Posted by Misty Thompson on December 12, 2020
I miss you, Steven! I wish we could go back to the good ‘ol days... driving around in your bug with the music bumping’. Great memories! I love you!
Posted by Phyllis Comaduran on December 13, 2019
Steven, there has not been a hour or day that we haven't thought of you, your children are beautiful, you would be so proud. Today has been 8 years. Love Dad & Mom.
Posted by Phyllis Comaduran on August 11, 2018
Steven, another Birthday has gone by, Today you would have been "37" your life has been living through your children, you would be so proud. We talk about you all the time, you will always be with your family and friends. we miss you. Dad & Mom
Posted by chris mendoza on August 11, 2013
Happy bday bro I miss you so much. I wish you were here and we could sit back and drink a beer and laugh about the day. I know you are up there looking down at us all. We all miss you so much. Happy birthday man.
Posted by Phyllis Comaduran on March 31, 2012
Decisions are like drops of water in a pond …..
…. they create ripples that potentially impact others.

Next time you make a decision, ask yourself ….

What are the likely effects of my decision?
Will others be harmed?

Is my decision ethical and within the law?

How would I feel if my decision was published on the front page of the newspaper?
Posted by chris mendoza on January 30, 2012
Steve I miss you so much you will never be forgotten. My brother my friend your memory will live on as long as I have a breath left in my body. Keep a cloud open for me dude.
Posted by Jenifer Lamoureux on January 30, 2012
Steven, I love u cuz and you will be forever missed. Thank you for always having my back and being there for me. I will never forget all the great times we had together . I love you and miss you
Posted by Phyllis Comaduran on January 29, 2012
Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there.
— Isla Paschal Rich
Posted by Donna Stier Mendoza on January 29, 2012
So loved and He will be missed ,But his life will live on through his loved one.

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