That Terrible Day


Steve was born in 1959 on  Monday 10th August and was the second of four children, other siblings Elder Brother Chris, me and Sharon. I remember the day i was told you had been killed, i didn't believe it and the day i went to the chapel of rest But couldn't see you,  i wanted so much to see you again but couldn't, it was almost unbelievable 

You was always the clown and i miss that, i miss not being able to have a pint with you, i wish you could be here so much,  You had a gift to make people laugh and  made us all laugh and smile,all the time  i still miss you so much we were once four  and now we are three, i will miss you at chrisis wedding makes me wander what you would have done to get a laugh and bring people together

You would so proud of Shannon and little Stevie they are both so loveable,and  i know if you was stll  here you would be so proud of them and be happy to be called grandad. Its 2014 now and i still think about you and still miss you 12 years gone by so fast i cant belive how fast its gone, 

i love you bro