This tribute was added by Tom Dorn on September 24, 2020
To the Stephen Ahearn Family- Please accept my deepest condolences. Stephen and I worked together at the Department of Commerce in the early 1990s. We became friends during that time and kept in touch periodically over the years. We'd meet for lunch and talk for a couple hours each time. He was such a good man with a great sense of humor. He knew his politics very well and I always walked away with a new perspective on something. He was a great person and left his positive mark on Arizona. We are better place because he was here and made an impact! God bless you all during this time.
This tribute was added by Dave Silcox on September 23, 2020
I was a teacher when Stephen was a student and athlete at Phoenix Central High and am saddened by the news of his passing at such a young age. I remember Stephen as an excellent student and being involved in many, many activities and have fond memories of him and what he did to make Central one of the best high schools in the state. His numerous achievements while at Central were never self serving and always made our school a better place. I know he will be sorely missed and my condolences to his family and friends 
This tribute was added by Tom Solnit on September 22, 2020
To Stephen my high school buddy and Irish friend. I will miss your humor and friendship may you be at peace now.
This tribute was added by Todd Bonime on September 22, 2020
The news of Stephen’s passing took the wind from my sails as I was so fond of him, having known him since our days at Pomona College where we were proud members of the KD fraternity, and had stayed in touch over the years primarily through Facebook. Stephen was one of the wittiest, kindest people I have ever met and someone who deeply cared about his family, his community and the environment. He was passionate in his beliefs and smart as hell. The world was a better place with Stephen in it. RIP Bro Ahearn. You were loved by many. 
This tribute was added by Laura Hernandez on September 22, 2020
I am so very sorry for your loss. Steve was “a great guy” - kind to me when I needed him, above and beyond even if we only knew each other to say hello and share a beer or two.
This tribute was added by Phil Amorosi on September 21, 2020
Dear Ahearn family,
I am writing because I saw Stephen’s obituary in the newspaper. I am so sorry for your loss. Stephen and I became friends around 20 years ago through meetings at the Democratic party. Then when he became Director of RUCO, I was working for the Dept. of Environmental Quality and my office was right upstairs. We would have lunch and talk about protecting the environment. He would tell me stories about his dad, who he was very proud of. Turned out we were both neighborhood activists too, so he showed me around his neighborhood, and we shared tips on similar issues that we were up against. He loved his gritty ‘hood and it showed. We didn’t see each other as much recently but I still had his number in my phone list because I knew I could always count on him as a true friend. This was sad news indeed; I will never forget him or the influence he had on my life.
This tribute was added by Scott Mitchem on September 21, 2020
I played football with Steve at Meadows and Central. Wish
I had known him as an adult he was a fine boy and I am certain he grew to be a fine man. I am sorry for your loss
This tribute was added by Lee Poole on September 20, 2020
I did not enjoy the opportunity to get to know Stephen well, but we both worked at the ACC at about the same time (in my case, that was 1985-2004; and my 15 minutes of fame there was as the whistle-blower vs. Tony West in 1998). No doubt his work there & elsewhere in his career was of a more lasting significance, and am sorry to have read of his passing. May he rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Mary Ann Walsh on September 20, 2020
Stephen and I were proud Central High Bobcats together. He was always so kind, funny, and respectful to everyone. We were part of a group of friends that spent a lot of time together having lots of laughs and maybe some mischievous adventures as well.
You are a good man Stephen. Enjoy your beautiful garden in Heaven. Love, Mary Ann
This tribute was added by James Flori on September 15, 2020
Stephen was one of my best friends since the 6th grade. He came out to visit my wife and me in Missouri just last year, one of his last trips.

I have a thousand stories about Stephen, but I'll only post this one. He was one of the best athletes at Madison Meadows and played just about every sport. I remember one intramural track meet where he was plugged into the high jump event at the last minute to replace someone who got sick. He had never competed in that event before, but on that day he not only won, he also set a new school record. Stephen was like that.
This tribute was added by Melinda Piña on September 10, 2020
A great loss, a friend to so many. There was always something to talk about with Stephen. Fun, serious, witty, contemplative. Old times, current events, questions about the future. Remember, Rejoice, Release. 
This tribute was added by STEPHEN NEWMARK on September 10, 2020
I spent most of my time with Stephen during his father's campaigns for the Arizona Corporation Commission in 1978 and 1980. Stephen was someone I was able to connect with immediately. He was a hail fellow well met. My most specific memory of Stephen is when we went to a campaign event in Tucson in his VW bug. This is the only time I have been in a bug. In any event, I drove back to Phoenix. We got pulled over because I apparently was weaving. Once the officers realized it was because of fatigue, not alcohol or some other stimulant, we were sent on our way. I am glad to have had the opportunity to reconnect with Stephen recently. It made me regret the time I did not spend with him in all the years before. Be well, Stephen. 
This tribute was added by Susan Frank on September 9, 2020
I knew Steven as the big brother of my friend and the friend of my big brother. I spent much of my childhood hanging at the Ahearn house. I wish I knew Steven as an adult because it looks like we would have had a lot in common. He was blessed to have been born into an iconic and loving family. And we are all blessed to have known him. My heart goes out to you all
This tribute was added by Kathi Carver on September 8, 2020
I only knew of Stephen through his sister Kathy. He sounded like an amazing brother. He certainly packed a lot of adventure into his life and enjoyed the world around him. He will be missed greatly.
Blessings to the family!

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