Shared by Fred Pickering on December 21, 2013

My story of Steve is a man who dealt with demons of the bottle for a long time one faitful day Steve had a life changing exper from that day forward with no help from anyone he gave up that Bottle and became a person i often looked up too. He and his wife lived in a house behind were my mom now lives many nights i looked forward to playing Playstation with him his hobby, he had worked Landscaping for years and knew how to make a place look so nice he worked for a guy who honeslty did not respects steves abitly and talent one night we didnt play viedo games we talked about what would become his becoming his own boss with it would come snow plowing we would join forces on that and become partners over the years we worked together there was one thing Steve refused to not waiver from before we went plowing and that was drink his coffee and Poop He would honeslty get up at 1am instead of 2am like the rest of us so he was ready, in 03 we would see a Dec with over 37 inches of snow in 19 days i remember so well how worn out i was and he never once said a thing he didnt have too because when i knew his truck was side by side with me the world was right.

All this said in 00 i would leave a GM dealer to start my own Auto repair buss one phone call too steve to get my tool box loaded into his landscape trailer we had built together he was there in 10 mins leaving behind his equipemnt to help his little brother, it didnt stop there he would work with me in the shop always saying you will make it on your own Freddie many days i have been tested to include my faith but i know even from heaven he looks down on me, coupled with a song done by my nieces and brother Mark "God Still Answers Prayer" i hold tight too that and the fact one day i will stand with him and all those that went before me in heaven.

This part is hard but must be said being in buss with your brother is something that is hard me and Steve would go are seperate ways and sadley did not speak for two years until the day of his Stroke iam so greatful to my lord and savior that i was allowed that faitful saturday to tell him i loved him and slured speach from the stroke he grab my hand and plain as could be heard he told me he loved me, two days later a family had to make the choice to pull him from the vent that was letting him breath on that tuesday night at 745pm one and half hours after being pulled from the vent i was holding his hand when i looked up at the monitor and seen it flat lined i have had to live with this for 5yrs never end a call without i love you thats what Stevie taught me in the end.       

I remember a time when...

Shared by Mark Pickering on December 2, 2013

we were standing at the corner in front of Eastlawn Elementary on the last day of school for Steve who would be heading off to Central Intermediate the next year, That meant I was going into 3rd grade and would be in school without an older brother for the first time in my very young life.  As a result, Steve had me walk with him around the schoolyard before the first bell sounded.  We hit every group of "older" kids hanging out in front of the school so Steve could announce, "This is my little brother, Mark.  Don't mess with him or I'll come back from Central and kick your @#$."  No one laughed, though some did look confused, like, "I never said nothing to your little brother before."  To be honest, I was embarrassed and at the same time slightly relieved. He just wanted to make sure I was protected.  

Thanks big brother.  

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