UPDATE JAN 12th 2021:

We have created this webpage in memory of our beloved Steve Minium. Born April 17, 1950 and passing away on January 4, 2021, he was only with us for what felt like a brief 70 years. He is loved dearly by many and will live in our hearts forever.

Please join us here in sharing your thoughts of love, memories, stories, photos, and videos with all who loved him.

Given the current COVID-19 limitations, some may feel uncomfortable attending the service. We understand and we encourage loved ones to rely on this page as an alternative to sharing his funeral services in person. We will be recording the small graveside service and uploading the video to this website for all to experience. While we will be unable to live stream, the recording will be made available as soon as possible.

Renee and Steve shared 49 blissful years of their lives together. The high-school sweethearts built a joyous life together; eventually welcoming their son, David Minium, into their lives. Steve reveled in the accomplishments of his cherished son and beamed when David started a family of his own – gaining a daughter-in-law, Marchesa, and a grandson, Jack. He treasured his time with his grandson who shared his love and affinity for American History and Civil War facts.

Steve will also be held dear by loving nieces, and nephews, cousins, friends and former colleagues.

Steve joins his parents, Fred and Helen Minium, his sister, Janet McAllister, and his brother, Dennis Minium, in sharing a heavenly eternity together.

The intimate service will be held on January 9, 2021, and 1:00 PM EST and Floral Hills Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home in Taylor Mill, Kentucky.

The family stresses that anyone attending the in-person services be masked and observe proper social distancing guidelines. We know how difficult it will be, but the family asks that hugs not be offered.

The family requests, that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the University of Cincinnati Health Barrett Cancer Center.
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Posted by Barbara Abel on April 17, 2021
Oh my...thinking of you Renee on this day. Today we would be gathering to celebrate this wonderful man's birthday...and baking him a very decadent, very rich, chocolate cake! Heaven probably has the best chocolate cake, so dear savor it! We miss you Friend.
Posted by Stan Knott on January 31, 2021
I remember watching Steve’s interest in America’s Civil War grow during the early 90’s. While it might seem strange for a fella from California to have such a passion, I recall that he was struck by those beautiful soldier letters to home.
That tells you a lot about Steve, at his core a bit of a romantic. HIs partnership with Renee and his son David entered our life when David was just 5. Renee, David, you have no idea what your families’ friendship, advice, and company meant to us. I am so sorry I pray that God will comfort you as you grieve.
Posted by Debbie Gilman on January 18, 2021
I want to express my thanks to all of you have written about Steve and what he meant to you. I am one of his cousins - we all knew he was special but those of you who worked with him give us another perspective. VERY early in his career, he rode a motorcycle and delivered news that way . . . he used to joke he was a "rider" but he'd say it like writer. His day certainly came and all of us were blessed by the professional side of him, too. Thinking so much of Renee and wishing her love and blessings that surround her at this difficult time. Also David and his family, too. Love you, "Cuz", forever missed.
Posted by Jim Berman on January 17, 2021
I first met Steve back in 2001, shortly after The Ackerley Group was sold to Clear Channel. Steve came to Syracuse to meet the GMs and News Directors who were part of the New York Region.  I was running the NBC station in Elmira, NY, my first General Manager’s job, and I was a little nervous because I wanted to make a good impression on Steve and the Clear Channel folks.  Steve and I really hit it off.  He had incredible insights into how we could take what we had built and make it better.  As a rookie GM, his insights were invaluable to me. I learned about the qualities that make great journalists and great newsrooms, and those lessons have served me to this day. 

Then, our paths would cross again. In 2006, I had an opportunity to return to Clear Channel, this time at the CBS station in Harrisburg.  It was a difficult decision as to whether I wanted to leave where I was in Savannah, but it was the amazing Clear Channel management team that made me realize it was time to return home.  And when I looked at all the reasons making this move would be a good one for me, right at the top of that list was that I would have a chance to once again work with my mentor and friend Steve.  Shortly after returning, Clear Channel decided to get out of the TV business. But even though it was just for a short time, it was all well worth it for me to be able to work with Steve once more.

Then, I got one more chance to work with Steve, in 2013. At that time, Steve was working with Larry and Stephanie Rickel at the Broadcast Image Group, and I was at my current job here in Sioux Falls.  To see Steve again after several years, and to have a chance to have him consult our station, was just an invaluable experience for me, my news director and my entire newsroom.  I didn’t realize it then, but that would be the last time I would see him.

I was just so broken up when I heard the news about Steve’s passing. He was a mentor to me and a friend.  I know I wasn’t alone in feeling that way.  I was in a great club of Steve Minium fans who were blessed by his expertise and his friendship. I am a better manager because of him, no question. 

My deepest sympathies to Steve’s family and all that knew him and loved him.  I will never forget him. 
Posted by Barbara Abel on January 14, 2021
Dear Renae and David, Chesa and Jack. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you navigate one day at a time without dear Steve. We will miss him so...our dinners together, the camping trips, shooting a little pool downstairs, or just sitting and visiting. The 4x4 trips will always be remembered with chuckles....Steve, sometimes you need to put the machine in 4WD or get winched out! But then a sip of Butterschnaps made everything better. The rides won't be the same...the campfires won't be the same...but you will still be there with us Steve; and we'll lift a toast to you my friend! R.I.P. dear Steve. And hugs to his family.
Posted by Gloria Taub on January 12, 2021
Dearest Renee and family,
I am absolutely heartbroken to hear of Steve’s passing.
I have nothing but great, funny memories of him.
Nearly 40 years ago, he took me under his wing and tried to reach me the news. We worked in the wildest newsroom in the Wild West and I’ll always treasure those days.
You two were then and even now the cutest couple - devoted and in love.
I’m so sorry for your loss
I pray his memory will bring you comfort and joy
Posted by Teresa Rowlee on January 12, 2021
I first was introduced to Steve when he was a News Director in Palm Springs and I was a recruiter at Broadcast Image Group. Let me qualify “introduced” I’d leave messages for him and he wouldn’t return my calls. When he was hired at BIG as a fellow recruiter one day he said to me, “ I can’t get this News Director to return my calls, can you imagine?” I gave him a knowing look and then we both burst out laughing. I will miss his laugh and his kindness. Peace be with you brother. TAR
Posted by Cal Callaway on January 12, 2021
Renee and David, I really can't put into words the impact that Steve has had on my life, both professionally and personally. I have spent the last week and a half thinking about so many wonderful memories in Birmingham and somehow, Steve was at the center of it all. He truly led by example by showing us how to be a great news manager who could demand a lot but still find a way to make it fun with a lot of laughs. Not too many bosses would get up at 6am to play tennis with the staff, but he did and that's just one of the ways he built a great team. Steve simply was the best. He will always be one of the most important people in my life, and I feel honored to have him as a friend and mentor.
Posted by Linda Lee Ozuna on January 11, 2021
Steve brought integrity, humor and compassion to every day of life. I looked forward to his visits when he was a BIG client and the stories he shared over breakfast tacos at the big conference table. I was also lucky to work with Steve during his time at BIG. I remember fondly our walks around Alamo Heights, conversations over coffee in the Rickel kitchen, a shared loved of the Container Store and the times we were able to connect in Colorado. The next time I drive over Kenosha pass and wind down to Buena Vista, I will think of Steve and smile at the memories. 
Posted by Warren Cereghino on January 11, 2021
Steve began his TV news journey at KNBC/4 in Los Angeles when he was an undergraduate at Cal State - Los Angeles and a motorcycle courier for NBC News/KNBC News. Once, his bike was stolen one night while he was in class at CSULA. Steve was resolute to keep earning a paycheck AND to earn his degree.

As soon as he graduated, he turned in his motorcycle and announced that he was now a newswriter. Our newsroom put him to work, but that was temporary and soon thereafter he began his career in earnest by becoming the Assignment Editor at one of the Phoenix stations.

Over the years I would run into him at news conventions and I was always glad to see him. His career was impressive because HE was impressive. I send my condolences to his family, and I will look to that Great Newsroom in the Sky to see what he's up to. RIP, friend.
Posted by Julie Anne on January 9, 2021
Steve, Love you cousin, love Renee, David, Marchesa and sweet precious Jack. Today is a hard day for us all, especially your bride and your children. You brought so much laughter and love into all of our lives. As cousins, you are like a brother! You will be missed so much. You left us too soon!  Always and forever, love you, Rick and Julie
Posted by Alison Anderson on January 9, 2021
Where to start with a tribute to Steve?
Both Steve and Renee welcomed us into their lives as “long lost cousins” over twenty years ago. We have been fortunate to visit them in USA and reciprocate the hospitality here in Scotland. Turns out Steve’s history of Scotland was better than ours!
We had many happy and hilarious times together. Usually the fun was when our accents were lost in translation.
Generous, funny and sincere are all words to describe Steve, but most of all he was loving and considerate.
Proud to call him an honorary Scotsman.
Alan & Alison
Posted by Micah Minium on January 9, 2021
Uncle Steve was an amazing person. While his stories and his passion for history drew me in, his love for Aunt Renee and David and then Chessa and Jack were inspirational. His love was boundless it seemed and he embraced every opportunity to share that love. He loved Aunt Renee so much, it was amazing to watch them together and know that they were still so obviously best friends. He was so proud of David, rightfully so, and used to excitedly talk about Chessa and Jack and how the family was growing in such a wonderful way. He used to tell me stories about how he would teach journalists and others throughout his career and every time I had the chance to be with him, I walked away a better person because of what he taught me. His mark was indelible and I will miss him terribly.

I love you, Uncle Steve, and I’m so blessed to have had you in my life.

Aunt Renee, I’m so sorry for your loss and you are in my thoughts and heart every day.

And David, I’m sorry for your loss and you are also in my thoughts and my heart everyday.

And Chessa and Jack, he loved you so much. I’m so sorry for your loss.

I love you all so much.
Posted by Gordon Anderson on January 9, 2021
Steve was a fantastic man, full of the fun things in life. Really proud to have known him and to call him our cousin and friend.

I have fantastic memories of adventures with Steve, Renee and David over many summers, which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Our true Scotsman at heart.

Posted by Dennison Keller on January 9, 2021
   Steve was one of the giants in my life. He hired me as a reporter and brought me back home to Cincinnati. That fact in and of itself was stunning to me because he did so even though I had divulged to him in the interview that my wife was expecting triplets. I'll never forget the look on the faces of Steve and Renee in Paul Brown Stadium, when Renee innocently asked, "Do you have any children?" "My wife is expecting now", I replied. "Your first?" - "First, second and third!"  He knew that I was not going to be on the top of my game for a while, and yet he hired me anyway. 
   After they were born on a Saturday, I called Steve on Monday, and told him I was ready to come back to work on Tuesday. I'll never forget his reply. "What?! Are you out of your mind?! Your wife just bore you triplet sons. She needs you. They need you." I explained that I was a new employee and I want to make a good impression. But he insisted, "son, one thing I've learned is that you need to get your house settled. If you aren't happy and productive at home, you'll never be a happy and productive employee. Take as much time as you think you need, and you call me when you think you are ready to come back." It was an extraordinary gesture for any boss, let alone one in TV news.
   Years later, when I graduated from law school, Steve and Renee gave me a lovely Watercrest pen as a gift. I literally use it every day in my practice, and do so intentionally so that I can remind myself of Steve and the standards he set on how to be a great boss......and a great man. Rest in peace my friend. Your legacy lives on. 
Posted by Paula Marie on January 8, 2021
For some reason the very day I heard of Steve's passing I had been thinking about him. I wondered what he saw in me that made him so encouraging. I have thought of him so much over the years, and would say to myself "what would Steve think." His love for journalism and truth was admirable.   

His love of family was remarkable. As a new reporter it wasn't long before he told me Renee was the "love of his life" and David was the "light of his life." In recent years I heard about his love for his growing family. 

I know you all felt that. I am sorry for your loss, but happy for the love you all shared.
Posted by Richard Lett on January 8, 2021
We will truly miss Steve's wit, sense of humor and banter around the campfire. Never a better way to spend a weekend than camping, riding the side by sides, and most of all, the evenings around the campfires with Steve. We will cherish the memories. Rest in peace friend. Rich & Kay
Posted by Laura Greenberg on January 8, 2021
Steve was such a special person and while we met through our business relationship, some our most cherished memories are those with Steve and Renee in Colorado, San Antonio, Cincinnati, and visiting us in NY. Steve and Dan covered many miles on the road together at TV station visits. We learned so much from Steve and enjoyed his stories, his company, his wisdom, his humor and his love of life and the people most special to him. He will be missed by so many, because he was a blessing to anyone who met him. 
Posted by Brad Johansen on January 8, 2021
Dear Renee, David and family-
I am so sorry for your loss but so confident and encouraged to know Steve is home and at peace.
He was foolish enough to hire me twice. He was a mentor, a leader, a teacher, a passionate journalist and a tremendously loving friend. I miss his steady resolve, his bad jokes, his compassionate warmth, and his infectious laugh. I am grateful for all he did for me and will miss him dearly.
Blessings to you always!
Posted by Jane Stephens on January 7, 2021
Dear Renee, David and Family,

I am heartbroken to hear of Steve’s passing.  He was a wonderful person. I know he was tough...I witnessed it but he wanted the best product that could go on air. That is the way it should be. 

Every year at local 12 we had an auction to raise money for the United Way. Every year Steve would offer up a lunch at the Maisonette. Every year I won. I loved sharing a lovely lunch at a great place with a fabulous human being.

Renee, I remember when you all came out to Monterey and came to my new home to share in a few glasses of wine.  You gave me a house warming gift.  It was an olive ceramic tray. I use it as a spoon holder on my stove top and will forever.  It reminds me of you all. He will be so missed and I am so very sorry for your all’s loss.
Posted by Debbie Gilman on January 7, 2021
Steve and I were cousins and good friends. Very special times growing up, never forgotten. I'll always remember his smile, his laughter and the way he cared. He and Renee got me through some of the Vietnam days. 

One cute story: Christmas of 1975, knock on our front door. Phone call had told me, "let Tommy answer the door". There was Steve with a gift in his hand, told Tommy "Santa passed me up the mountain and told me to give this gift to you!" Very special to a 5 yr. old. I don't even remember the circumstances, I was very pregnant with Kevin. He and Renee must have been traveling through, probably with Uncle Fred and Aunt Helen. 
Posted by Hoyt Andres on January 7, 2021
I knew Steve when we both worked at WBRC. He was the News Director and I was Sales Manager.

He was a real friend and confidant. He will be missed by all of us who knew him.
Posted by Janet Hall-O'Neil on January 7, 2021
Steve Minium was an amazing man with a foundational impact on my life. As a fledgling news anchor he gave me the guidance and confidence that led me through a 40 year career. Steve set the standard for integrity in and outside the newsroom. Most crucial was his ability to be a demanding boss, to be serious about journalism, and at the same time laugh, connect and have fun in the moment. He will forever be in my all-star fantasy newsroom. My prayer is that the Minium family will take comfort in knowing Steve's legacy lives on in the work of thousands of journalists lucky enough to have known him.
Posted by Tiffani Sherman on January 6, 2021
Renee, David, and other family,

Thanks for sharing Steve with the rest of us. He was an amazing boss who taught me so much about both the news business and life in general. May his memory be a blessing.
Posted by Don Perry on January 6, 2021
To Renee, David, Marchesa, Jack and Steve’s other family members, I offer my sincere condolences on your loss. Steve was a colleague of mine for about 10 years and a friend for 20.

I’ll always remember Steve as a remarkable newsman, a gifted leader, and a sought after teacher and mentor, but most importantly I’ll remember him for his character and integrity. Ironic that as I sit here today watching the democracy of our country fraying at the edges (in no small measure because of the lack of honor for truth by so much of traditional and social media), I remember dozens of meetings and editorial discussions with Steve where he would impose his sense of fairness, decency and truth on all present. It was painful at times, but never wrong! It was a gift to all who were lucky enough to be in Steve’s presence.

I’ll also remember Steve for his insatiable curiosity about everything: environmental matters, 70’s music, Hispanic culture, trains, gun legislation, Apple products, old motorcycles, funny movies and Austrian lederhosen. (You’d have to know him pretty well for that last item!) But most of all I’ll remember Steve for his unabashed and unconditional love for “the love of his life”, Renee. He would tell anyone who asked that he hit the jackpot with her, and I couldn’t agree more.

I’ll really miss Steve but will always remember him fondly and will try to live a life that he’d be proud of. His friendship and integrity have given me the tools.
Posted by Brian Pia on January 6, 2021
Steve was one of the best bosses I’ve ever had. He was a TV News genius. I learned so much from him.

But, I will always remember his kindness and that hearty laugh. I remember how Steve, Stan Knott, Cal Callaway and I got up early in the morning to play tennis before work.

How many people play tennis with their boss? But that was the kind of guy Steve was. If you had a great shot that he couldn’t return, he would always laugh and complement you. He was a comedian on the court. We had a blast.

And we looked forward to going to work. We knew we had to work hard and beat the competition. But Steve made work an absolute joy.

I also remember going to lunch at a local steakhouse with Steve and others from work. He obsessed over what he called, “The big, fat yeast rolls.” Again, how many employees have that kind of an enjoyable relationship with their boss? It rarely happens these days.

I was so saddened to learn of Steve’s passing. He was one of a kind. But I know he’s in a better place — laughing — and making others laugh along with him.

My deepest condolences to your family. I recently lost both of my parents. It wasn’t easy. But I’ve learned that the best way to cope is to focus on the good times.

You see, death is really just a blip on the radar screen of life. There are literally decades of happy memories. If you focus on them — for no reason at all — you might just find yourself laughing. And that is the best way to remember Steve.

I wish you decades of happy memories.
Posted by Elbert Tucker on January 6, 2021
A tremendous man. First and foremost, Steve was a loving husband and father. He is the single greatest influence on my career - and I would not be where I am today without him. But Steve's incredible influence on me reaches far outside of television. He touched many, many lives and we are all heartbroken.

Sending our love and prayers for peace and resolve.

Elbert, Janice, Faith and Reed.
Posted by Jeff Hirsh on January 6, 2021
Steve set the standard for news coverage in Cincinnati. He was not only my boss but was also a friend. Sincere condolences to his family. 
Posted by Rod Cober on January 6, 2021
Renee and David:

We have thought of you so often since you moved away from out little neighborhood, where we made so many wonderful memories together. We can't think of Steve, without thinking of all three of you - you were such a great family together! That is the way Steve wanted it! God bless him -- and both of you.
Posted by Bill Evans on January 6, 2021
I competed against Steve in the news business in Birmingham, but my fondest memory is sharing pie and motorcycle tales at a diner in Buena Vista, CO. He was a top-notch journalist and a better friend. You are missed.
Posted by Kelly Leon on January 6, 2021
Renee and David my heart breaks for you. Steve was a boss that I will never forget and to whom I owe a great deal of gratitude. He gave me opportunity and responsibility that allowed me to grow and thrive. Most important, he had confidence in me and in my ability to be a contributing and successful member of his leadership team. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. What a gift. His love for his family is legendary. I remember being at your home for Saturday morning brainstorming meetings that included a homemade breakfast prepared by Renee. You were a team and your commitment to one another was, and remains, inspiring to me. May your cherished memories comfort you. Sending love and prayers.
Posted by Receene Abel on January 6, 2021
You were as much family to us as our own flesh and blood. It will be so very hard to have those first gatherings without you. We love you and miss you.
Posted by Mike Buresh on January 6, 2021
Our relationship started out professionally & was complicated at first. It flourished into something that I relish to this day - both in my career but especially personally.
Posted by Deborah Dixon on January 6, 2021
Steve helped me be a better reporter. His friendship helped me be a better person.
Posted by David Minium on January 6, 2021
I miss you so much.

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Recent Tributes
Posted by Barbara Abel on April 17, 2021
Oh my...thinking of you Renee on this day. Today we would be gathering to celebrate this wonderful man's birthday...and baking him a very decadent, very rich, chocolate cake! Heaven probably has the best chocolate cake, so dear savor it! We miss you Friend.
Posted by Stan Knott on January 31, 2021
I remember watching Steve’s interest in America’s Civil War grow during the early 90’s. While it might seem strange for a fella from California to have such a passion, I recall that he was struck by those beautiful soldier letters to home.
That tells you a lot about Steve, at his core a bit of a romantic. HIs partnership with Renee and his son David entered our life when David was just 5. Renee, David, you have no idea what your families’ friendship, advice, and company meant to us. I am so sorry I pray that God will comfort you as you grieve.
Posted by Debbie Gilman on January 18, 2021
I want to express my thanks to all of you have written about Steve and what he meant to you. I am one of his cousins - we all knew he was special but those of you who worked with him give us another perspective. VERY early in his career, he rode a motorcycle and delivered news that way . . . he used to joke he was a "rider" but he'd say it like writer. His day certainly came and all of us were blessed by the professional side of him, too. Thinking so much of Renee and wishing her love and blessings that surround her at this difficult time. Also David and his family, too. Love you, "Cuz", forever missed.
his Life

Growing Up

Steve Alan Minium was raised in Southern California by his wonderful parents, Helen and Fred. The Great Depression had enticed his parents westward, while much of the family stayed in South Dakota. Steve’s birth was a welcomed surprise late in his parent’s life. His brother Dennis and sister Janet were married and off raising their own children during Steve’s youth, and their children seemed more like siblings to Steve, rather than nieces and nephews. Steve and his family had an unwavering faith in God and spent their time worshiping at Faith Presbyterian Church.

Steve spent much of his young life gallivanting around the country with his parents in their small trailer camping and visiting family. They found many adventures in South Dakota while visiting all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins. Steve wasted no opportunities. At pit-stops, you could find him running off with a fishing pole. It was at this time he started cataloging favorite spots along his travels. Anyone looking for an A&W Rootbeer Stand should check Steve’s registry for which location is best.

He was an avid journalist from a very young age – a humorous foreshadowing for his adult life. Aside from life events, he kept a ledger of his gambling victories while playing his Uncle Irwin in South Dakota. One account detailed an evening that Steve came upon quite a losing streak. Uncle Irwin had won most of Steve’s vacation money that night. Steve convinced Uncle Irwin to continue playing, and after many hours, he had broken even. Uncle Irwin was quite spent the following day. Steve’s love for gambling continued through adulthood – charmed by craps; a game his brother-in-law Pat Kennedy taught him.

There were so many activities and hobbies to keep him busy during his childhood. Steve’s journaling blossomed into writing and poetry over time. Rock hounding in the Southern California desert was an enjoyed pastime. He dabbled in jewelry making, CB radio communications, camping and fishing. He fearlessly played center on his high school football team. He played the saxophone in the school band, but drumming was his true passion and was sure to have access to a set wherever he settled. Even through adulthood, Steve continued honing his drumming talents. He believed that a loud rock and roll jam session and a good bourbon was the next best thing to being Mick Fleetwood himself.


Steve met the love of his life, Renee, as a teen and married her in 1971. Happily, the families of the high school sweethearts already knew one another. The households quickly became one large family unit; spending weekends together riding dune buggies and dirt bikes, camping, and off-roading. The pair settled in Hollydale, California. Every story Steve shared of his and Renee’s young life together was filled with a pure love and thankfulness that only a soulmate could describe of his dearest.

Early on in Steve’s lengthy career, he worked at KNBC in Los Angeles as a News Film Courier. He shared stories of his wild escapades, winding his motorcycle through Southern California traffic, in hopes that he deliver the accompanying news film, back to the station in time for airing. During this time, he completed his degree in Broadcasting at California State University at Los Angeles. Capitalizing on his superior writing talents, he advanced in his career into vacation relief news writer for KNBC. Later, he advanced to a producer at KOOL tv in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was in Phoenix that Steve and Renee became parents. In 1984, they welcomed their son David into the world – an event that would forever bring a joy and satisfaction for Steve and Renee that they never knew possible. He lived for his family; being a father; being a husband; being a family man. He nurtured and provided for his family, watching his only son grow into a thoughtful, loving, responsible man. He basked in his son’s successes and picked him up after his disappointments. Twenty-eight years after he welcomed his son into the world, Steve became a grandfather. In this child, Jack, he found a fellow Civil War buff and American History enthusiast. He always had a captivated audience sharing any of the endless stories and facts of our history. He became a father-in-law to his son’s wife, Marchesa – although he would argue that there was no “in-law” about it, only the natural feeling of a father’s love for a daughter.


Steve and Renee spent more than 20 years keeping a home in a small Colorado community in the Rocky Mountains. In their later years, the pair would spend several months in Colorado, and then return to Kentucky, where their son and his family had settled. In Colorado, they spent a great deal of time with new friends and loved ones made. They camped in the Colorado high country with the dear friends they discovered and the informal family spent countless hours together exploring the wild country and wilderness in their off-road vehicles.

In 2019, Steve and Renee made the decision to permanently migrate back to Kentucky to be nearer to their children and grandson. The pair were adopted by their kid’s neighborhood – becoming a staple of many street fires, cookouts, Halloween nights, and other festivities. Steve insisted the family watch Christmas Vacation after Thanksgiving, and The Polar Express before Christmas. He loved all music and would listen to the complete Handel’s Messiah the day following each Thanksgiving. He loved his traditions and he loved sharing his joys with us all.

In his final months, Steve stayed tough. His spirit stayed bright and strong all along the way. His final days were filled will love and support, family and affections. He passed peacefully in his sleep during the wee hours of the morning, surrounded by those that loved him dearly.

Recent stories

Steve the teacher and leader!

Shared by Hank Hundemer on January 15, 2021
I worked in Engineering when Steve was News Director at WKRC-TV in Cincinnati. 

Amazing person.  Caring.  Smart.  Teacher.  Leader. 

Working with Steve made me better - a better engineer, better at making someone else smile, better equipt to handle a personal, or personnel, problem... just "better."

"Let's take the newscast on the road" he would say.  We'd spend the next weeks becoming better engineers to make that happen.

"Election night is all about the numbers.  I want them on our air faster." ... two pieces from Steve in there: 1) news coverage on election night is "all about the numbers" and 2) we needed them faster than our competitor had them."

Oh, we had fun.  It was a great time to be at the "Tall 12" and Steve was a large part of that.

He will be missed.

My Good Old Friend

Shared by Mark Overstreet on January 12, 2021
We were classmates at Paramount High School, Renee was a grade behind us, 1965-1968. We became good friends when we worked at the Tastee Freeze, the hangout for P.H.S. students.  Working with Steve made the job more pleasure than work because we had so much fun and Steve was a funny guy.  He bought a "ham radio" for his car and we had fun with that. His handle was "Onion Ring" because we served onion rings. I had to take his Friday night shifts because he was on the varsity football team that played on Friday nights. Then on Saturdays I'd listen to Steve tell us the play by play of the game.  Steve said that he couldn't believe how nervous he got running out onto the field at the start of the game and then to make sure that he got the ball into the quarterback's hands before blocking some 255 pound tackle. He was also on the school's wrestling team.
Steve was a well rounded student, being a member of the Varsity Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Interact Club, and was a Foreign Exchange Student.  He was also a Boy Scout.  
Steve, Renee and I doubled dated and sometimes I was a "third wheel" as I went to church with them and then out to lunch at Chris and Pitts BBQ.  Steve and some of us guys would play cards until late in the morning at his parents house.  He invited me to dinner a few times and that made me feel special.  We'd talk about what we wanted to do with our lives and what the future held in store for us, college, work, and always helping others.  Steve was a positive influence on me and I am thankful for that. He got a job at one of the television studios and was a "runner" for the news media.  He rode a motor cycle and would pick up the film from a news scene and take it back to the studio for editing (not like today with wireless).  He took me to the studio one day and me in as a guest.  Steve was the type of guy that people would have thought that he was the news anchor.  he and Renee married and would invite me over and we'd play board games and share a glass of wine.  When I got back from my military service we lost touch and they had moved out of Southern Calif.  We did get connected again via social media and had some very nice communications over the years. I read though them again, last night.  I'd like to write him one more time...  I have much more to say.  God Bless Steve and all those who he loved and those who love him.
Shared by Ellen Ritter on January 10, 2021
Steve Minium was my boss and a dear friend. He hired me at breakfast at a pancake house after Rob suggested he talk to me. He asked me when I could start and I said tomorrow. So, next day I walked into the newsroom and he said “there’s your desk”and walked away! The desk had nothing on it nor in it! I thought to myself ,where is that lovely man I had breakfast with?   I learned early on he had complete trust in me to do my job. His expectation level for everyone was so high that everyone excelled. 
At one point, morale in the newsroom was low and most folks were hoping Steve would acknowledge their hard work. So I suggested carefully to Steve that maybe a small token of appreciation to the reporters would be good. He looked at me and said “What am I supposed to do? Thank them for doing their G...D job?”  Obviously he did as Rich has posted. 
Steve was always light years ahead of the competition and I was in awe of his wisdom and intelligence. I was also in awe of what a wonderful marriage and family he had. 
Job well done Steve Minium. I shall miss you.