The night b4 your celebration

Shared by Amy Hunter on 10th February 2019

Had fun with my family at your favorite kind of food...Saki and Teppan. Lots or laughs and stories about you. It was a great night love. Forever in our hearts we will always carry you

Shared by Amy Hunter on 7th February 2019

I don't think I have a favorite story about Steve because every time we were together it was such a blast!  Shits and giggles, like two little kids up to no good!

Well, maybe not so much this last year...helping him fight cancer. That was more about supporting him anyway we could. And honestly the most heartbreaking situation I have had to endure so far and hope it’s the last. My brother was one of the “good” guys and to watch someone with such a heart of gold suffer the way he did and for as long as he did...and to have such a love for life and not wanting to leave this earth when his body had failed him...there are just no words except what an exceptionally strong man he was. 

Anyway, he always made me smile just looking at him. And if I was in a sour mood just being in his company fixed that. Sure there were times he bugged the crap out me, but that was usually because I was in a tired mood and he would physically be poking me in the ribs just to get a rise out of me. Gosh, I just realized I do that to my kids all the time and now I know where I got it from!  That’s so awesome Steve does live on...I’m sure I’ll start to notice all the other ways he has rubbed off on me and my family as the years pass. 

I think our favorite thing to do together was vacationing and playing games. We are almost eight years apart so when I was in my 20-30’s he took me places. And then when I was in my 40’s my husband (Mark) and I got an RV and we took him places.  I know Mark loves and thought of Steve like a brother.  There was never a dull moment and so much laughing our sides would ache!  Rousting and Shenanigans all the way to the bank us 3!

I’m going to miss you my brother especially on our trips. I won’t miss losing to you all the time playing games though. I am glad you are no longer in pain & I know you are loved by many and free as a spirit now. 

I will always Love You with all my heart, Amy

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