Let the memory of Stephen be with us forever
  • 70 years old
  • Born on January 12, 1944 .
  • Passed away on January 1, 2015 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, my dad, Stephen Daniuk, 70, born on January 12, 1944 and passed away on January 1, 2015. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Steven LaRocca on 1st January 2019
Although I didn’t know you all that well, in fact I only met you on a few occasions. But those few times I remember really having interesting conversations. Having a good laugh. We shared common interests. You where as interested in what I did as I was of what you did. You where a guys guy. Now that your gone, I’m still learning more about who you where. Every time I go into your toolbox, I see the tools you used and the type of projects you were working on. A large pipe cutter, you must have been doing some serious plumbing. A laminate trimmer, you must have been making a counter top. Some electrical terminals and crimpers, working on your boat I expect. So every time I use one of your tools, I sometimes feel your working with me. Fellow craftsman. And of course, having a beer! Cheers.
Posted by Jim And Jeanne on 1st January 2019
Stephan we will always think of you with Loving Thoughts. We always will remember you as part of the Family! Can't believe it has been 4 years today! May your soul rejoice with Our Heavenly Father & may we all be together again one day. We Love you Stephan.
Posted by Shannon Rondeau on 1st January 2019
Happy 2019 Dad. I was looking out at the lake this morning and thinking about you. You loved a project and we had plenty of them here at the Lake House. The house you helped us design and build. There is so much of your heart and soul here I sometimes feel as if you are here with me, just enjoying the view. Love you and miss you. Shannon.
Posted by Lori Whitburn on 13th September 2018
I met Steve in the 80's via my husband Jim Whitburn. I can recall many funny stories that involved Steve and my husband, but when my Jim passed, Steve found me in Houston to send me condolences, as well as pass on his info to keep in touch and also to pass on his info to a mutual friend of mine and Jim's from years ago. his name is Pete and we were just reminiscing today about Steve, wondering how he was. I have to say I am saddened to find this story here, but I will pass on the info to my friend Pete, who may reach out to you. your tributes and photos are beautiful, and the world has lost a very unique individual with the passing of Stephen Daniuk. Steve, hope you have met up with Jim and you're having a blast in heaven xxx much love, Lori Whitburn
Posted by Shannon Rondeau on 12th January 2018
Happy birthday dad. Thinking of you and wishing you were here to celebrate. Love, Shannon
Posted by Jim And Jeanne on 1st January 2018
Stephan it does not seem possible that your passing was 3 years ago? You will always be thought of in the most loving ways. You will always be remembered as Family, in our thoughts, prayers & heart. Love, Your Brother-in-law Jimmy and Sister-in-law Jeanne.
Posted by Shannon Rondeau on 1st January 2018
Happy New Year Dad. Thinking of you and wishing you were here to celebrate. Love, Shannon
Posted by John W on 2nd May 2017
Hi, I was just going through old memories and located this about your dad. I am sorry for your loss. My Dad and yours were friends. Your Dad worked at Crawford And Russell in Stamford. he used to come to to our house sometime. We also visited Newburyport and skied and sailed with him. Great guy who treated me like a son!
Posted by Shannon Rondeau on 18th January 2017
Hi Dad, We just passed what would have been your 73rd birthday. You left us much too soon, but I know you are in a better place. No more worries or stress. It's snowing today and in the past you would have been bugging me to go skiing with you. What I wouldn't give to have another day of skiing with you...I miss you and know you are watching over me. Happy Birthday Dad - I love you.
Posted by Jim And Jeanne on 2nd January 2017
Stephen we think of you often and remember many fun times. Although we didn't see you very much in later years, you will always remain in our hearts and thoughts and you will ALWAYS be Family to us. Love your Brother-in-law & Sister-in-law, Jeanne & Jim
Posted by Shannon Rondeau on 21st December 2016
I still think about you every day and miss all the fun we used to have together, especially on our winter ski trips. You loved to get out on the slopes and you were like a big kid out there. I remember how happy you used to be. Christmas was also a special time - you had to have the biggest tree and loved to put up the lights and decorations. I am grateful for those memories and hope you are having just as much fun in Heaven. Merry Christmas Dad! I love you and miss you so much.
Posted by Pamela Bodine on 12th January 2016
Well. Steve, you have had a year in earthly time to enjoy your new home. Thinking of you on your earth birthday but rejoicing with you on your heavenly day. We think of you often and miss you. With love, Pam and Flemming
Posted by Shannon Rondeau on 1st January 2016
I can't believe you've been gone for a year now. We had a nice memorial mass at Our Lady of Czestochowa in Dorchester. Your family was there to remember you and reminisce of all the great memories. You were a great dad and we know that even though you are no longer with us in body, you are still here in spirit! We love you and miss you!
Posted by Shannon Rondeau on 21st June 2015
Happy Father's Day Dad! Not a day goes by that I don't think about you or all the fun times we had over the years. I miss you so very much. Love, Shannon
Posted by Pamela Bodine on 17th January 2015
Well, Steve. I was looking through all the wonderful photos of you and it made me smile and cry. Miss hearing your voice. Flemming and I love to tell old Steve stories. You kept us laughing for sure. We love you.
Posted by Csilla Lendvai on 13th January 2015
Fájó szivvel búcsuzunk szeretett sógorunktól, kinek emlékét örökké örizzük. Fénylö csillagként ragyog az örökkévalóság egén. Kedves, jószándéku, szerény ember volt, ki mindenkin segített. Látogatásai soran, mikor haza jöttek felesége szülöfalujába, Kunszigetre, mindig nagy örömben vártuk-fogadtuk. Ünnep volt számunkra minden eggyütt töltött óra. Nagyszerü embert veszitettünk el halálával. Elmeked szívünkben örökké él. Nyugodj békében. " Napra nap jö feledni nem tudunk, Ö fenn az égben vigyazza utunk, mi lenn a földön fogjuk egymás kezét. Szívünkben örizzük emlékét. " Ivan sógorod csaladja
Posted by Katalin Stoller on 12th January 2015
It was a great pleasure to know you! I will always remember the good conversations we had in Hungary! You didn't speak our language but always felt the meaning of our jokes and songs! We talked, laughed together a lot! And you tought me how to tie a necktie. Rest in peace. Kati Stoller from Hungary
Posted by Shannon Rondeau on 12th January 2015
Today would have been my dad's 71st birthday, so I light this candle for you Dad. In memory of your fun-loving spirit. I wish you were here to celebrate.
Posted by Vicky Prestage on 12th January 2015
Happy Birthday Steve-from mom, Dave and me...miss you more than anything with aching heart and wish you could be here with us all...
Posted by Imre Lendvai on 10th January 2015
Kedves István /Stephen/ Sógor! A távoli Magyarországról /Hungary/ - 2. feleséged Terézia Lendvai testvéreként- búcsúzom Tőled! Mélyen lesújtott bennünket a hír, amikor megtudtuk, hogy az általunk olyan nagyon kedvelt és szeretett mindig mosolygós, vidám, jólelkű ember elment. Soha nem felejtem el, amikor 1988-ban meghívtatok a bátyámmal bennünket Amerikába és egy nagyon tartalmas 1 hónapot tölthettünk veletek. Emlékezem a szép Cape Neddick-i i házra, amely a kezed munkáját dícséri, a hajódra, amelyen oly sokat hajókáztunk, a Boston-i, Washington-i, New York-i stb. utazásokra amelyekkel egy egész életre szóló emlékeket szereztetek nekünk Terivel, Viki-vel és David-al. De ugyan így felejthetetlenek maradnak azok az idők is, amikor itt jártatok nálunk Magyarországon több alkalommal is. Emlékezem hogyan tetszett neked kicsi országunkban a magyar puszta, a fővárosunk Budapest és a többi látnivaló. Azok a napok számunkra ünnepnek számítottak, különösen amikor együtt lehetett az egész magyar rokonság egy testvéri, unokatestvéri és rokoni találkozón Kunszigeten. Öröm volt számomra, hogy elkísérhettelek az Osztrák Alpokba /Kitzbühel/ ahol kedvedre síelhettél. Kedves István! Fájó szívvel búcsúzik tőled Imi és Klári, lányunk Klári és családja, fiunk Dávid és az egész magyar rokonság. Nyugodj békében!
Posted by Mária Stoller on 10th January 2015
I will always remember you! 21 years ago when I visited you and Teri and you entertained me for a few days. I never forget it! Thanks that I could meet you several times in Hungary also and we, all the family could have so much fun with you, Steven! We miss you, your smile, your fantastic personality. RIP!! Maria Stoller & Stoller Family from Kunsziget/Hungary
Posted by Brigita Rachko on 9th January 2015
I have so many treasured memories of my Grandpa Stephen from when I was a little girl: we would play with his train set under the christmas tree for hours, he would drive us to feed the geese and ducks at the pond down the road, we would foot skate on the frozen pond in the backyard, he would let me steer his motor boat down the river, and he would make me laugh by singing the silly holiday song "grandma got run over by a rain deer" again and again. Stephen's heart and soul were always young. He was kind, boisterous, generous, and gentle. And although death is hard for family and friends who are left behind, I'm glad that Stephen never had to suffer. Because being bedridden would never suit my active and happy-go-lucky grandpa who had a heart of gold... I leave you with this poem by Philo Yan: Young at heart Though body old Wise in part Though body fold Clear in mind Through ticking time Seek the truth And peace we find Rest in peace grandpa Stephen, I love you with all my heart.
Posted by Jill Kelly on 8th January 2015
I lay this flower for you, my Uncle Stephen. You are one special spirit. I always got excited when I knew you were around...it was a gift from God when I went skiing with my school and I met up with you and Shan on the slopes...that day was awesome. I remember bragging how you are my Uncle and you were awesome at skiing!!! I loved how you would try anything and have that hearty laugh and smile. My fond memories is your smile.. I loved it. I lit a candle for you this past Sunday...you have been in my thoughts and prayers as well as Shannon, Christy and Aunt Alexis. My whole family is sharing this heartbreak of your passing. We lift your spirit up high to God and in hopes your having a great beer with Grampy and reconnecting with your loved ones. Hope it's a hoppy one!
Posted by Jim And Jeanne on 7th January 2015
We will always remember "Stevie Boy" our Brother-in-law who brought us many laughs and good times. Although through the years we saw less of you, We always held you in great regard and love. We all feel a deep loss with your passing and know that you will keep them all laughing in Heaven! Give Gramp a hug from all of us. We love you Stephen.
Posted by Alexis Daniuk on 6th January 2015
To Stephen, the father of my two beautiful daughters, Christen Allison and Shannon Elizabeth: Though it was not our destiny to be together, the deep love you had for my family was as great as their love for you. I don't understand what happened, buy may you rest in peace knowing that our love for you will remain in our hearts and memories forever. --- Alexis p.s. I know "Gramp" was there to greet you!
Posted by Vicky Prestage on 5th January 2015
My stepfather brought a new sense of life when he came into our lives years ago. To me he was a mentor, fellow artisan, fellow lover of the sea, a friend and confidant. He took me under his wing when I needed it the most-unconditionally and without hesitation. This is who he was. Of course he also brought laughs and many memorable experiences including those famous holiday gatherings in Maine with family and friends. He was the life of the party... His gift and important reminder was that no matter the situation in life, stay positive and young at heart. Steve, may you continue your life's journey on calm seas, fair winds and blue mountains etched with powdered ravines...and please don't scare Jon too much if you're sailing! I miss you more than you know.
Posted by Joanne & Peter Gwynne on 4th January 2015
We will miss a kind, generous, intelligent, and remarkable character. His smile will always remain on our memories. We only wish we could see him one more time. We will ligth our candle at Our Lady of Victory tomorrow. May he rest in peace. We love you, Stephen. Joanne & Peter
Posted by Shannon Rondeau on 3rd January 2015
The world lost a wonderful, fun-loving man this week. I will always remember the fun times we had together, whether it was skiing in the mountains or just hanging out on his boat. He is in heaven with Gramp now, enjoying a nice cold beer. I love you dad and will miss you very much.

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