• 61 years old
  • Born on October 20, 1953 in Louisiana, United States.
  • Passed away on January 3, 2015 in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Please add your memories, photos, audio, and video remembrances to this tribute to Mr. Wonderful, also known as Steve C. Richardson.  For Tate's sake and future interest in his Dad's life and history, please share all of your recollections, thoughts, stories and more.  You should be able to upload video and/or photos, too. 

Posted by Molly Caldwell Gordon on 20th October 2015
Back in 1975 I was dealing cards at a Harrah's casino in Lake Tahoe. Steve came and freeloaded for a month. Judge Jim came to visit while he was there (why, I have no idea) This was when 40ish something men were wearing jumpsuits. (Think cleaned up garage mechanic) Wayne Newton was head-lining at the casino and when the Judge saw Wayne in a jumpsuit , we never saw him wear his again.
Posted by Susan Nickerson on 19th October 2015
As we approach what would have been Steve's 62nd birthday, I am consumed with thoughts of Steve, memories from our years of friendships, lots of laughs and shenanigans, and a dose of exasperation and "oh, that's Steve for ya." Miss you, Mr. Wonderful.
Posted by Scott Andrews on 29th April 2015
In the late 1980's and early 1990's I led a Bible study at Hollywood Presbyterian. Steve was a regular. Eventually we all took turns leading the discussion. Steve was always thoughtful, thorough and asked great, insightful questions. I will always appreciate his honesty and authenticity. He also entrusted me with his grandmother's Chocolate Chess Pie recipe, which I hold in high regard and with deep gratitude.
Posted by Stephen Stringer on 22nd January 2015
Steve was one of my best friends while growing up in Bog. We shared a lot of good times and a considerable amount of mischief, but somehow we survived it all. He was gifted and his wit, charm, and intelligence were gifts his friends were truly fortunate to experience.
Posted by Tom Richardson on 20th January 2015
Steve was my 1st cousin. He was 7 years older. To say I idolized him is an understatement. The mention of his time as a Senate page in the "About" section of this site brings back the memory of his story about coming in contact with Spiro Agnew's ass (pretty sure it was Agnew and that it was an accident). I let everyone I knew, including my elementary school teacher, that my cousin Steve touched Spiro Agnew's ass - they weren't nearly as impressed as I expected. Tate, you won't remember, but we met once when you were an infant and I made a short visit to NYC. Did your father tell you about the rocking chair? The one Ruby rocked both your father and grandfather in when they were babies? I sat with you in that chair. As you know and as anyone who knew him will tell you, your Dad was a fantastic guy. Also know that when you came along it changed his world.
Posted by Samuel Kirschner on 6th January 2015
I met Steve at a Thanks-Giving dinner @ Barbara Ensor's house in Brooklyn in November 2014. From the moment I entered the house until I left, my attention was captured by Steve & Tate's loving relationship. I think the video I took of Tate's impromptu performance speaks louder than words. I would love to post it on this website.
Posted by Ardie Cesario on 6th January 2015
Steve was a hell of a guy. He survived Bogalusa and made his mark on the world. A lot of folks will miss him but his spirit will live on in Tate. What a guy.....hope he found his bliss. Can never eat an oyster po-boy without thinking of him.

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