Let the memory of Steve be with us forever, and remember him with smile.

You may only be some one in this world, But to some one else you are there world
  • 43 years old
  • Born on August 10, 1959 in Eaton Road, Ellesmere Port, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on October 4, 2002 in A5 Holy Head Trunk Road, Oswestry, Shropshire, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in the memory of a Brother, Steve Hayward who was born on August 10,1959 and passed away in a tragic road accident On  October 4, 2002.  
Steve was great comedian and always loved a joke or two  and i miss him for that loosing  sibling is always hard, and i still remember that day but i have treasured memories of him and he always use to make me laugh, and so there is only one way to remember him and that is  well  with a smile. 
Love Ya Bruv 

Posted by Jani Hamdoun on 15th July 2018
Your never far from my mind, and like today sometimes you pop up into my head for no reason at all. But is it for no reason? They say that a dream is a dream if you don't remember it, but if you do then it's a visit. Well I WELCOME those VISITS and please keep visiting, but I have to say I've not had any lately? Anyway Helen is doing okay she struggles a lot but she's a fighter like you. Shannon and Stevie are growing up fast please watch over them and keep them safe. I have a feeling Stevie would be your favourite, I've always said that, she makes me chuckle, she's cheeky yet lovable and will always stick up for herself and even though she's the image of her dad I see a lot of you in her. Shannon is growing up into a little lady a proper chatter box, a lot off attitude and loves doing her hair and makeup. Both of them would make you smile I'm sure and I bet you chuckle over them when you see the antics they get up to. Our Helen, well is our Helen again I always say she's like you. Very laid back, takes her time - the world can wait for her - she's coming but hold on " I'll take it at my pace - no rush". She never seems to have much luck everything seems to challenge her but she never gives up, she brushes herself down, holds her head high and faces life head on and always getting back up. Be proud so very proud of her, I am she's my little Lion. :) Your mum is fine Sharon and Richard do a great job of looking after her and I know she misses you so much, just keep an eye on her. I may not see her much but I love her too and worry over her when she's not to good with her health. Richard misses you so much I don't think he will ever get over you going the way you did, nor everyone else for that matter, but I'll do my best to look after him. I just wish he could get a job in the day so that I could see more of him, I think me and him are due another little get away soon, not had one for a while. Anyway your Sharon is happy now and Dave is a good man you would like him and I'm sure you were proud as punch on her wedding day, Oh how I wish you could of walked through that door in your wellies, and I had a little smile to myself at the thought on her big day. Me and Khalid have recently moved and I hope that I can settle now, love my garden just lacks a pond! Haha Khalid won't let me put one in but I still have my fish and always will, I just miss the fishing I have no-one to take me. :( Never mind though you just make sure you have a good time up there fishing and I'll keep raising my bottle of Newcastle Brown to you when I have one. Love and miss you always and forever, may the sweet lord watch over you, and until next time take care - don't leave it too long, it's comforting to know your around. Love you. xxx
Posted by Richard Hurley on 27th June 2017
Yo Bruv miss ya still i want to watch over chris and sharon chris has his Parkinsons and is not dealing it with to well, and needs help, please watch over sharon as well she puts on a brave face, and i hate that she smokes so much knowing this want help her health as sit and write this i am get up set thinking how i would cope if lost either of them, loads of love to ya if you can rap ya strong arms around them both and give a massive hug xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Sharon Irvine on 4th October 2016
Sending hugs n kisses , miss you always xxxx
Posted by Richard Hurley on 10th August 2016
Another year gone how time flys miss ya still love n best wishes
Posted by Sharon Irvine on 10th August 2016
Happy birthday big bro , miss you always sending birthday hugs and kisses, always loved never forgotten xxxxxx
Posted by Jani Hamdoun on 1st November 2015
Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear. (Star Bright Angels). Always in my heart Steve. xxx
Posted by Sharon Irvine on 4th October 2015
Laying a pink carnation to link heaven and earth 13 years of missing you always in my thoughts love you always bro ynwa xxxxxxx
Posted by Richard Hurley on 4th October 2015
13 years today and i still remember that terrible day god bless ya bruv i love and miss still
Posted by Christopher Hayward on 13th August 2015
Another year gone and the pain of missing you has not dimed as I approach 60 I wish we could have had more time together. I know you are looking down and smiling. I know you would have laughed at me being a Grandad and wish my grand children would have known their uncle Steve you are one in million Love always Bro
Posted by Richard Hurley on 12th January 2015
Well bruv another year gone and still miss you, its difficult on occastion like sharons wedding coming up, i all ways remember that joke you did when you got her up for a dance in wellies and shorts so funny, i do miss you humour on those occastions. I will be thinking of you on that day i know youl be there well bruv gona go now cos i am finding it difficult love ya are kid xxxxx
Posted by Richard Hurley on 3rd October 2014
12 years gone by and i still think of you and how much you would be enjoying life now with your grandchildren and new additions to our family Simply the best YNWA love you bruv
Posted by Richard Hurley on 12th August 2014
Hay Bruv not been able to get on here sorry its late Happy Birthday love ya bro
Posted by Christopher Hayward on 12th August 2014
Hi Bro thinking of you again especially at your birthday time love you mate and miss you so much
Posted by Sharon Irvine on 20th June 2014
Love and miss you xxxxxx
Posted by Richard Hurley on 2nd March 2014
I miss you today bruv, I stll have bad days today is one of them Lots love
Posted by Richard Hurley on 4th October 2013
Another year gone and I still think of you and miss and your humer and the laughs we had the hope you are at piece I know one day we will mest again but untill then god bless ;) Richard
Posted by Christopher Hayward on 4th October 2013
Hi bro, another year has gone by, I miss you and think of you every day. I got married recently and so wish you had been there. Sleep well my bro I know that one day we will meet again I LOVE YOU
Posted by Richard Hurley on 25th September 2013
Its 11 years to the day on friday 4th October 2002, how tome flys by still love and miss you bruv
Posted by Christopher Hayward on 10th August 2013
It is your birthday today and I miss you everyday especially today. I am getting married again shortly and oh I wish to were here to support and wish me look. You are always in my heart mate, You were my baby brother and I wish we could be together in our twilght years. Iknow that one we will meet again and we can then go over all the things we could have done should sleep tight Chris
Posted by Richard Hurley on 7th August 2013
Its coming up to that difficult time again your birthday its always hard to know what to say accept i love you and miss you, i hope youl be at chrisis wedding watcing over him and wendy and wathcing over the day ile miss your humer and your joking around just wish i could bring the sme humer to the day loads love bruv untill i see you again always thinking of you
Posted by Jordan Hayward on 21st January 2013
hello dad i know u'll always watch over me from heaven i just wish u wher hear now cos i havent been the same since u died not a day goes by that i don't think about you i always think of the good times we had and all the funny things that u done that made us all laugh hahaha i jus wish u could have seen me grow up an go to high school i know that was ur wish i just cant wait to c u agen
Posted by Sharon Irvine on 4th October 2012
10 years of missing you but never a day goes by without thinking of you love you always lots love yours sis xxx
Posted by Richard Hurley on 4th October 2012
Ten years today since my bro lost his life we still miss him but think about him all the time love and miss you god bless ya bruv Richard
Posted by Christopher Hayward on 13th August 2012
Hi Bro I did not forget your birthday mate, although it has been almost 10 years I still feel the pain, you were my best friend, my hero and my confidant and I miss you so much I know that one we will meet again and all will be well. Love you mate sweet dreams
Posted by Anthony Priest on 10th August 2012
happy birthday steve will all ways be remembered until we meet again
Posted by Sharon Irvine on 10th August 2012
happy 53rd birthday bro miss u always love you forever lots love sharon , matt and ceri xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Richard Hurley on 10th August 2012
Happy biryhday bruv miss still and think about you loads
Posted by Richard Hurley on 8th August 2012
Happybirthday for tomorrow bruv still miss ta and think about you
Posted by Richard Hurley on 6th May 2012
Saw the letter yesterday you sent mum, i dont thing i had that pint with you love you bruv miss you still Richard
Posted by Jordan Hayward on 19th January 2012
alryt dad know u r up there watching ova me i need a gardian angel now more than eva wish u wer here dad i really do miss you and no matter how much time passes the pain wil not heal u wer my best friend aswell as a great dad miss you love you loads dad xxx
Posted by Jordan Hayward on 7th December 2011
hi dad can't believe its been 9yrs the pain still doen't heal ova time i know that ur gone and u'll be forever missed by me love you loads dad
Posted by Richard Hurley on 6th October 2011
I Met with jordan the other day hes growing up, we left flowers and i took him for a pint, we both reminisced and spoke of you fondly and the funny things you did you were always the joker. I know he still misses you as do i your always in my thoughts love you lots Bruv Richard
Posted by Christopher Hayward on 5th October 2011
Although it has been 9years you memory is still and I do miss you bro and wish I could pick up the phone and chat love you lots
Posted by Janet Johnson on 4th October 2011
We may have fought but you were always there for me. I will always be here for your family and cherish the time we had together. Just remember we all love you and stay close. Love and cuddles. xxx
Posted by Sharon Irvine on 4th October 2011
love and miss u lots 9yrs today doesn't make it any easier xxxxx
Posted by Richard Hurley on 7th September 2011
A lot of people passed away too early without a reason.When we look at the sky we like the thought that they are looking back at us.We remember them often in the morning in the night. When we look at the stars a date,a song,a place,a smell,in memory of those who left us
Posted by Christopher Hayward on 10th August 2011
Hi Bro happy Birthday, I miss you so much mate you were my best friend and you will never know how much I love you I wish I told you that more often. Our anthem for the Reds Walk on still makes me cry. I know you are in heaven looking down and making sure we are all safe Love you
Posted by Sharon Irvine on 10th August 2011
happy 52nd birthday bro missing you more each year, 9 years gone but always in my thoughts and heart , i know you watch over us so today take a day off and enjoy your heavenly birthday lots love sharon , matt and ceri xxxxxxx
Posted by Richard Hurley on 8th August 2011
On the 10th of August you will be 52years old wishing you a happy birthday love you always miss you lots Mumxxx
Posted by Richard Hurley on 6th August 2011
Well steve we are haveing a BBQ fo Matt as he is joining the army a and leaves fro Catterick shortly, and even thouh your not there i know you would wish him well so keep an eye on him loads love Bruv Richard
Posted by Jean Tucker on 21st February 2011
you were always a laugh and made us all smile we share the same birthday together.... your a great person you havent left us youve just nipped out as your always with us all who know you xxxxx
Posted by Janet Johnson on 24th December 2010
Don't think of him as gone away-his journey's just begun,life holds so many facets-this earth is only one. . .Just think of him as resting from the sorrows and the tears in a place of warmth and comfort where there are no days and years.Think how he must be wishing that we could know today how nothing but our sadness can really pass away.And think of him as livingin the hearts of those he touched.
Posted by Richard Hurley on 17th December 2010
God saw you getting tired, so he put his arms around you and whispered come with me; with tearful eyes i heard some one say steve has passed away; I love you dearly, why couldnt you stay. A golden heart stopped beating; hard working hands at rest. God broke my heart to prove to he only takes the best.
Posted by Janet Johnson on 7th October 2010
When you feel Lonely When a person you love passes away Look to the night sky on a clear day. The star that to you, appears to be bright, Will be your loved one, ...Looking upon you during the night. The lights of heaven are what shows through As your loved one watches all that you do. When you feel lonely for the one that you love, Look to the Heavens in the night sky above. ~ Author Unknown
Posted by Richard Hurley on 6th October 2010
Steve it been 8 years since you left, and still think of you i love you like you always loved me i had birthday party at sharon's and i enjoyed it, i got the message you left to say you were with me on that day as we sang this song Love all ways Mum
Posted by Christopher Hayward on 5th October 2010
Although it has been 8 years since you passed onto the football pitch in the sky. I think of you everyday mate you were my bright light in a dark world but I know you are with me every day. The music on this is just what would be you most certianly did do it your mate I will always keep you in my heart I love you Bro Chris
Posted by Richard Hurley on 4th October 2010
8 years since we saw your face but you in my heart every day love and miss u loads bro love sharon xxxx
Posted by Richard Hurley on 4th October 2010
MY BROTHER 8 YEARS GONE BY" When you walk through a storm hold you head up high, and don't be afraid of the dark. At the end of a storm there's a golden sky and the sweet silver song of a lark, walk on through the the wind, walk on through the rain thought your dreams be tossed and blown..... walk on , walk on with hope in you your heart and you'll never walk alone youll never walk alone.

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