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Steve Leder
  • 55 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 6, 1958
  • Date of passing: Nov 28, 2013
A wonderful friend and colleague
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Steve Leder, 55, born on August 6, 1958 and passed away on November 28, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Susie Leder on 28th November 2017

"Never a day goes by, or a moment or thought where you are not in it in some way. Our life together is the undercurrent of so much that is good in my life. I thank you everyday , honey , for our relationship and for our love that lives on through the kids. I miss you. The sorrow is profound but the gratitude is deep.
I miss you."

This tribute was added by Susie Leder on 28th November 2015

"I miss you, honey. All day, every day. 2 years later - the pain feels fresh.
Damn it ! Steve !"

This tribute was added by Steve Rayburn on 28th November 2015

"Steve's smile and love of life is vivid today as it was during his lifetime.  His legacy is remind us all to always look for the positive in life and maintain a sense of humor.  Miss you Bede."

This tribute was added by katy yung on 7th August 2014

"Happy Birthday Steve! Missed dearly..."

This tribute was added by Shirley DeFrancisci on 7th August 2014

"Thinking of Steve on his birthday today....he and his great sense of humor are greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Dwyane Little on 6th August 2014

"Steve, Family, Thank you for allowing Steve to share his light with m eat PG&E. Steve was truly a leader, his spirit and ultimate optimism carries on and helps me deal with the myriad of changes.

Thank You

This tribute was added by Billie Brinkley on 6th August 2014

"Happy Birthday Steve, gone too soon but never forgotten!"

This tribute was added by Laura Butler on 19th December 2013

"Steve’s mischievous grin reminded me of the Cheshire Cat.   And he grinned often.  Fun, kind, thoughtful, energetic... I always looked forward to being in meetings with Steve, running into him in the hallways, listening to his great stories, and sharing favorite musicians.   He was a spark of positive energy, and his love for his family and for PG&E was as evident as his smile.    I knew him too briefly – and am so sad that he is gone.    My deepest condolences to his family and so many friends."

This tribute was added by Ellen Conti on 19th December 2013

"While I didn't have the privilege of working with Steve directly, we worked down the hall from one another at One Market.  He was a source of much laughter on our floor and had a definite way of bringing people together.  Some of my fondest moments with Steve occurred when I would bring my daughter to work.  She would have been 6/7 at the time. They formed an instant bond.  He would crouch down to talk to her making sure to look her right in the eye.  Maybe it was his genuine warmth that drew her in, maybe it was the twinkle he had in his eye, or maybe it was the way he made her feel that she was just as important as the next meeting he was rushing off to....I have a feeling it was all these things that we each loved about Steve and will sorely miss.  Steve was a good man and will be fondly remembered.  My heartfelt and sincerest sympathies to the Leder family."

This tribute was added by Linda Cheng on 19th December 2013

"I will remember Steve for his warmth and energy, and especially for his sense of humor.  He had an engaging personality and left a lasting impression on so many people at PG&E.  I feel fortunate to have known him and will miss his smile and infectious laughter.  My deepest condolences to Steve's family."

This tribute was added by laurie shakur on 19th December 2013

"My sincere condolences to Susie and the children.  STEVE!  You rascal! Thank you for being the best mentor and good friend.  You will be remembered for your passion, commitment and genuine love of the "game".  Family love, common sense, wisdom, deep business understanding, non-stop humor and unrelenting zeal punctuates your personal brand.  Those shoes you always took off will never be filled..."

This tribute was added by Jeremy Welland on 18th December 2013

"I am blessed to have known and spent time with Steve, a wonderful boss and a truly wonderful person. Steve had a boundless reservoir of enthusiasm and it was infectious--his smile, his conversations and his actions made you truly feel the love he showed towards others at work. One of his greatest gifts--and he had many--is the way he infused play into work at a 100-year-old company. Steve was generous, even giving up his pizza for my hungry two-year-old while we visited his family at Halloween. Steve's values shined during our company's toughest times and he placed others' needs above his own. As I think about my time with Steve, I am blessed. I will think about Steve now and many more times, and smile every time I do."

This tribute was added by Susie Martinez on 18th December 2013

"Steve's nutty wit and personality filled a room and he was always willing to share his opinion, guidance and advice to make things better.  I'm thankful and fortunate to have worked with such an amazing co-worker and friend.  Rest peacefully, Steve, and keep smiling!"

This tribute was added by Katheryn Fong on 16th December 2013

"Steve was a true PG&Er in the best sense of the family/community culture that is represented in his impact on the tributes here.  Those of us who were fortunate to work with him and benefit from his care and concern know that he was always authentic and sincere in his compassion.  Blessings and gratitude to his family for sharing him with all of us."

This tribute was added by Dwyane Little on 16th December 2013

"Wow, PG&E will be a different place without Steve. He always had a listening ear and a smile. Steve engaged everyone no matter the position whether you worked in the field or in GO. Steve saw no color and always wanted to know what you thought about how changes would affect you at the ground level. We were blessed to have him through the years. Family know that you are in our prayers."

This tribute was added by albert thomas on 16th December 2013

"I have the wonderful experience of knowing and working with Steve through 25 years as a part of the Empoyee Associations, and more recently as an HR Extended Leadership Team member.  He was a man of great character, humor, with an ongoing inquisitive nature.  He had that uncanny nack for inspiring others to always think outside of the box,  to challenge the norm,  and to always seek to be better than you are today.  He labeled me "Rockin Al"  because I took on the mantle of always challenging the norm, but doing so in a friendly manner.  I saw him as a master of resiliance,  always able to adapt to environmental changes.  I will truly miss his smile, mentoring spirit,  humor,  and friendship.  May God Bless and Comfort his family,  and may you rest in Peace ....my friend."

This tribute was added by Detrina Faletogo on 16th December 2013

"I had the great fortune of getting to know Steve over the last 8 years through the Employee Resource Groups, SF AIDS Walk and various Community Outreach events. Steve was a warm, supportive and welcoming person. He had a great way of always making you feel at home in any setting. Great sense of humor and always knew had to put a smile on your face. Thank you Steve, for sharing your positive energy! Your involvement with the community truly speaks to the compassion you felt for people. You are and will always be appreciated.You will be missed."

This tribute was added by Sarah Sasaki on 16th December 2013

"I will forever miss Steve's smile, fast talk, and ridiculous amount of energy. One of my favorite PG&E'ers. Will never forgot the banter and yells across the 23rd floor at one market that made those long days times brighter and fun."

This tribute was added by Shirley DeFrancisci on 16th December 2013

"It was a privilege to work on Steve’s team for most of this year.  I felt even luckier to work directly with Steve on two specific assignments (his department’s S2 and the creation of the HR Continuous Improvement Program.)  Steve was funny and engaging yet he asked tough questions and always expected the very best from his team.  He clearly articulated the vision he had in mind from the start of our projects but he always listened to my recommendations and was willing to make a change to his approach if the idea that I presented was better.  When this was the case, he offered enthusiastic acknowledgement and let me run with the idea which was a huge reward in and of itself.  

Steve is greatly missed here.  I send my sincerest condolences to the Leder Family and truly hope that the numerous fond memories of Steve and his legacy at PG&E provide some comfort during this difficult time."

This tribute was added by Timothy Davidson on 15th December 2013

"When we worked together at PG&E in the 1990s,phone calls from Steve would usually start with him singing the Disney classic "It's a Small World After All." Multiple times. When I would announce that I was hanging up if he continued, he would say, "How arrrree you, Timothy?!"  and then we would get into the matter at hand. All of those topics that were so urgent at the time are long forgotten, but the memory of working with Steve endures. At the end of many days, Steve would say to me, "Goodnight, John-Boy!" (as I reminded him of the TV character from "The Waltons" television show.)  Goodnight, my friend. I look forward to the many signs you will undoubtedly send our way. In return, we send our gratitude -always."

This tribute was added by Brett Knight on 14th December 2013

"I had the fortune to work with Steve for over 20 years at PG&E.  He was my boss, a colleague and a best friend - when I think of the "PG&E family" I think of Steve.   Steve's energy, humor and smile were contagious and he's one of the most genuine people I've known.  I remember so many times in his office, Steve with his shoes off, talking about work and family, or the great deal he'd just gotten on something.  Steve, you are loved and you will be missed!"

This tribute was added by Patricia Toussaint on 13th December 2013

"Steve was my first Director at PG&E.  Steve's first love and passion was for Susie, and his son and daughter.  His additional  love and passion was for other people and PG&E.  Steve never met a stranger, and always had time to keep you smiling.

He was a hard working and dedicated PG&E employee.  He seemed to have endless energy and was always on the move,  he would laugh when I called him the Energizer Bunny.  He was a great person to work for, and he was always willing to share anything he could to help you be success.  He will be missed by many.  I send love and prayers to Susie and the children."

This tribute was added by Ann Kim on 12th December 2013

"Steve and I are neighbors, and we both rode the 31BX-Balboa B Express Muni bus.  The first time we met over 16 years ago, Steve sat next to me and my then-infant son and started up a conversation.  He's as friendly with his fellow bus riders as he is with his PG&E colleagues.  

When I was an attorney on the 2011 GRC, I was delighted to learn that Steve would be one of my witnesses.  He was as fun to work with as he was to ride the bus with.  He filled every moment with joy and humor.  I was devastated to hear of his passing.  He will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Vanita Kunert on 12th December 2013

"My last interaction with Steve a couple of months ago was a humerous one in the hallway!  Steve brought his whole self to PG&E.  He delighted us with his humor and loyalty to PG&E. I remember him as an unique "trickser;"  a "one-of-kind" person, irreplacable. I experienced his serious side during Fall 2010 when we worked together closely."

This tribute was added by Kristin Cary on 11th December 2013

"Looking back on my time with Steve, as professional and stern as he would try to be, I remember nothing but smiles and laughs.  It seems Steve had an inside joke with everyone and never met a stranger, at least in the halls of PG&E.  He was always calling out nicknames and referencing jokes anytime from yesterday to 30 years ago. Often times, right in the middle of giving me a serious task, someone would walk past his office door and he would have a "squirrel!!" moment, get distracted, call out to that person and have a good laugh.  Steve went out of his way to learn the personal side of work colleagues and never forgot to smile every day.  I was sad to learn of his passing from afar and am sending warm blessings to Susie and his children, as well as his PG&E family.  Best, KC and the Sunshine"

This tribute was added by Jerilyn Gleaves on 11th December 2013

"I will miss Steve's smile.  I will always remember how he was there for me when I needed him in my early days at PG&E.  When we think about the best thing about PG&E being its people...Steve comes to mind. He will be missed."

This tribute was added by Billie Brinkley on 11th December 2013

"Steve was one of many supervisors I worked for during my time in HR.  One of the things I remember about Steve is that he always called me by my entire name.  Whenever he spoke about his wife and kids, his face would just light up and he'd have the biggest smile on his face.  I will always remember Steve's contagious smile.  God bless his family and may they remember that earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."

This tribute was added by Ananda Baron on 11th December 2013

"Steve inspired me every day. I'll never forget one of my first memories of him. Walking shoeless down the halls of One Market's 23rd floor. He was humming a Parisian jazz diddy, and chatting with everyone left on the floor... this may have been why he was still working into the evening. I remember thinking a) this guy seems cool and b) if PG&E is the type of company that allows leaders be who they are- funny, laughable, shoeless... this is the kind of company culture I can work for. This is one of many memories I will cherish every day."

This tribute was added by Levenia Lawson on 11th December 2013

"Steve was a truly fun guy. I didn’t work closely with Steve, but we had a regular morning routine. I’m an early bird coming in around 7 each day and I tend to whistle or hum the last song I listen to on my way in. I didn’t realize how much it echoes down the hall on the 2nd floor. Steve use to tease me by saying I always stared the day in a good mood and he hoped I kept it up. “We need the energy and thanks for charging me up.” I have missed seeing him each day. His smiles and jokes were something I looked forward to with the start of my day. My thought are with his family. Know that he is one more bright star in the heavens."

This tribute was added by Steve Rayburn on 11th December 2013

""Bede" and I worked together during his 29 1/2 years at PG&E. Actually, our connection started earlier since we both worked for the same beer/wine distributing ciompany loading beer trucks while in high school/college.  The Teamsers represented the drivers and we were non-union.  Our first intro to Labor Rels.  We both worked in Steam Generation HR early in our careers.  There were 3 Steves in our HR Group and Steve re-named the department Steve Generation.   It really hurts to lose him."

This tribute was added by Susie Leder on 11th December 2013

"I can't find the words to express how much everyone's word mean to me and to our children. Reading your thoughts and the moments you are taking time to share brings a smile as difficult as I am finding all of this. Steve was my best friend. He was the funnest, sweetest, most genuine person I have ever known. We have been together 32 years and his good buddy, good friend PG&E - 29 1/2.
I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Much love."

This tribute was added by katy yung on 11th December 2013

"I miss you, Steve. I was very lucky to have worked with such a special and wonderful person. When I think of Steve, I can't help but to have a huge smile on my face. His positive energy, love of life, his goofiness, and his big smile were infectious. He was such a "FUN-GI" (that was one of the jokes we shared). He's always been supportive and encouraging, and very down to earth. I'm so grateful that I got to see him this past September...it has been over 10 years and he was still the same happy, goofy Steve. I will always cherish that moment. Thank you for touching my life and many others.

Sending my prayers and condolences to Steve's family..."

This tribute was added by Bob Suehiro on 10th December 2013

"One thing I will cherish is the pleasure of knowing Steve for a long time with PG&E. We always had something to laugh about every time we met.  It became a ritual to tease and make fun of each other or tell a funny joke to get a good belly laugh.  I will miss you dearly my friend."

This tribute was added by Eric Montizambert on 10th December 2013

"During my years at PG&E, one of the highlights has been working with Steve and chatting with him on our way to various meetings.  He always had a friendly, cheerful smile and something witty to say, even during very busy times.  That’s one of the things that I’ll miss most about Steve—he had a way of brightening your day."

This tribute was added by Kim Nguyen on 10th December 2013

"Steve was a great combination of smart, strategic, funny and mischievous (who takes the time to pry out someone's workspace nameplate with a paper clip and then turn their name upside down?!)

I worked with Steve when he was chief of staff and then more closely when he returned to HR. You could always count on Steve to provide an honest answer and it was always in the spirit of doing the right thing.

We miss you, Steve! Very much."

This tribute was added by Susan Mallah on 10th December 2013

"What I am thankful for is the fact that, while Steve and I had very different personalities; his private and reserved vs. mine loud /talkative we respected each other and could give completely honest feedback. We enjoyed rattling each other's cage because we were different, but again respectful of our differences. True diversity and inclusion."

This tribute was added by Bruce Bowen on 10th December 2013

"Steve and I worked closely together on a difficult project at PG&E exactly 20 years ago.  He was always the colleague who gave the most care, help and humor to whatever we did together.   The only difficulty came when I couldn't tell whether he was giving me a hard time or just joking - I eventually learned that he was always just finding a brighter, lighter side of whatever situation we were in, and the jokes were always filled with friendship and kindness."

This tribute was added by junona jonas on 10th December 2013

"Sometimes I would not see Steve for long periods of time and then we would bump into each other (outside 77 Beale usually) and he would great me with the warmest smile and some funny remark. It was as if we had just spoken a few moments before. We would discuss some HR mishap we had experienced together and laugh. Even a mishap became a warm memory because we had shared it together. His care and consideration always came through. There are so few people we meet who leave a mark on our hearts. Steve was definitely one of those people. We will all miss him."

This tribute was added by Ken Trinh on 10th December 2013

"Steve mentored me and provided various opportunities to help me grow (and I was only one of many Steve guided in his career at PG&E).  During one of our 1:1 sessions, Steve asked what I wanted to achieve at PG&E.  I responded, "I want to follow your career path and be the future you." Steve chuckled, and as a genuine teacher, he encouraged me to dream bigger and told me he'd feel successful if all of his mentees can surpass his level of great success.  

I respect Steve for all the knowledge he had, his ability to influence at all levels, and his care for all around him.  Steve has touched countless lives, and he will forever be missed."

This tribute was added by Ramelle Ruff on 10th December 2013

""I am thankful I had the chance to work for Steve and to be mentored by him. His feedback runs through my mind all of the time - and of course his sense of humor was great. He really loved PG&E and always wanted what was best for our customers and the company.

Maybe my favorite memory of Steve was at a very windy HR picnic in Alameda a few years ago. He and Chris Pickett were flying these great, colorful kites and laughing. I had the chance to meet Steve's wife, Susie Leder that day and learn more about Istanbul. Thanks to her, we actually went to Turkey last summer and had a great time.

Sending so many positive thoughts to the Leder family. We will always miss Steve.""

This tribute was added by Laura Ghannadan on 10th December 2013

"Steve always had a way of making me feel special.  Every time I saw him in the hall he would greet me with excitement - this was an inside joke because we would run into eachother at least a few times a day, aided by the fact that his office was next door to mine.  Even though I only knew him for about one year, I felt a special bond with him.  I am so happy that I was able to know Steve, his energy, joking nature, and fun personality always left me with a huge smile."

This tribute was added by William Kwong on 10th December 2013

"About 20 years ago, Steve was my professor at SFSU. I enrolled into HR 101, hoping to find my way in the business administration concentration. Here was this professor who infused enthusiasm every night. He was the first professor who had me thinking “he really cared about teaching this course”.  He and Dr. Sullivan convinced me that HR was the way to go. Years later in 2007, I had the privilege to work for Steve at PG&E’s HR Department.  His engaging and exciting personality remained the same from the first day that I sat in his class. Occasionally, I reminded Steve that he was an easy grader, and his witty response was that he was too soft early on his teaching career. I have no doubt he had positively influenced countless students and colleagues. Thank you Steve for opening the doors for my career. My thoughts and prayes are with the Leder family."

This tribute was added by Susan Randall-Nelson on 10th December 2013

"Steve was warm, funny and my friend. He always greeted me with a smile, always.  I will miss Steve but cherish my memories of him."

This tribute was added by Eileen Chan on 10th December 2013

"Steve had a zest for life and an enthusiasm for people that was infectious. I remember taking Steve to my favorite noodle place for lunch in Chinatown.  We were served a complimentary soup, a big plate of spicy braised noodles, and to top it off, a free dessert.  I've been to this place many times, and this was the only time I received such treatment -- why?  It was the Steve Leder effect.

My sincere condolences to Steve's family."

This tribute was added by Soo Ling Youngblood on 9th December 2013

"Whenever I was in a room with Steve, he was always the person with the biggest personality, with the biggest SMILE.  There is so much I will miss about Steve.  He was on the five person panel that interviewed me for my first VP Executive Assistant job in HR 20 years ago.  It's the little things about Steve that I will remember fondly.  Whenever Steve called me on the phone, he would always say, "Hey S L, It's S L!"  And then, he would laugh.

All the best and Hugs, to Susie and the kids."

This tribute was added by Andrew Abranches on 6th December 2013

"Steve was a mentor and a guide to me when I first joined PG&E. He had a great sense of humor and an infectious smile. Will miss interacting with you Steve, but you left a mark that will not fade."

This tribute was added by James Sample on 6th December 2013

"Once again, I am reminded of the fact that God does not just give us happy moments and good things. He gives us unhappy moments and bad things too. He does it to put us through the fire, testing us with all sorts of trials and tribulations.  We may not always understand why He does so or what He has planned for us.  All we can do is remind ourselves to pray and our faith in Him remains strong regardless of all that is happening to us and around us.

Rejoice and exult in hope; be steadfast and patient in suffering and tribulation; be constant in prayer. - Romans 12:12

I will always remember Steve and he will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Marge Landreville on 6th December 2013

"Steve's personality and smile lit up a room. His energy was contagious.  I will surely miss Steve and will always remember him."

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