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Happy 60th Birthday Steve

Shared by Dina Puccio-D'Amico on May 25, 2022
I was looking through old photos and came across these. I remember this day when you showed him the police car. You were so proud to teach him. I am sorry you didn’t get the chance
to teach him more.  A lot of what he does today, he does with you in mind. He wants
you to be proud of the young man he has become. I’m sure you are.  

Happy birthday! We pray that you are surrounded by all the heavenly people you love in celebration. 


Our last time together…

Shared by Maria Bietsch on August 25, 2021
It feels like yesterday on a beautiful summer day, you and Christa stopped by to give us tickets to a concert for the girls to attend…we tried to persuade you to hang a little…you were on a mission to get to Sonny and Joy’s home…beat the traffic and enjoy the SUN!!! 

I just couldn’t believe the news I was hearing a few weeks later…hearts were broken…time stood still!!! 

In our hearts forever…heaven gained another angel…love you Christa and know you must live each day to the fullest in honor of him!!! Make memories and continue to keep him alive in our hearts!

There’s Steve!!

Shared by Adam Weiss on August 24, 2021
My favorite story of Steve will always be the vacation in the sun where we were hanging in the pool all day….steve goes to take a nap on a hammock somewhere…..everyone meets up for dinner later but Steve wasn’t there… a few people go look around the hammock but he was not there.  We were all wondering where the hell is Steve.  Then as we are a having drinks before dinner someone says….look up there’s some naked guy walking around in a room…..and someone yells…we found Steve!   The best! Tonight it’s Steve’s way…. Scotch for everyone! Miss you SteveO!
Shared by Salvatore Puccio on August 24, 2021
In kindergarten, I had an assignment, I was required to create a vessel for travel.  I chose a rocket!  My mom asked Uncle Steve, Uncle Sonny, and my aunts for help.  They slaved away working on it for hours, just to figure out that I didn't need to be able to fit in it.  I will always appreciate all of the things you have done for me, big or small.

Uncle Big.

Shared by Nicole Arena on October 18, 2019
I’ve been thinking a lot about my Uncle Steve this week. I’m not as eloquent with my words to the level that he was but here we go. Everyone who knows me and or knows our relationship knows I call him Uncle Big. For multiple reasons. Aside from the obvious reason that he was giant in size compared to my little 5’2 body, and gave big bear hugs, but he always made the smallest of things the big things. Even now when I think about him I catch myself remembering the smallest of details and moments about him that I’m sure we all knew but never really fixated on. For example my mind keeps going back to how much the man knew about shoes. Heels specifically. I would get a new pair and he would know the correct height of the heel just by looking at it. The man just knew heels. It’s strange how something we use and see everyday, a object so minuscule as a shoe, is now an item I will always look at differently. It will always make me think of him. This is only one of the thoughts crossing my mind. The biggest is my love for him, more importantly the love he brought into our lives and more specifically my Aunt Christa’s. No one deserves love more then that woman. She is the most thoughtful, selfless, loving woman I know and the way he loved her, was one of the best things I could have ever been blessed to witness. All I want for anyone in my family is for them to be happy and to be protected by those who love them. Big was the very definition of that. I miss your hugs, it was honestly my favorite greeting at every family function and they don’t feel the same without it. I use to search for you to make sure I got my giant teddy bear hug and it hurts knowing that when I search for you now I won’t physically be able to find you. I know you’re there though. Wrapping your arms around me tighter then ever before. I know your hugging me every time I wear your Hooters T-shirt that’s a dress on me I love and miss you everyday and most importantly I want to say Thank You. Thank you for loving my AuntChrista epically and unconditionally. Thank you for looking out for me when you were alive. Thank you for looking out for me after you passed.
I won’t waste the time you’ve given me. 

all my love, 
Little Bear. 

Always Showing Up

Shared by Noelle Grieco on October 14, 2019
Yesterday we celebrated the life of a truly amazing man, my Uncle Steve. Even though he wasn't blood, he was always family to me. He was my dad's brother, my godfather, my strong protector, my crazy uncle that wore shorts in the middle of winter and preferred apple pies cold rather than straight out of the oven. He always made me feel safe and he always inspired me to be the best person I could be. He inspired me to take care of people, to watch out for everyone, to throw and hit a little bit harder than I thought possible, to do my best in school. Yesterday some people shared their favorite stories about him, but there were too many tears in my eyes to participate, so I hope you don't mind me sharing one now. I believe it was my 20th birthday and I was pretty down. I didn't have any friends in the area to celebrate with, I was missing everyone and those depressive thoughts that no one cared about me or my birthday kept making their way into my head because depression is a persistent little jerk. Anyways, when I told my mom about this the day before my birthday, she called my family, which, of course, included Uncle Steve and Aunt Christa and asked them to come over to celebrate. The next day, they were there for dinner with smiles on their faces, huge birthday hugs, and so much love that it filled the room. I just kept thinking how unbelievably lucky I am to have these people that would drop everything to come over and make me feel special and important. The most spectacular part of that story is that it is not unique. He was there for every birthday to make me feel special. He went out of his way to make the people in his life feel his love. He never missed a birthday, an anniversary, a special event of any kind. He would randomly show up at softball, volleyball, or soccer games when he had the time to cheer me on and make me play even harder to make him proud. To sum it up, he would always show up and I cannot describe how much I will miss that and how much I will always miss him. Thank you for loving me and challenging me. Thank you for helping me grow and helping me learn. Thank you for setting an amazing example for how to treat people with respect, how to be there for people, how to go out of your way to make someone else's life easier, and how to make every single person in your world feel special. I only hope that I can follow in your example and be half the amazing friend and partner that you were. I love you way more than it seems like I do in the picture. Rest in Peace Uncle Steve, love you now and always

A Passion for Compassion

Shared by Yvonne DeGuardia on October 13, 2019
My fondest memory of Steve is the true compassion he always afforded us. My family and I have traveled to Yonkers on countless occasions. It's a three hour trip sometimes grueling, sometimes not. After all the greetings, kisses, handshakes, and the "thanks-for-comings" Steve would always seek me out in some little corner and ask me how my trip truly was. He always seemed genuinely interested and concerned for our well being. He always took the time to really find out how I felt on a particular day. It's that kind of compassion and understanding that is truly rare. It was the little things that Steve thought about that most people don't. 
One afternoon at a Christmas party at Rosary Hill the singer that had just finished the song "Feliz Navidad in Spanish said "...and now for the 'NORMAL' way!" and continued to sing the English chorus. While being of Hispanic descent and fluent in Spanish I just chuckled. Most people would not notice a miscue as such that. Steve did. He later approached me and put his arm around me and said "I think you're normal!" We both laughed but that memory and the comfort I felt at that moment will always be with me as he was the only one in the room that noticed the indiscretion. 
 We truly miss you Steve. -Yvonne, Bill and Dante.

Uncle Ruff!!! ❤️

Shared by Joy Xhudo on October 13, 2019
Dear Uncle Ruff,

We miss you more then you know....your laugh, your big hugs, your stroll into the family room, you sleeping over watching movies with us and playing games! We haven’t been able to watch the Greatest Showman since you left us because we know how much you loved it and loved watching it with us. Mikey says it all the time how you would always sing the songs with him...we play ‘1 million dreams’ a lot and think of you! ❤️ Gianni says your name all the time, especially when a airplane passes in the sky.  ✈️  He points up and says hi uncle Steve...he thinks your coming back soon, how we all wish that was true, he even asked us last night if you were going to be at the party.  
Today is Adriana’s 7th Birthday!!! I can’t believe your not here to share it with her.. I know you would have sent the 1st bday text then FaceTime with Atta, or you would have already been here because you probably would have slept over! Your Goddaughter will always remember you and all the things you did for her! I know you are watching over her and protecting her now. ❤️
Mom and Dad miss your big laugh and stories, hanging by the pool will never be the same but we will always have your special spot in the corner! Mom misses your funny texts you would send misses talking about sports, and the good deals at shoprite...sometimes he wants to text you to tell you.
Thanks for all the great memories we have been so lucky to share with sucks that you were taken away from us this soon!
Most of all Thank you for taking such great care of our have always made her the happiest woman in the whole world! She loves you heart and soul here and now have made her so strong and you live on in all of us Forever!!! 
Until we meet again, we love you Uncle Ruff forever!! ❤️

Aruba 2018

Shared by Stacy Martin on October 13, 2019
My husband Vic & I met this couple last year in Aruba. We hit it off very quickly and spent the rest of our vacation with them. You could see how much they love each other that it was just beautiful to watch them be together. Only knowing Steve for a very short time, was an amazing experience. He was a gentle giant with a big heart and a true soul! He was funny and sincere, and the kind of person you’d want in your life! We will always remember this trip and cherish the time we spent with them, it was an honor meeting Steve and he will be missed and never forgotten.

A love like no other

Shared by Dayna Mendel on October 12, 2019
I have always known how smart Steve was using words I had never even heard of . I think he may have quizzed us at times , lol . When we read the story he wrote it become clear just how articulate he really was..Sometimes you never really know a person until you see how much of an impact they made when they are gone . The lives he touched , the people he took care of , those who he loved. He could talk to anyone and enjoyed life . One of my favorite  memories from a company trip was looking up at Steve dancing across his hotel room while attempting to get his pants on . It was a scene we all still laugh about .  Steve made everyone feel comfortable and included . He was the type of man you wanted on your side . He loved Christa in a way that words couldn’t possible describe.  It was incredible how with  all the ups and downs they had to deal with , how special their connection was and got them through everything and brought them even closer to each other .He always thought of taking care of her , his friends,  and his family . The reason I picked  A Love like No Other is because Christa and Steve truly embodied that . Steve Gallo you have left a void in our lives and in our hearts and will never be
forgotten .  It is impossible to capture in words how special of a man Steve was to so many people . The pressure of trying to express this and wondering if he would’ve approved my writing and punctuation. He is probably looking down , reading this and shaking his head . Thankyou for loving Christa in the way you did .  You will be missed and never forgotten. 

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