Let the memory of Steve be with us forever
  • 54 years old
  • Born on May 14, 1959 in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Passed away on July 3, 2013 in Londonderry, New Hampshire, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Steve Rossignol, 54, born on May 14, 1959 and passed away on July 3, 2013. We will remember him forever. Please feel free to add your own personal Photos and Videos and your stories that you shared with Steve.

Posted by Barry Rossignol on May 14, 2019
Happy 60th Birthday little brother. Man I miss you so much and Mom too. We will be together again someday, you just beat me to it but we will celebrate like we use to when we were young. For now I just wanted to say I love and miss you brother.......
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on May 14, 2019
True Love ❤️ of My Life with every heartbeat I love you. You are in My heart since the day you came into my life became my best friend, companion, father of our boys. You gave my life so much meaning. I life I never thought possible. The memories you given me will truly be the very best of what TrUe LoVe really is and stay with me Forever. I wish you were here so I can embrace you and wish you a Very Happy Birthday. I know you are watching over us and can see and be proud of how Great we are all doing. I Love and Miss you so very much. Happy Birthday in Heaven my Love ❤️
Posted by Barry Rossignol on December 25, 2018
Merry Christmas Steve, and I miss you my little brother. May our time apart be a short one as I miss you very much. Can't believe its been over 5 years since you left and Just wanted ti wish you a Happy 2018 Merry Christmas Bro!
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on May 23, 2018
My beautiful handsome husband ❤️. Happy Birthday in heaven
Posted by Barry Rossignol on May 14, 2018
Happy 59th Birthday little brother. Time is flying down here, and I am almost ready to retire. Looking forward to some lazy days with that fishing pole in my hand. Sure wish I could have a drink with ya on your special day-----born in 1959 and you would be 59-- I love and miss you lots and we will soon meet again...............
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on July 3, 2017
My beautiful sweet loving Steve. I believe so much in my heart ❤️ that we will meet again. I also know you're seeing us from above and looking out for us always. Truly forever missed and never forgotten. Boys are doing great and honoring you. Love ❤️ you very much Forever
Posted by Barry Rossignol on July 3, 2017
Hi Steve, and another year passes and I miss you more and more. I sure wish I could say hello brother just one more time while I live down here and you are soaring with your wings. I think of you often and can't wait to see you. Heres a hello from Josh too....he misses you too!!!
Posted by Barry Rossignol on May 14, 2017
Hey Steve, just wanted to wish you a special-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY-- This would of been your 58th birthday brother and I miss you so much. I hope your Angel wings have grown and your soaring in heaven like an eagle Brother......Hugs and I Love You Steve..
Posted by Lola Santos on July 4, 2016
Para dedo la verdad que no tengo palabras que decir sólo te digo que estás en el paraíso que eres nuestro ángel guardián igual que mi padre sólo te digo que se te extraña se te quiere ya pasado tres anos pero para mí parece que fue ayer Que mi Dios te bendiga. Y están vela que te alumbra. Alumbramos a nosotros con ella para ir por el buen camino y de todo mal. Siempre se te extrañará que descanse en paz Steve +
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on July 4, 2016
It's so very hard to believe you are no longer here. Words can never describe how this makes me feel. You've passed on to the other side, though I wish you could still be here with us. You were a remarkable man dependable, loving and caring and You were the center of my world you were definitely one in million to me, You made me laugh, you made me smile. You were my companion and dear friend. You were a wonderful husband and father from beginning to end. Your love showed me how good life could be. You're passing showed me how cruel life sometimes is. But good or bad, life has to go on even though it's not easy to carry-on. Forever you will live on in my heart and mind. Forever you live in my thoughts and never die. With love always, I remember you.....with beautiful memories, I think of you.....With the biggest hope I believe we will meet again. Somewhere, somehow. Rest in peace my love. LOVE you for always Me! ❤️
Posted by Mike V on July 4, 2016
You are still in our thoughts. At every bbq, party, and holiday. Can't believe it's been 3 years. Keep looking out for us up there. Miss you buddy.
Posted by Barry Rossignol on July 3, 2016
Hey little brother, been 3 long years and I miss you and talking to you. I hope to see you soon. Your wings in heaven have grown and I hope you are flying like an eagle now. Take care my little bro and see you later......
Posted by Jeff Rossignol on July 3, 2016
Hey Steven. Miss you much. Playing at a large party tonight. I shall dedicate "Wish You Were Here" to you. I do wish you were still here.
Posted by Violet Tedesco on July 3, 2016
Hey Steve just wanted to let u know that I have not forgotten u, I miss the good old days n I know that Gloria n the kids miss u a whole bunch. May u RIP
Posted by Barry Rossignol on May 15, 2016
Happy 57th Birthday my little brother. You are so missed by everyone and I so much miss talking to you. I think about you very often and I hope to see you when my time comes.
Posted by Violet Tedesco on July 4, 2015
Remembering you today with love n good memories. You will never be forgotten n may you continue to Rest In Peace
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on July 4, 2015
True love of my life, our angel in heaven. 2 years ago today you were sent to heaven. I believe way to soon but I have to believe, there is a great purpose for your early departure. I definitely know you are no longer suffering in pain and doing a lot better than even some of us here. I know I'm being selfish when all I do is ask that you were still with us. What else can you want when you love someone so much. RIP my beautiful man. One day we will be reunited. ❤️
Posted by Mike V on May 17, 2015
Happy belated birthday Steve. I bet your enjoying these playoffs. Bring the Rangers some luck eh. Hope you're keeping a watchful eye over Alexa and I during these tough times for police officers. Ur still in our hearts.
Posted by Barry Rossignol on May 14, 2015
Hey Steve, took me a while to write something today as it would of been your 56th birthday and I have a hard time in between crying cuz I cant talk to you and I miss you so much. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday my little brother and I do think of you often. I will see you again but I am not ready yet so you'll have to wait for me Bro---- Love you Steve
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on May 14, 2015
Happy birthday in heaven, love of my life, father of our beautiful boys, and my true best friend! Nice chat with our boys about past birthdays. The best memory for us when you turned 50 & we put close to that amount on your cake. You were freaking out and boys got a great kick out of it. It only took three tries for you to blow them all out. We laughed so much. Every one of your birthdays I've shared with you have been pure joy. Seeing you act like a kid was the biggest joy of my life. Till we meet again! Love you for always.
Posted by Violet Tedesco on May 14, 2015
Happy Birthday Steve
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on March 11, 2015
As I do every day my LOVE, miss you to pieces and just wanted to let you know. I know you do. Xoxox my love!!
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on January 18, 2015
Posted by Maurice Santos on January 18, 2015
God BLeSS U SteVe R.I.P. Motor Boat awaY .
Posted by Jeff Rossignol on January 18, 2015
Thinking of you big bro. Going through a lot of changes in my life. Closing old chapters/opening new ones....it's all good.
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on November 18, 2014
Wishing to see you in my dreams on my birthday and for it to actually happen, ment so very much to me. Had a beautiful day with the boys and a very nice visit from Corinne. Remembering you always and the home made cards with the nuttiest poems. I saved them all and enjoyed reading them last night. Miss you so very much and love you forever!
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on September 23, 2014
I seriously can't stress how much I miss you boo. Lol. I'm thinking of the time i lost my phone and you told me someone called and asked "are you my boo?" That was hilarious. And we got my phone back. Lol
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on September 20, 2014
Just wanna say I love and miss you a great deal.
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on September 5, 2014
I LOVE you!!!!!
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on August 14, 2014
To my better half, true love of my life. A year without you present but definately in my heart and mind every single day (that has never changed for years) . I visited this website on your anniversary mainly to look at the your pictures. Yes its still very hard to believe. I still dream with you almost everyday and love it! I'm doing better as you can see but I do miss you so very much! I LOVE you forever Steve!!!!
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on May 15, 2014
What a day. We were just non stop. From the moment we got up. Project for Vinny (which he was confused about) not due till June. Making my yearly donation for staff appreciation at the school of arroz con pollo, summer shopping for the boys (yup, always thinking of them before myself. That will never change). Saw Antonio at the HS doing track. You'd be so proud of him, then off to celebrate your birthday with them. It was so nice talking about you remembering so many great times. The boys really had a great day remembering you and celebrating in your honor. Now here I am, with you in my mind as always, remembering all the birthdays we've shared and so wishing you were by myside so we can celebrate like we did every year. Happy Birthday my boo! I will always love you. Know that we send you lots of hugs and kisses every single day of our lives.
Posted by Violet Tedesco on May 14, 2014
Happy Birthday Steve! Sending you a big Hug n kiss ( on the cheek) lol.... Miss u buddy!!!
Posted by Barry Rossignol on May 14, 2014
Wishing you a Happy 55th Birthday today my little bro.....I know your up there and we are stuck down here but we will meet again. So for today we will share some ANGEL Food Cake in honor of your birthday! I miss you so much and have a blast with those angels wings......
Posted by Mike V on May 14, 2014
Happy birthday Steve. I'm hoping ur watching over these hockey playoff games and pushing for a Rangers vs Canadiens matchup. You are Forever in our hearts.
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on April 28, 2014
Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary and the boys and I had in you in our minds all day. We lit fire works in Long beach and just spent time with the family here. I miss you babe!!!! : (
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on April 13, 2014
I was in Hooksett with the boys yesterday. Vinny had a birthday party to attend. I ran quick errands while the boys were having fun and I visited places that I haven't been to since you were around. It felt weird and sad. I've passed by Hooksett before since you left but to actually walk into some of these stores.......well it was hard because I remembered you and I being together when I first came to live in NH. I think of you every single day more than once a day. God how I miss you!!!! Love you!!!
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on March 23, 2014
Sunday and our boys are still sleeping at 10:30am. Yeah it's the weekend so why not. I do want to go to church with them. Last mass is at 12. Always have you in my heart and will light a candle for you in church. Love you my Boo!!!!
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on March 10, 2014
Boys are in school and I'm just sitting here trying to get motivation to work out for at least 45 min. I feel a lump in my throat just thinking about you and missing you terribly. Why is it harder to accept. I can't be sad to much around the boys. Gotta keep them happy! Love you so very very much!!! My heart, my true love, my friend, my everything!!! That flame will remain forever lit in my heart for you!!
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on February 7, 2014
I miss my son Steve! I think of him most every day, Every time I look at his hern, I can't help but think of him.. I miss the times we use to have on the farm in Nashua where Steve one day with the help of Jeff, tore down a little wooden shack by the pond. I gave him hell for it because it wasn't our shack but, the boards came in handy to build an outside pen for the pigs that I had under the barn and the boards being spaced apart 2 inches could look out to see what was going on We had happy pgs. and then there was the time that I came home and told all the kids that I had buried a bunch of coins in the backyard some where that I always wanted a garden. That year, I dId not have to turn over to much soil for the garden because they had dug so many holes trying to find the coins. LOL LOL!!!! Love him and miss him so much!! See you when I see you. Love you, Dad
Posted by Jodi Rossignol on January 18, 2014
For now, this "place" is how we can talk to let you know how very, very much I MISS you. (Why can't we turn our clocks way, way back?) Just to let you know I miss you terribly...
Posted by Barry Rossignol on December 25, 2013
Hi Bro, this is my first Christmas that i won't hear your voice or your awesome witty humor. I know you can feel us here on this earth and I am sending you Christmas wishes from Colorado. We all miss you so much and i wanted to say a prayer so you know its from me and to just say I miss you so much and I LOVE YOU !!!!
Posted by Jodi Rossignol on December 19, 2013
Steve...big kisses and hugs for you on our first Christmas apart. My heart still hurts so, so much. I wish you could call me again for no reason - than to just ask how I'm doing - like you did so many times. I miss your voice but, more than anything else, I miss YOU. I'll love you always...
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on November 24, 2013
Saw a Thanksgiving video today with the boys. As I'm recording the movie I mention the day and year. I look at the boys and tell them it was exactly 8 years ago today that we filmed that. It was a really nice Thanksgiving! Always in our hearts and mind
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on November 17, 2013
On this day of my birthday, I think of you so much & your unique way of making it special for me. I hope you remembered how many times I told you it was you who made me who I am & feel alive great and thankful for the life you gave me from the moment I met you & fell so in love with you. Especially with our sons Antonio & Vinny. I miss your home made cards & poems.
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on November 17, 2013
Love and Miss you so very much! Today I light this candle for you. I will never forget you for it was you who made me feel alive more than ever. Rest In Peace my Love. FOREVER YOU WILL REMAIN IN MY HEART AND SOUL! Thanks for all the lovely memories!
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on October 31, 2013
I pictured you in my mind watching this game & being so happy calling the die hard Yankee fan George, just so you can let him have it. They did it! Red Sox World Series Champions 2013. Watching the Red Sox game with Vinny & remembering you. This was their year Boston strong, for the fans, for vinny, for you they brought it home this year. I know your smiling in your cloud. Love & miss you!
Posted by Jeff Rossignol on October 27, 2013
Just thinking of you bro. Just seems like yesterday when we were little kids playing with trucks. Now I am pushing on 52. Perhaps work another 5 years and retire. Life does go by fast. Whatever amount of time I have left on earth I am making the best of it, Miss you much.
Posted by Jodi Rossignol on September 21, 2013
To my beloved brother. These words will never convey how much I miss hearing your voice. All your loved ones miss you more than you know (although I believe you DO know now). You always made me laugh. Life just hasn't been the same. I can only say that I'm happy you're not hurting or in pain anymore. One of these days we will be together on our cloud. As Barry said, "wait for me."
Posted by Gloria Rossignol on August 29, 2013
Miss you terribly.Your laugh,voice,smile,jokes hugs,guitar playing,your company. All of you!Boo,I will make you proud & get thru this. Especially for our boys Tonio & Vinny. Just don't be upset if you see me crying for I do love you so much & knowing I can't see you everyday is so hard for me to bare. I do have comfort seeing you & feeling your presence in my dreams.May that never end. Luv
Posted by Maurice Santos on August 27, 2013
Hey Steve miss u , I will always Remember the last time I saw u and u gave me some of Ur faMous Pasta sauce , and I will never forget the story u told me about not being able to pick up change with Ur Stubby fingers and saying fuck it and leaving the change behind ! Lol god speed Steve Love u !!!!

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