A beautiful woman

Shared by Tracy Malcolm on June 28, 2021
A beautiful woman with golden Heart  
kept her family close and never far apart    
shared her love and her kindness with everyone near we will cherish our memories of you granny our dear 
baking Cakes for our birthdays and sweets for tea our childhoods were filled with laughter and glee her door was always open for anyone who came by she wore a welcoming smile and sparkle in her eye we’ll remember the daffs In your garden and the perfume you wore yours is an example of idyllic life to lead you were always there for us in time of need we will always love you granny words cannot explain how we feel now ur no longer with us but no longer in pain she spent many years with the love of her life now grandad Robert is reunited with this beautiful woman our beautiful granny his wife ❤️

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