Koenig-Air---from Karen
The Passion Started at a Young Age
Shared by Pamela Palme on 01/29/2013
The passion started at a young age!

Summer vacation! Steve and Cb fishing off the coast in Guaymas, Mexico..going for the big one!  As Steve would say "we're on a mission!"

Photo compliments of sister Cb

Shared by Mark Dolce on 01/27/2013

This image was made by Carl Hoke in Santa Barbara, Ca. in 1979 - a gathering of Aramco Brats. It took me awhile to find it but I knew I had it and here it is ... RIP Steve!

Desert Sun
Shared by Pamela Palme on 12/19/2012
Desert  Sun Idyllwild

Another photo from the DSS '76-'77 yearbook. The hiking group...Steve's the one you can barely see peaking out from behind the sign with friends, Mike, Tom, Michelle & Colleen.

Steve with Tom Oskam
Shared by Pamela Palme on 12/19/2012
Steve & Tom Oskam DSS Idyllwild

This photo is from the Desert Sun Yearbook '76-'77. Steve's the one in front without a shirt. Tahquitz Peak maybe?

Out the Gate in '88
Shared by Pamela Palme on 12/19/2012
Family Reunion In Dhahran

Family Reunion in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in March of 1988. Karl & Bev were retiring later that year, and planned this reunion as one last opportunity for the family (& new extended family) to be together in Saudi. What a time we had!

Blue Grass Festival, Idyllwild, CA. 1977
Shared by Debby Malter-Poe on 12/12/2012
Steve Koenig

I am very saddened to have learned about the loss of Steve.  I remember that he was the best looking guy at Dessert Sun School.  He was kind and had a bright & beautiful smile.  My condolences to his family and close friends.

Steve saved my life
Shared by Murray Abrahamson on 12/09/2012

             I grew up in “head split open twice before I was 8” abuse.  I was a runaway at 11.  I left home for good at age 14.  I went to Desert Sun from a “home for runaways” in San Diego.  Though I found a real home at DSS, I still tried to make things work with my family, (how we cling to our chains…) To go back to my parent's house, I got myself expelled from DSS.        
            My parents decided to put me in a locked ward mental institution in Washington State.  Drunk at an off-campus party, (and terrified), I told Steve, who was a friend like all DSSers were friends, but not someone I knew well.  For reasons unknown, Steve told Jim Parsons what was going on.
             I stayed at DSS.  A year and a half years later, I graduated from Desert Sun as valedictorian and went on the Stanford and UC Hastings School of Law.
             I owe my life to Steve.  I am grateful that I was able to find him and tell him about this a few years ago.  He and his family will always be in my prayers. 

Murray Abrahamson DSS‘77

Here You Go Sugar...
Shared by Peter Ford on 12/06/2012

I have yet to figure this one out... thanks Susie... Desert Sun School, Idyllwild, CA.

Saudi Arabia - From Karen Morrow
Shared by Peter Ford on 12/06/2012
Koenig-at GOSP---Karen

Classic, no question.  Don't pay any attention to the flaring gas... just normal....

Saudi Arabia - From Karen Morrow
Shared by Peter Ford on 12/06/2012
Koenig-Riding-with Camel---from Karen

Where else can you pass a camel on a wheelie  (pic from Karen Morrow, thank you)

Saudi Arabia - From Karen Morrow
Shared by Peter Ford on 12/06/2012
Koenig-Mike Morrow-sunset---from Karen

Look.. I CAN FLY

Saudi Arabia - From Karen Morrow
Shared by Peter Ford on 12/06/2012
Mike Morrow-Eric McCue-Koenig- Dunes from Karen Morrow

Koenig-Morrow-McCue... Thank you Karen!!!

The Original
Shared by Peter Ford on 12/05/2012
Steve Koenig 1974

Steve... sent to Sue Sue... 1973/4, the ORIGINAL scrambler.  I'll always wonder how those bikes put up with the S#%T he put them through...      :)

Flat Bottom Boat
Shared by Peter Ford on 12/05/2012
Steve Koenig 1984

Yes... broken... fix...

We Love You
Shared by Peter Ford on 12/05/2012
Callie Photo Album 1994

This is an exerpt from my oldest daughter's photo album... there's a lot more, but this says it all. 

Did We PASS It
Shared by Peter Ford on 12/05/2012

"Hey, let's go fishing... Coronado Islands... no biggie." 

After two and a half hours for a one hour trip, question is, "DID WE PASS IT?"... Fog was so dense, no visibility, decided to stop... hours later... fog lifts... we're right up against Del Norte, Coronados,... Ja Mon, we there!!!  Well... good day 'till we decided to fish "Pukey Point" (which is well named)... BUT came home with dinner!

Shared by Peter Ford on 12/05/2012
This picture was taken in his driveway 1996. It was a garage sale in Morro Bay. He just had to sport it before he sold it.We had waaaaay too much fun that day.

...now I know how he fell off the boat on his own driveway... not wearing that thank God!!!

Shared by Pamela Palme on 12/01/2012
We were on our way to Belize for a vacation...must have been around 1995? It was no longer legal to smoke on planes (since when did that ever stop you?) You left to go to the bathroom and were gone for a good 15 minutes...came back to your seat reeking of cigarettes. Apparently you thought no one would notice if you dismantled the sink/toilet suction device to "clear the air". The flight attendant came over & was furious. Had we not been 30,000 feet in the air over an ocean, she would have thrown us both off that plane! (If no one was looking I'm sure she would have with pleasure!!)
"If we can't fix it...it's BROKEN!"
Shared by Pamela Palme on 11/28/2012
The sign hanging at the K & K Garage in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Steve and father Karl Koenig's motorcycle repair shop...Steve told me these were some of his favorite times spent with his dad growing up in Saudi.
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