loved one, Stephanie (Stevie) Gokey, 63, born on March 28, 1953 and born to eternal life on April 24, 2016. We will remember and love you forever.

Posted by Debby Gokey Konecny on 24th April 2018
Steph...its been 2 years now since we've missed having you with us. Think of you every day! Still miss those years when you lived in Texas, but was glad for the times you traveled back home to be with us all. I love you my most dear precious sister. It still seems so different to know you are now experiencing heaven with the Lord and all our other loved ones that went on before you. Again, as always...I think of you. I miss you. My heart is sad. But one day...we will all be together in the Presence of God Almighty and Jesus our Savior. Maybe, soon, we will hear that trumpet sound and we'll see you sooner than anticipated. Waiting for that....waiting. Love you dearly.
Posted by Debby Gokey Konecny on 14th February 2018
I'm missing you dearly, my precious precious sister! I'm sad I can no longer see you, but I'm glad you are no longer having to enduring all the hardships this life brought your way. Jesus was your strength and you shinned greatly for him regardless of your circumstances. I do miss you. Tears will always flow until I can be with you and see you happier than you've ever been. I love you my sister! I miss you so very much!
Posted by Stacey Borkenhagen on 14th February 2018
Auntie Stevie... I think of you often and how much love you always had to give. I think of the tough sassy girl that I never knew because by the time I knew you God created a soft, loving, woman of God that loved in a way most never learn how. Ok ok, you still had sas, but always came with a smile and laughter that followed. You made my life so much better, auntie Stevie. When i felt left out and alone, you pulled me in and told me I was special. When I felt unprotected, you opened your home and let me stay with you. When I crashed your car, you didn't yell at me. You were the most amazing example of love and even though a tear still falls down my face from missing you so, It is always with a smile on my lips because you guided me, loved me, and protected me in ways that only you could. I love you dearly. Today and Always. You are my one and only... someone no one can replace. Forever in my heart. Happy Valentines, Stevie. Im sure every day feels like the best day and I can not wait to see you again and walk streets of gold together with our saviour. Ps. Did I say I miss u? Because I sure sure do. ♡~ StaceyJoy
Posted by Debby Konecny on 17th November 2017
Hey my Stephanie.....I miss you all the time! I cannot wait for the day that I will be able to see you again. My heart still aches and the tears still flow...but I comfort myself with the fact that this is but for a season..then we will all be together in the Presence of our Creator and Redeemer for all of Eternity....praising and serving our Awesome God and Savior!! Until then....I'll continue to live with my memories of you and the great impact you had on my life and so many others!! Love you my one and only most precious sister!!
Posted by Debby Konecny on 24th April 2017
Today was the last year ago..that we were able to look upon your face and be with you for the last time while on this earth. Miss you all the time...think of you so much. I'm sad I can no longer see you anymore in this life...but am looking forward to the day that we can be together once again in the presence of God Almighty and Jesus our service for all eternity. I am so grateful we have this wonderful hope ahead of us; you are experiencing it now and one day we will join you in that wonderful life experience. I love you my most precious sister!! ....until then....we will continue to live and serve the Lord God in heaven and I here on earth. God be praised and praised and praised now and for all eternity! What a mighty God we serve!!
Posted by Debby Konecny on 1st April 2017
It's been a year now my dear Stephanie that you've went to be with Jesus. I think of you all the time!! I'm missing you but I know your life is now wonderful and you are praising Jesus and serving God the Father now...and for all eternity. I just miss my only sister. I regret that you lived so far away from us and I couldn't be with you over those past few years...but I look forward to the day when I can see you again. I miss you so terribly much! I am happy for you that your life is without all the pain, suffering and health challanges you had for most of your adult life here on earth and that brings me comfort knowing you arent suffering anymore. I do miss you terribly. I love you my sweet precious sister!
Posted by Stacey Borkenhagen on 11th May 2016
I never thought you would be gone. Despite all the heath struggles you have had, I just always thought you would be here. I love you, and I miss you. You were always a gentle, loving hug. A laugh. A smile. A snicker. I will always remember your cute little feet. Your big smile and even bigger heart. For all the times I slept over at your house in Butler, listening to the tick toc of the clock in the late night hours. For all the hugs and laughter. For the support I didn't even realize meant as much as it did. For teaching me... even how to apply make up. For all of the amazing memories. Thank you. I can't say how much I will miss you, but if the last week or so tells me anything it will be impossible to replace you. Will miss you so much Auntie Stevie... love you with all my heart. ♡♡
Posted by Linda Reinders on 3rd May 2016
Steph I Will Never Forget The Times We Got Together And We Would Start Telling Stores And We Would Start Laughing And At Times We Had Tears We Laughed So Hard .I Will Always Think Of Your Smile My Sweet Cousin . And I Will Always Smile When I Think Of You .All My Love
Posted by Debby Konecny on 3rd May 2016
Love you beyond expression my most precious sister. By God's design, we were blessed to have shared 63 years together for which I will relive over and over through some very wonderful memories!! And we had many!! My heart aches for I will no longer be able to talk, touch, laugh or walk with you in this life any longer, but I anxiously wait for the day we will be together again, while praising and serving our Lord and Savior for all eternity! I miss you terribly, but my heart soars in wonder and joy knowing you are truly living life to its absolute fullest now more than ever before while enjoying the awesome presence of God Almighty and walking the streets of gold with other family members that have gone on before us. I will miss your sweet tender, gracious, kind and giving heart. Your life has deeply touched and moved mine. Memories of you will continually remind me of the love of God, for that was shown over and over to me by your committed and devoted life to Him! See you in glory, Stephanie!! Love you now, more than I ever thought possible! See you later, my most precious sis...see you later!!
Posted by Sandy Delarosa on 3rd May 2016
Steph, it was an honor to call you niece! Your loving, giving heart will be what I remember the most about you. Your love for God radiated from you and you were such a blessing to me!! Thank you! See you later Steph! Love you bunches!! Sandy
Posted by Candice Alaimo on 3rd May 2016
Stephanie you had a heart of gold and you loved our Lord. I will hold you and memories in my heart until we meet.. I laughed your laugh and the love you held for your family. Love you my dear cousin..

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