Shared by Lacy Minor on December 3, 2011

 we were talking one day about a corvette and I was working at the RailRoad

making more money than he,when he said I bet you twenty dollars that I get

mine first  I promptly tod him he was out of his mind.But he got his first and the 

ironic part about good frtiends think a like our vettes were the same color not 

Knowing. and I still owe him the 20.00.

My thoughts and love for Steve

Shared by Andrea Bogan on November 27, 2011

I can remember when the door fell off of Steve's yellow truck. Steve said "Andrea get out the car and get my door", and I did.

I can remember when Steve and I went into McCormicks and celebrated Dee's and Ruthie's anniverssary and we had to pay our own bill.

I can remember so well and I will always be grateful that Pastor Mark came from the pulpit and stood with me at my beloved Steve's casket. That was so beautiful.

By the way the doctor put me on medication, so don't damn call me. I won't be off the medication for at least a year.

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