his Life
He was born Sterling Wade Johnson, in Miami, Fl; July 29, 1988.Sterling was the last child of six children to Jwade and Roberta Johnson.

“When he was born, I saw a creation in which there was no denying that he was mine! He looked like me in every way. His head was like mine, he stood like my mother and me -with toes pointed outward when the legs are together. Sterling smiled all of the time when he was around people – just like me. He wore his glasses just like me! In his childhood and as an adult he looked like me. People would often come up to him and make the comment, “I don’t know your name, but I know this, you are Wade Johnson Jr’s son!” It was that obvious,” - (Dad)

“After he was born, what I remember most, he loved to eat! He was never full. He was a permanent attachment to me. I would hold him in one arm and do what I had to do with my other arm,”- (Mom).

The family would move forward to watch Sterling become another apple in his mom’s eyes, form a special relationship with his grandparents, grow into adulthood and pursue his spiritual and secular pursuits. “Sterling was special to his mom and they had a special relationship-everyone knew it and could see it.

“It was so obvious that I would say at times, that Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could see it!” He had the same affect on my parents .My mom called him; ‘Bubba’ and my father called Sterling, his ‘buddy’ or his ‘partner’. They did everything together. People began to think that Sterling was Wade Sr’s son, instead of mine, because of how much time they spent together. They had become so close; Sterling knew things my sister and I didn’t know. He knew where my mother hid her good jewelry, important papers and he knew where my father hid the emergency money! He always had access to their bedroom. He even got to sleep in their bed regularly as a young child - The only time my sister and I were granted entrance to their bedroom was during lectures or discipline,” (Dad)

“Growing up he had the warmest smile and a quick wit! That boy would make a joke out of anything! When he was little, he would be at our home and he would play in his daddy’s childhood bedroom -and he would always break something. I could never get mad with him, because he would always just come out of the room and just confess, ‘Grandma, I broke something,’ (Grandma Juanita)

“I loved my grandson. When Sterling was growing up, we were inseparable. We would always go out in the ministry together and afterwards we would go to Burger King. And every time I ordered his hamburger and fries, Sterling would always make sure I got his sister Jasmine the same. Growing up he was jolly and always concerned about others,” (Granddad Jwade Sr)

In 2005 Sterling was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The following year in 2006, he graduated from Miami Lakes Technical High School.

“I had immense pride……. when Sterling was baptized. Many of his assignments on the Ministry School were enjoyable. I don’t know who was more nervous him or me,” (Dad)

“I was extremely happy and thanked Jehovah when he was baptized. Sterling loved trucks, so in high school, he took diesel mechanics, but decided he didn’t want to pursue that- he just wanted to drive trucks. He got his CDL license and got his dream job at Pompano Beach Waste Management. He loved driving trucks so much, he called the truck his ‘girl’,” (Mom)

“I was the only boy with a bunch of sisters – so no matter what, I was always wrong. I always wanted a brother. And I finally got one. Sterling was the typical younger brother - always getting himself into something, and me the older brother, helping him to get out of it. I was so proud of him when he served as a ministerial servant in the congregation. I remember helping him with his assignments……it was the best of times. Sterling never wanted to see anyone sad. He would lift everyone’s spirits, not wanting to see them in a dark place,” (Darren)

“We had a special bond, ‘Shirley B is what he would call me. I got him his first job at my company. We would ride to work together every day, and I would want to put him out of the car – so many times. He was so playful. Since birth he always had a grin on his face. He knew I loved horses. And whenever he would drive and pass by horses, he would take pictures of them and send them to me,” (sister Shirley)

“He would call me ‘Shawnie’ when he wanted to be right. I loved the spontaneous quality time he would spend with me and my daughter. I will miss hearing my daughter Ari say, ‘Uncle pick me up to touch the sky’, he showed me unconditional love that I will never forget,” (sister Shawn)

“People would be shocked when I introduced him as my ‘little brother’ because he was so much taller than me. But I think he thought of himself as my big brother. He was always trying to look out for me. Often, he would call me before I left for work to warn me of potential road hazards then checked to make sure I made it safely” (sister Jasmine)

Sterling battled with Atopic Dermatitis; a condition that inflames the skin. Causing severe dryness, along with itching and peeling – this would lead to the scarring of his skin. Sterling hated his condition and would often wear long sleeves and long pants to cover the effects of it. Prescription medication provided temporary relief and would cause him sadness.

“To cope with the stares that he would receive and to ease people’s fears….he developed this unique gift of humor to make people laugh,” (Dad)

In 2015, Sterling suffered the loss of his only nephew Anton Spence. “They were very close,”

The family grieved together and moved slowly and steadily ahead. In 2018, Sterling was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS).This debilitating condition led him to hospitalization and in rehab often. It was an ordeal for him to deal with. Due to his condition Sterling had to learn to walk again and regain his motor skills; feeding, bathing himself and combing his hair.

“He was going through his own issues, but he would always seem to find a way to make me smile,” ( (sister Shirell)

July 16, 2020, Sterling passed away due to his health complications. During his thirty-one years of life; like everyone-Sterling’s life had its ups and downs. However, three things never changed about him; wanting others to be happy, his infectious personality and his love for his family and friends.

“I will always miss him. I will miss his smile and the way he joked around. I am going to miss talking to him-we talked almost every day. I would nag him and fuss at him to make sure he was taking care of himself and taking his medicine; ‘Berta calm down’ would be his pet response. He was my dance partner and although he was my son, he was my loving friend,” (Mom)

“I will miss the way he would address me, when talking to me since he was a little boy and as an adult – he would always start with; ‘Hey daddy!’ Before Sterling arrived on the scene it was hard to imagine a ‘world with him’, and the impact he would have on me. Now that he is gone…it’s hard to imagine my ‘world without him’. I will miss his ability to find humor in the oddest things. I will miss watching his excitement for just being able to work and doing something that he loved. When Sterling Wade died on July 16, 2020; part of my world – ‘Wades World’, died too. I cannot wait to see him again,” (Dad)

Sterling loved his family, his extended family and friends. This is evident with the people who surrounded him and knew and loved him as a; son, grandson, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend.

This is the family Sterling Wade Johnson leaves behind:

Parents; Jwade and Roberta Johnson Jr; Grandparents;  Ronezer Fletcher, Jwade and Juanita Johnson Sr; Siblings; Darren, Shirell, Shawn, Shirley, Jasmine (Deonte Heath) Aunt; Cheryl (Brian Austin) Niece; Arianna Daniels; a host of cousins and friends and The Golden Glades Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Sterling had a deep love for his family and friends and would want all of them in his absence, to live the way he would want you too; be happy, stay out of the dark places in life and continuously lift each other’s spirits up.