His Life


I Remember The day Steve Was Born I was so excited,,,i now Have A Family...I had Mateash AnD Now Steve Was born...He Was So wide Eyed And Wanted to Know Everything since Birth,,,,Very stubborn,,,Once He Started something,He Would Not Give Up Until He had it ...I was Always proud of my Son I Remember being At his Football and basketball Games And girls Would Come And say YOUR Steve GONZALAS Mom,Can You Get His AUTOGRAPH FOR ME....... Don't Get me Wrong,His life Also was A Long Line Of Battles,,,,,,I Was divorced Early In Steves life And his dad disappeared out of His life,and that Left A hole in Steve....We Moved to Maine....I Thought My children would Have A Better life There,,,But From The First Day of school there Was kids that would chase Steve Home And Tell Him To Go Back To Africa Where He belonged...Everywhere Steve Went He held His Head Up High And Told Me And Everyone Around Him He was O.K.......BUT it Showed HE Just Got Tougher And Tougher.....By The time Steve Was in Highschool he was On The Road To Success,,,,,Top All sport Player...Everyone Said He Was Going Pro......But This is All i'm Going To write Maybe Someone else Can Add to A Chapter Of Steve Life.....On The Highway January 10th At 11:48.....My SHINING STAR FELL TO THE COLD DARK GROUND.........