(Steve's 5 most important
things in life)
  • 92 years old
  • Born on March 7, 1918 .
  • Passed away on September 19, 2010 .

This memorial website was created in the rememberance and celebration of Stephen Hinrichs.


   "Inasmuch as I have no affiliation with any church or organized religion, no funeral ceremony should follow my death. I direct that my remains be cremated and the ashes committed to the waters of Penobscot Bay.

   If it pleases my family and friends to gather for some sort of memorial, I have no objections. I ask them only to remember that I have had a full and rewarding life and that any gathering should celebrate the love they have given me and the good fortune I have enjoyed.

  However, given that family and friends are scattered over the globe, it follows that no single gathering will be possible. Therefore, a website has been eslablished to enable those who wish to exchange remberances and sentiments."


Dear Friends and Family,

   We know how much Steve meant to each one of you. We encourage you to raise a glass, recall good times and if some of you live close to one another to gather together and celebrate. We look forward to your stories and communications and accounts of your celebrations.

  Please feel free to leave a tribute below, or on the Stories tab leave a remembered moment, quote or poem where you can also include a photo or a song to accompany your story. On the Gallery tab at the bottom of the page you have the ability to leave a photograph.

  It would be lovely for us if at the bottom of your tribute or story you mention how you know Steve (AIC, Harley, John Burroughs, Rochester, Samoset, Vinalhaven, NYSAIS, etc.).  

Thank you and love to all,  Stephen's Family

address: Grace Hinrichs and Family, 45 Village Way #39, Rockport, Maine 04856

On the weekend of September 10-11, 2011 the whole Hinrichs family gathered in Rockport, Maine, to share memories of Steve and honor his wish to have his ashes scattered in the waters of Penobscot Bay where he loved to sail.

If you click on the "Stories" tab you will find a description of those wonderful days along with some poems and photos. Also, there are more photos in the Gallery tab.

When Stephen's ashes were scattered, daisies were also scattered into the waters of the Penobscot Bay. On some of those daisies notes were attached that were written to include everyone who ever sent words of tribute or love about Stephen whether in letters, email, verbally or in thought, you were all included in the day. 

Thank you all, the Hinrichs family


Posted by Ross Zucker on March 8, 2019
I'm still waiting for Steve's successor to appear. By the way, does anybody know what's become of Alamoosook Island?
Posted by Caroline Darst on March 7, 2019
We'll NEVER forget - you will be with us always!
Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on September 20, 2018
Celebrating you Dad, your humor, love, passion for life and all that you passed on to me. Right now in Australia, walking tracks and swimming in ancient pools that the Yugambeh people called home and took care of. I am continuing to be involved in nature's care and people's deepest connections to the wonder of life. Looking to find an out door sculpture to put at Harley that will be near the tree they are replanting in your honor, just one more visible reflection of what you have meant to so many students of life. with love this day and all days.
Posted by Brenda Doherty on September 19, 2018
Hi, Grace, As I leave Samoset Village after more than 30 years, I am most grateful for the wonderful memories of time spent with our wonderful neighbors, including Stephen and you. Today is also a sad day for me as Philip died two years ago on this same date. All the best to you. Fondly, Brenda Doherty
Posted by Michael Bond on September 19, 2018
I have been serving at a summer camp for our inner-city kids for the past 14 years. We are out in the country for a month with 157 kids from age 7 to 17. It is a real blessing to serve in this way. As staff, one of the things we all talk about is our own summer camp experiences. I can not tell you how many times I have drawn from my experiences at AIC and the powerful leadership of my mentor Steve. I didn't know it at the time, but he was showing me "how it's done" in all the best ways. Steve was my teacher in so many ways. I will always love and respect him. I can not believe that it has been 8 years. Sending love and prayers to the family.We were so lucky to have him in our lives. Always Remembered. M+
Posted by James Jacques on April 27, 2018
We met Stephen (and Kate) aboard his boat "Tetra" at Bucks Harbour, Maine at the end of August 1984. He lives on in our cruising memories. James & Frances - "Tara" One year out from Gosport, England
Posted by Brenda Doherty on March 7, 2018
Happy 100th, Stephen! So much has changed since you left us, but I still remember your wisdom. Our country could certainly use some of that today.
Posted by Michael Bond on March 7, 2018
Dear Steve, This would have been your 100th. I'd just like to say thank you for all those times I needed your guidance, and there you were. Your kind insistence and strong nudge got me through when I couldn't do it on my own. There have been times all throughout my life when I remember you for that great gift you gave me. You have been and continue to be a gentile giant in my life. I still draw from those lessons you taught us so well. Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do for me. Your example has been a great help. Love to the family and Happy 100th Steve. MDB+
Posted by Tom Rosaaen on March 7, 2018
We remember your birthday and think of you often. Thank you, Steve for opening to me the love of not just reading history and memorizing a bunch of facts but going deeper into the people who lived it and learning their motives and their personalities. Every time I pick up one of my "history" books, I am grateful for your pointing the way.
Posted by Caroline Darst on March 7, 2018
Dear Steve, I remember you when I read the four newspapers each morning. I remember you when I wish for more intelligence in DC. Between JBS and AIC there are lots of thoughts of you daily. - Kitty
Posted by Amelia Williams on September 25, 2017
There was then a time With Alamoosook I could rhyme Thnking back on two Seasons And us, in our prime Last year I went back And want you to know Rowed around that island With my husband in tow Memories of “Temporary”* Showed bright and so clear So we built a new boat At that school which is near We drove to Wooden Boat School They sold us wood, and glue and tool In seven days a hull we concocted And boy, we thought it mighty cool. So now we row or go a-sailing Grandkids, laughing, do the bailing “Hard Hearted Hannah” our voices wailing A tribute to you, Steve, our thanks never failing. Neila Helmholz Williams John Burroughs and AIC back in the 60’s Ps I hope you real poets will be kind to these rhymes.
Posted by Tom Rosaaen on September 23, 2017
A hearty "Thank You" to the Hinrichs family and all who have maintained this site over the years. It is only right that we get a chance each year to remember Steve on his birthday and on the day of his passing to reflect on this man's life, the lessons that he gave us and the directions that he turned us toward. We don't often think of teachers as "givers", but that is what they are; giving of their knowledge, wisdom and time to help us realize the gifts that we were given. Thank you Steve for giving so fully to so many.
Posted by Caroline Darst on September 22, 2017
Steve, the years go by and your wisdom is missed every day as it was when I last left AIC. . . Kitty Greve Darst
Posted by Michael Bond on September 20, 2017
All these years I thought that I was the only kid at AIC who struggled with finding their place in the world. Then I find that most of us were struggling. But Steve was the true teacher. Through his gentle voice and actions he led us to find ourselves and our place in community. There were others who did the same thing for us. But it was through Steve's leadership and guidance that AIC was the place it was. He was a brilliant person, teacher, mentor and friend. Thank you Steve for all you did for us. Truly you will never be forgotten and the lessons you taught us are still being taught to the ones coming up now. Love always to the family. Mike+
Posted by William Idol on September 19, 2017
Thank you, Steve, for all you offered us struggling young ones, especially as a model for our own elderhood...
Posted by Ross Zucker on March 8, 2017
Gone, yet a strong link that holds us together even now.
Posted by Joe Briggs on March 7, 2017
Happy Birthday Steve! Gracie-thinking of Steve, you, and the family today and of all the good times we had together both aboard and ashore. Love Nancy and Joe
Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on March 7, 2017
Happy 99th Birthday Dad, In your honor today we are putting in some solar lights on the trees in front of the house, beacons of light in the dark, just like you were to me and so many others. Life continues to be an amazing adventure and I am so glad for the foundation you gave me. This year is Harley's 100th and it would be fantastic if anyone wanted to honor Stephen by contributing to have his name sponsor one of the continuing Mindfulness and Empathy courses or one of the Civic engagement courses.( If so contact me at: Dad, I know you would be quite engaged today and loving the renewed civic participation so many are choosing. Here's to continuing your clear vision and heart.
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on March 7, 2017
Always love checking in to this website on Steve's birthday. Love watching the slide show of his life, and especially some of the pictures of Victoria, Kate, Christian, and Ibi when they were growing up together. And today Ibi's beautiful tribute is below. He was a beacon of light to many, and mindfulness and empathy defined him. Thank you, dear Ibi, for posting your warm and thoughtful tribute.
Posted by Anne Meyer on September 24, 2016
I was just in Maine, where I first met, and knew Steve. We had a foggy day or two, and looking out on the water and searching, i remembered that Steve said, we all have our own personal mirage when looking into the fog for a buoy or a ledge. His, he said, was "3 men in a dory." I have never forgotten that. Mine seems to be an island with pine trees. Steve changed my life and I have not forgotten, nor will I.
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on September 19, 2016
Today is the 6th anniversary of Steve's passing. My last tribute in March 2016 on what would have been his 98th birthday says exactly the same thing I would say today. ForeverMissed is a good name for this website.
Posted by Joe Briggs on September 19, 2016
Happy birthday, Steve, wherever your sails are set. Great site for a great guy--love all the pictures. Hi Gracie, the love of Steve's life. Nancy and I send along our love to you.
Posted by Karen Saludo on March 7, 2016
Happy birthday, Stephen! You are missed by many.
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on March 7, 2016
Forever missed, and yet in some ways always present since his wonderful spirit has been so much a part of my life. He would have been 98 today and I would love to have heard his comments on this particular election year! (I wonder if even he could find any comparable low points in American history when it comes to the level of discourse among the Republicans)!
Posted by Caroline Darst on September 20, 2015
Happy Birthday, Steve. We will miss you always. . . Kitty and Guy
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on September 19, 2015
Thinking of Steve today--and many many other days as well of course. Just back from a wonderful week in Santa Fe NM with Victoria and Robert who are both doing noble work with their art, Robert with fused glass, Victoria with her silk painting and her teaching of Aura Soma color therapy. They have good friends there and live close to the land outside of town with views of the mountains and the star-filled sky at night. It was a pleasure to share some of that. Steve would be pleased that we are still very much a close family. With best wishes to all, Grace
Posted by Brenda Doherty on September 19, 2015
I can't believe it's been 5 years. We've had a week of fantastic weather this week at the Samoset. Steve would have loved the golfing on these days. He is missed.
Posted by Caroline Darst on March 8, 2015
Happy Birthday, Steve! We still think about you and talk about you and probably we always will. . .
Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on March 7, 2015
I wake to a brilliant snow covered morning, perfect for a downhill or cross country ski. Dad introduced us all to skiing with a flair. He being one of the first ever to bring a student group to Aspen, at that time a very sleepy little town. Who would think the high school students from a Missouri high school, John Burroughs, would be skiing pioneers? For this love and many other loves I salute and remember you today Dad on what would have been your 97th.
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on September 21, 2014
Great to have people continuing to check in and sometimes leaving remembrances full of fondness and gratitude. As a friend of mine said to me once, "He was a prince!" Needless to say I continue to miss him. With best wishes to all, Grace
Posted by Donald Lindsay on September 20, 2014
Steve helped us all to believe in ourselves and have the patience to discover our special gifts. He did everything with integrity and a wry sense of humor. Somehow his threats, at AIC 1968, to call me Big Daddy Barn Smell turned me into a hygiene freak. At Harley he set the tone and direction of the school while being available to the students. No doubt his students and campers have a host of unusual accomplishments that would impress the world, generate many humorous stories, and inspire the next generation. A great mentor.
Posted by Caroline Darst on September 20, 2014
Dear Steve, Still miss you as a friend and as a teacher - it doesn't get better as the years pass. I'm sure you're part of me! Much love to all, Kitty Greve Darst, JBS '56, AIC '58. '59
Posted by Ibi Hinrichs on September 19, 2014
Booth and I are planting a memorial maple today to celebrate Dad's life. It is a crystal clear warm fall day here at Laughing Water, Augusta,West Virginia just the kind he loved. There is a slight breeze blowing and the very first of the Shasta daisies is just about to bloom, I think it will be open by the end of the day. Today feels like Dad, always renewing his love of learning, engagement, and participation in life. The hummingbird family is having a ball at the feeder, dancing together in the air and chirping their communication. All nature is saying, as I can hear Dad saying, "Life is a foot, be a part of it." lots of love to all, Ibi and Booth (photo added in that section)
Posted by Brenda Doherty on September 19, 2014
Time passes so quickly. It hardly seems possible that Steve has been gone 4 years. Philip and I think of him when we look out our window on the 17th hole of the Samoset. He was a special person and is greatly missed.
Posted by William Idol on September 19, 2014
I wrote my term paper for Steve thinking plagiarism meant not quoting sources exactly while using them for my own writing. So I changed at least one or two words in each I pretended were my own. I got a C+ (a gift, I think) with the comment, "An interesting paper written in a style somewhat more mature than you own." Never forgot that or Steve...
Posted by Claudia Sullivan on September 19, 2014
Wishing comfort to those with such fond memories
Posted by Joe Briggs on September 19, 2014
SO nice to be able to visit Steve again on these pages. Gracie, we're thinking of you and the family on this bright and beautiful day and send our best love! Cheers! Nancy and Joe Harley, Rochester, Bristol Harbour, Maine and the Mid Atlantic
Posted by Caroline Darst on March 7, 2014
Dear Steve, Back in St. Louis, I remember when you had made for us a weird table - instead of desks - for our US history classes. That was a long time ago, but you'll not EVER be forgotten! Cheers, Kitty Greve Darst
Posted by Brenda Doherty on March 7, 2014
Happy 96th, Steve. Good people live on forever in our memories.
Posted by Claudia Sullivan on March 7, 2014
Our kind thoughts to you Grace. How wonderful to have the memories of times spent with Steve. You never get over the "missing" but it helps to think of the fun you have had together.
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on March 7, 2014
Wonderful to know that others are thinking of him today. Love this website! Cheers! (that's how he always ended his voice mail message as you may remember) xx Grace
Posted by Bruce Libby on March 7, 2014
Cherished memories of life at the Samoset involve the great times I had with Steve and attempting to improve our games. I valued his advice very highly as a friend and teacher.
Posted by James Duffus on September 20, 2013
Another year without Steve - but we think of him often. He changed things for the good of all and was a memorable companion and a dear friend.
Posted by Brenda Doherty on September 20, 2013
How Steve would have loved playing golf at the Samoset today. The sun is warm, the fairways are green and the water is sparkling in the distance. A perfect day in Maine!
Posted by Bruce Libby on September 19, 2013
I was hunting golf balls at the Samoset this August and my thoughts turned to Steve and how much he enjoyed seeing my findings. This year I broke my own record for one hour by picking up over 70 balls in less then an hour. How Steve would have laughed seeing me clean them all up for reuse. I'm dedicating them all to Steve's memory.
Posted by Grace Hinrichs on March 31, 2013
Kitty Greve Darst, former student of Steve's as well as counselor at AIC, has made a donation to Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust in memory of Steve. Thank you, Kitty! For news of the Trust's "To the Summit" campaign, see their letter to me posted under "Stories." That mountain is dear to the hearts of all AIC-ers I know. Greetings to all!
Posted by Caroline Darst on March 8, 2013
Steve was thoughty enough to allow me to enter the AIC family - after I had been his student - and I'm STILL working for the Great (Pond) Mountain Conservation Trust and probably will forever. Many thanks, Steve - you'll always be remembered.
Posted by Bruce Libby on March 8, 2013
Steve was my friend and I remember the great times discussing politics, Samoset affairs, and great places to dine. He was a fan of Jeff Sluman while Calcavechia was my favorite. Made for great conversation. Dearly missed.
Posted by Michael Bond on March 7, 2013
Steve has always been an inspiration for me. I remember his wonderful way that he dealt with me as a child. I give thanks for his presence in my life at a time when I needed him most. Thank you Steve, and happy birthday. Always remembered.
Posted by Jeff Davis on March 7, 2013
Happy Birthday Steve. We think of you often. Your memory continues to enrich our lives.

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