Posted by Susan Archer on December 27, 2018
you have never left our thoughts or hearts .. the impact of losing you has forever changed my children's lives and mine as well.. i do know that your spirit is with us often.. we have each felt you here ... so i know , although we can't see you ... you still watch over us ... and you bring us a great comfort when we feel your presence ... you have our backs and will forever have our hearts .. we love you sweet child xoxox
Posted by Jamie Tracy on December 23, 2017
Today is a day full of memories with my brother, as it's his birthday and he's not with us to make new ones. A tough day for me is an under statement, because I miss him so much. This day forces me to think of the man he'd be, how many children he'd have, how he'd impact my childrens everyday life..... Miss and love you Steve♡♡♡ Until we meet again
Posted by Jeff Philbrick on December 24, 2016
Stevie, it's hard to believe it's been nearly 20 years since you left us. You were an amazing athlete and an even better person. You made an impact on everyone on who came in contact with you. I think of you often. Your spirit lives on in all that knew you.
Posted by john child on December 23, 2016
Steve I'll always remember the good times we shared all the practices and games it was so much fun watching you play all the different sports, basketball and football were my favorites.I always think of the time when you stayed with us the mess you'd make whenever you'd brush your teeth, somehow the bathroom mirror would be covered with toothpaste. lol To this day every time I hear the song '' I believe I can fly'' I just smile and think of you.A lot has changed over the years you'd be amazed at some things and so proud of others especially your ''MOM'' she is an amazing ''Christian Lady'' your sisters are very successful and beautiful young Ladies with amazing children. I can't wait to see you again where all things are ''awesome'' and bright and ''HAPPY'' The place we call Paradise.. Love you & Miss my adopted ''SON''
Posted by Linda Laplante on December 30, 2015
It's taken me eighteen years to talk about the deeper side of Steve... You were a loan to all who loved you ...and you were loved more then you will ever know. You were a brilliant write, compassion, empathetic, and sweet, cautious to let anyone in ... But once in ... What a treat .. Unique in everyday .."what's up up up up" ... One of a kind, deep Were your thoughts big as your smile, words were very important to you..perhaps because they could cut deep or could heal your very soul ... I will always remember the long long talks , you drinking a root beer float ..telling me .."now this is the life" ...our hearts will heal but wrong... I think of casting crown song, "broken together" ... I don't think you knew how much you'd be loved and missed ..but when we all get together in heaven ... You'll know! The gift was never what you did outside ..the "gift" was you... Thank you for loving your precious son to me for a while ... We are all missing a great piece of you Steve ... But we will see you soon... Love u forever.... lin
Posted by Wayne Saverd on December 23, 2015
Your memory and life lives through your wonderful mom. She will never let your spirit lives within her each day and breath she takes! We can only wonder now how you would have changed the world with this kind of are still influencing all that happens now through her love..may God hold you close till we all are together again.
Posted by Donna Temircan on December 23, 2015
I watched you grow up, always helping the younger kids teaching them sports. You was a great role model to my nephew and all the kids growing up. You made such a impact and difference, your spirit lives on and your never forgotten, forever rest in eternity Steve
Posted by Judy Horne on December 23, 2015
Happy birthday, Buddy! You had it all, looks, athletic ability, charm. You left us way too soon. I visit your grave site sometimes and remember the video you did for me about substance abuse. You actually won the contest I had. I know that you are in peace and have the best seat in the house. Fly with the angels, Steve.
Posted by Heather Scott on December 23, 2015
Happy Birthday Steve! I think of you often. I feel so very blessed to have known you. To have shared memories and awesome times with you. You were my brothers best friend, which made you part of our family. You were a continuous fixture in the daigle household. You and nate would tease me until i was so mad, thank you. I say thank you because it gave me so many memories that i laugh and smile about, even til this day. So again, Happy Birthday Steve. You are still and will remain in all of our hearts
Posted by Jamie Tracy on September 6, 2015
When you left us, you left a giant hole in our family that will never be filled. We are doing our best to teach the new additions to the family about the kind, smart, and extremely talented brother that we know, so you can continue to live on through memory for generations to come. I wished you were here to influence your nieces and nephews with your expertise and positivity, and to participate! We love and miss you very much Steve♡
Posted by Mateash Davis Gonzales on September 6, 2015
Every time I think of you..I cry. I miss you my sweet brother.
Posted by Joshua Bailey on June 22, 2015
As a freshmen I sat at the Senior table with Steve, this man protected me from bullies, along with Micah and Austin,, man lot of emotion still sorry I didn't attend the funeral. See you again one day bro.
Posted by Tanya Breau-Grigsby on January 10, 2015
One year, I gave Steve a Boyz II Men cd for Christmas (called "II")--it was one that I knew he really wanted. We both loved Boyz II Men! He was so excited to see that I got it for him. Of course, it wasn't long before he knew all the words to all the songs and he was singing them through the hallways at school, on the bus rides home after games and even on the phone when we'd talk. I can still hear him singing them now, as I sit and write this and I can't help but smile. Typical Steve! Thinking of it now, it was no wonder he loved the music of Boyz II Men as much as he did--they sang so beautifully about love and passion and that really resonated with Steve. He was such a romantic, that boy! When we were in grade school, he'd hand me poems on the bus that he had written for me. Such a cute! It has been many years, but I've held onto the memories I have of Steve and I've kept them safe in my heart. Every so often, I listen to that "II" album in its entirety and remember him singing many of those songs everywhere. I couldn't say it better than his mom, "He was a gentle spirit that loved deeply..." How true.
I miss you, Steve. Keep singing sweetie! Love ya!
Posted by Kelley Grean on December 27, 2014
Think of you often ♡
Posted by Judy Horne on December 23, 2014
Missing that handsome face but know that you are at peace. Think of you and often visit your memorial site when I'm at the cemetery visiting my own mom and dad. Happy birthday, Buddy!  Wish you could have stayed for a while longer in order to reach your full potential but understand that you were needed somewhere else.
Posted by Michelle Bernard on December 23, 2014
I love you you Steve. Your one of the brightest stars
Posted by katlyn bailey on December 23, 2013
I miss you do much I remember when I was little I wanted to be like u in basket ball Stevie u was my was my hero of basket ball miss you so much there will always be a place in my heart for you
Posted by Terry Nichols on December 23, 2013
I miss your sweet smile and you surprised visits you made to me and the boys. You will always have a special place in heart. I remember your Mom telling me you would say Terry Nichols is here when i was their to visit. I knew you from just under a year old and i loved you right from then on. Love you Stevie!
Posted by Tami Hamel on January 10, 2013
Great man who will forever be loved and missed by all who knew him!!! <3 Rest easy Steve!
Posted by Mindi Jo on January 10, 2013
I miss you Steve! 16 years have passed and I still proudly call you my "brother". On Christmas eve of '96 you said to me "I love you shorty", I just laughed because you never said that to me before. Usually it was "dont tell your mom" lol Had I known those would be the last words I heard from "The Legend" I would have told you I love you too! I will never forget you <3
Posted by Bobbie Mccaffrey on January 10, 2013
steve miss ya.. he was a awsome kid will remember you forever ..ill never forget the time i got to spend with him driven and bringing him for his liscence.. love ya steve and miss your wonderful smile..xxoo
Posted by Kimmi DiDonna on January 10, 2013
Posted by john child on January 10, 2012
Hey ''BUDDY'' missing you more than you will ever know, till we meet again take care and keep watching over your ''MOM'', she needs you to keep her safe. She's an amazing & strong woman. ''RIP'' LOVE YA
Posted by APRIL SAVARD on October 25, 2011
Not a Day Goes by That My Heart doesn't feel the presence of My Son.He had a lot Of Things To accomplish In His Short Life....He made An Impact With His gifts For Making A Difference In kids Lives...His natural ability In Sports and The hard Work He put Into Them To Be the Best He could be,Because He Would Not Have Excepted anything Else.....He Was A Gentle Spirit that Loved Deeply...

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