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Your mom......

Shared by Bob Taylor on November 27, 2011

Hi Steven.....

I just learned from your nephew Arlen in Afghanistan that your mother has departed us here on earth and will be joining you, your brother and your dad.You are all together again now and can have the fun you once had before.  I think of you daily and I feel you with me always.


Love Always,


It's been a week you have been home

Shared by Bob Taylor on July 8, 2011


You have been here at home in your new home (the urn) and I am doing a bit better just knowing that you are here with us.  We still miss you like crazy but being able to see you there puts me a bit more at peace.  I still have not found your final spot just yet so rigght now I have you on the table in the breakfast area - it gives you a great view of your front loader washer and dryer that you loved so much <smile>.  I love waking up in the morning and seeing the sun hitting your urn - - it throws out so much color it's amazing, it's just like you were.

Well, time to hit the shower and then the office - I think it's going to be a 1/2 day for me.  I plan on coming home and getting some more stuff in order here, then tomorrow the gardener comes.  Once that is done, the couch and chair in the den are off to the curb (bulky item pick up on Monday).  I will call Clyde, pick the tile and the job will begin.  I plan on painting and replacing the blinds too, then new furniture - - still on the fence regarding the bead board but I will keep you posted on that <smile>.


I have you on my mind all the time, when I wake up, when I go to sleep and all throughout the day.  I talk to you all the time but you know that, right?




Shared by Bob Taylor on June 24, 2011

Today's plan - Go to work, walk down to check out your new home (the urn).  I hope it's all that I think it will be and that you will be pleased with my choice.  You will be here back at home with us this weekend if I have anything to say about it.

Shellie has picked her baby urn and I think she will be getting the bracelet with the cross (which you will be in as well).  I know how much you loved your crosses.

I am asking them to keep about 6 tablespoons of you out in seperate baggies so I can have them placed into different pieces of jewelry for myself as well.  I hope to find a cross that suits me as well.  I know how much  it would mean to you if I wore one and I promise when I find the right one for you, I will.

Love Always, I miss you so......


Shared by Bob Taylor on June 24, 2011

God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be. So he put his arms around you and whispered come with me. With tearful eyes we watched, and saw you pass away. Although we love you dearly, we couldn't make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hardworking hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best.

We will always love you and you are forever in our hearts.

Your urn arrives tomorrow

Shared by Bob Taylor on June 22, 2011

Hi Steven~

I just got done looking at the tracking report for your urn and it will be arriving here tomorrow.  It's made some interesting stops along the way including SLC (I am sure your father got to see it while it was there) - Things here are okay, not great but I am doing my best to stay strong.  Savannah and Willie are in a photo contest at work, I think you would be proud of them, their cuteness in the photos has raised some pretty decent money for the Humane Society.  I am sitting here having some coffee before I have to get it in gear to head into the office.  I am sorry about all the issues you are having to watch from above regarding your family.  On one hand it's true, they have always been like that and there will be no changing them and that in itself is very sad.  You know me though, if someone is rude and has no respect, then they leave me no other alternative but to let them know.  I am also sorry for never realizing how bad they were to you when you were here - I wish I could have you back here even for just one day so we could just talk.  I am very thankful you had the support from my family and our friends throughout the years to more than make up for it though.  Savannah, Willie and I miss you immensely - My mother and Shellie do too and we all love you very much, you will be with us always no one can ever take that from us.  I will have your ashes with me and I will guard them with my life until the day I die.  When that day comes, we will all (Mighty Mutt, Savannah, Willie, My Mom and You and I) be together again, I promise you that.

Love Always,


I ordered your urn

Shared by Bob Taylor on June 15, 2011


I ordered your urn on Monday afternoon and Eli (the artist) is working on it now, it should be here in a few days.  I ordered the Flared Urn in Rainbow Frit after long and hard thought - I think it fits you and hope that you like it.

You will be here back at home soon, I can't wait.

Continue to watch over us and we will all see you again soon!


Your URN

Shared by Bob Taylor on June 12, 2011

Okay Mr. Bailey~

I think I have made the decision on the URN - How about the Flared Urn in Rainbow Frit?

I really liked the White TTT but am remembering how you hated having white walls so in light of that, I am thinking the Rainbow Frit just may be the one,



Shared by Bob Taylor on June 7, 2011


I am I and you are you, whatever we were to each other that we still are.
Speak to me in the easy way which you always used.
Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?
Life means all that it ever meant, it is the same as it ever was.
Extract from a poem by Henry Scott Holland



Shared by Bob Taylor on June 6, 2011


I am sitting here alone with the animals in our home this morning, for some reason today (my birthday) feels like it’s going to be an extremely tough one for me to get through. I keep going back to all of the coincidences with the dates surrounding your passing. 

You passed exactly one week before your birthday, the day you were born was a mother’s day.   I had your viewing on mother’s day.  I had you in your casket in your favorite suit, which was the one you got from my father; strangely enough your church funeral service was the very next day, the 9th.  The 9th was the 8th anniversary of my father’s passing.  Then the next day the 10th came (your birthday) and I stayed with you and had you cremated at 10:00 am sharp.

On Friday the 13th, I received notification from the Winston-Salem Journal that your online obituary would expire (unless renewed) today, my birthday.

I am looking at all these dates and coincidences as your strange and humorous way of telling me that you are okay and that we did everything right.  I only hope and pray that I have done you right, please know that Savannah and Willie miss you immensely, just as I.

Please continue to watch over us and thank you for being my best friend, until we meet again. 


Love Always, you will be forever in our hearts,

Bob, Savannah and Lord William



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