• 69 years old
  • Born on August 17, 1943 in Neosho, Missouri, United States.
  • Passed away on September 16, 2012 in Seattle, Washington, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Stephen Anderson 69 years old , born on August 17, 1943 and passed away on September 16, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Liz Chenoweth on 16th September 2018
Oh Stef, my love surrounds you always wherever you maybe. Love Liz
Posted by Katie Kauffman on 16th September 2018
Hi Stephen, There was peacefulness in your presence. I think it came, in part, from your oneness with the natural world that you loved so much. Your intelligence and serenity help me as I face all that is happening with humanity and our planet. Thank you for being such an ally to the earth and its creatures, and such a gentle companion to us humans. Your support for all living things lives on, as I think you would have wished. Love you, Katie
Posted by Katie Kauffman on 18th August 2018
Stephen-- Missing you always......I love you. Katie
Posted by Joline ElHai on 17th August 2018
I miss Steph. I often think about him -- how genuine, heartfelt, thoughtful and quirky he was. Thinking about him makes me smile still.
Posted by Liz Chenoweth on 17th August 2018
Oh Stef, I miss you. I hope wherever you are there are trees and bugs and rivers and streams and no snow. You are always in my heart! Love, Liz
Posted by Liz Chenoweth on 16th September 2017
Stef, I'm feeling sad and nostalgic remembering the day you died and what an unexpected shock it was. I'm sitting at my computer in your bathrobe. I wear it everyday. I feel protected and warm in it. I just want you to know I miss you. I am surrounded by things that remind me of you, the chickens, the plants, this bathrobe. I let the Daddy Long Legs live in my room and bathroom because you taught me to like and appreciate bugs. You made a huge positive impact on my life. I carry you with me in my heart always. Love, Liz
Posted by Liz Chenoweth on 30th August 2017
I miss you Stef. Where are you? Are you walking in the woods enjoying all the sounds, smells, birds, plants, trees. You are such a part of the wild out doors. So many of the plants in my yard remind me of you. I see them daily. I hope wherever you are you are happy and free and feel loved. Love Liz
Posted by Liz Chenoweth on 16th September 2016
Oh Stef, Where are you now? I miss you - your embraces, your warmth, holding your hand, your kisses, your laughter, your poems. I hope you've forgiven me for giving you such a hard time about your favorite hat, and for often being nagging and critical. You stayed loving and present through it all. I think of you every time I see the peonies. The tree peony you planted is thriving and huge. And the one we transplanted that was Marianne's is doing well too. I wish you were here to enjoy the chickens with me. I wonder what you'd say about Silvy's loud crowing. If there's life after death, I hope there are lots of books and bugs and trees and loons there. And I hope you know that you are deeply loved and not forgotten. Another year gone by. Thank you for spending time with me and helping me grow. I miss you. Love, Liz
Posted by Joline ElHai on 16th September 2016
Stef -- you come up fondly in conversation and in my thoughts frequently. I hope you're off on grand adventures and ready to debrief me when it's my turn.
Posted by Katie Kauffman on 17th August 2016
Hi Stephen, You were such a quiet, gentle, yet powerful presence in my life, and you still are. I continue to be nourished by all that you were. Also, your love of bugs, birds, plants, of all of nature (a connection so needed in the world today), remains a wonderful gift. Thank you. I love you and miss you. Katie Kauffman
Posted by Liz Chenoweth on 17th August 2016
Our garden reminds me of you daily. All the plants and trees you added. The peony garden, the little spiritual maple tree, the huge tree peony. You taught me so much about bugs and the mystery of nature. I love you dearly and you're with me always.
Posted by Joline ElHai on 17th August 2016
I think of you often, Stef. Sometimes I remember some silly pun you've said or I imagine a way you might react in different situations and I laugh. I miss you.
Posted by Liz Chenoweth on 16th September 2015
Stef, I think of you often. You are in my heart always. Love Liz
Posted by Liz Chenoweth on 18th August 2015
Stef, I think of you so often. I have spiders living in my bathroom - I consider them my pets and think of you every time I see one of them. The tree peony you planted in the back yard is huge now and had it's first flower this spring. When I water the trees and peonies you planted I think of you. Our chickens - Millie, Silvie, and Betsy are doing well. I wouldn't have then if you hadn't been here. You've added so many wonderful things to my life. Your ashes are now scattered here and in Minnesota, and I've kept some to sprinkle on the Burke Gilman trail that you loved so much. I feel so grateful that we had time together. I will never forget you. You live in my heart forever.
Posted by Joline ElHai on 17th August 2015
I still miss you and think about you a lot, Steph. I often hear you inside my head saying, "How ya doin' kid?" You were strongly in my thoughts this week as I rode my bicycle on the Burke-Gilman Trail. I liked thinking about you tooling along on your bike in that gorgeous swath of natural beauty.
Posted by Joline ElHai on 16th September 2014
I have particularly missed Stef recently too. I am reminded of him every day because I inherited his mated pair of linneolated parakeets. Liz very kindly points out that Stef would be so happy to know they're in my care. (Unfortunately one died.) He was such a distinct, unusual guy, unabashedly himself without reservation, which I always greatly admired. I can so easily picture his big genuine smile.
Posted by Katie Kauffman on 16th September 2014
I've been thinking about and missing Stephen, particularly these past few days. He loved the natural world so much. He would, however, occasionally make a pithy comment about humanity's failings. This was mostly in a gentle tone. We could trust the world (and its people) to be well cared for in his hands. His kind and patient spirit lives on.
Posted by Liz Chenoweth on 16th September 2014
I think of Stef so often. when I see a spider, I think about how much he taught me about bugs. He helped me to discover a whole world of tiny creatures I had hardly paid attention to. I think of him when I'm out in the garden watering the many plants he planted. I wish he could see how much they've grown and how beautiful they are...And our chickens. I love our chickens. Stef taught me how to raise them from day old chicks. Now they parade around the garden. Stef would be so proud of them. He used to say "lets go look at the back 40" and we'd go out and peruse the back yard. I am so very grateful to have gotten to spend 7 years together. I miss him. I treasure that I got to spend a part of my life with such a smart, kind, interesting and loving person. I love and miss you Stef
Posted by Joline ElHai on 18th August 2014
I miss you Stef! I wish I could get your advise on how to encourage diversity in my parrot's diet. He misses you too.
Posted by Peter Wilson on 18th August 2014
Steve & I shared blessed moments exploring nature as children. It was magical. No detail was too small for his inquiring mind. Steve & his family were the most precious parts of my childhood. I can not convey how deep his love & awe of nature went.
Posted by Liz Chenoweth on 12th December 2012
Stephen was the best thing that ever happened to me. I've never felt so loved, cherished, accepted, understood, care for. It's hard for me to write what I feel. I miss him so much! We both assumed we would have many more years together. He was always saying to live in the moment...I was always saying we need to save for the future. Well since I am running out of space, I will write more later
Posted by Liz Chenoweth on 12th December 2012
An email received Oct. 20 ."I have known Stephen since 2000, I was his first buyer (tete-beche), and the last to leave him feedback on eBay. I gathered that something wrong must have happened, since Stephen's eBay account became deactivated, and his phone was not working. Stephen was an asset to eBay's community and will be missed by thousands. I am very sad for the loss of this friend. My deepest
Posted by Peter Wilson on 29th October 2012
Nature was Stef’s religion. It was of the heart, not from a book. His grandfather, Rev. A. E. Moody, warned his children that “charity uplifts the giver,” but diminishes the receiver. His Burlingame & Greene ancestors were Quakers, true to their inner light. He was instinctively repelled by obscurantism. He practiced careful observation, discretion and instinctive kindness.
Posted by Lisa Kauffman on 14th October 2012
I remember Stephen as a peaceful, kind person, who loved nature—birds, bugs, plants of all kinds. He was very much himself, in the way he dressed, how he ate, the things he liked to do. That was a good model for me. He was only a plus in this world—for people, and the rest of life on earth. I feel very lucky to have known him.
Posted by Peter Wilson on 13th October 2012
My beloved brother-in-law, Stephen Moody Anderson, or Stef. The winter his family stayed with us we made our 40' living room into a sea and named each piece of furniture an island. I may still have our map. He was 7 & I was 8. He was Stefanovich & I was Petrovich. We were the "same age" the last week of August each year, and celebrated. We both loved nature.
Posted by Thomas Moody on 11th October 2012
Steve and I would see each other when my family would visit his at Camp when we were both boys. We were first cousins, his mother was my dad's sister. I remember him as quiet but fun and with an intense interest in bugs. Like my brother David, I too lost touch with Steve as we moved along our different paths as adults. But I remember him fondly as a unique and good human being.
Posted by Steven Richmond on 10th October 2012
Stephen, You're a good man, a smart man. Glad to have known you. Steve Richmond
Posted by Joline ElHai on 10th October 2012
I grew very fond of Stef and his quirky ways. My leopard gecko was never in better hands than his. I appreciated his thoughtfulness – when he and Liz came to visit he’d often bring a potted orchid or an unusual garden shrub, just because. Stef was a one-of-a-kind. He had no time for superstitious ideas (religion, spiritual thought, anthropomorphism and weeding.) I miss him.
Posted by David Moody on 8th October 2012
We haven't seen each other since we were young, but I have followed your life and will miss you. Goodbye Cousin.
Posted by Peter Wilson on 7th October 2012
Steve, Since you were 6 you have been part of my life. We explored Big Sand Lake together on many nature expeditions. It was you who suggested I breed Lady Gould Finches. They didn't have as much to say as an African Grey, but brightened up the room. I will will miss your good heart, old friend. Peter Wiediger Wilson

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