Let the memory of Steven be with us forever
  • 35 years old
  • Born on January 10, 1977 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on October 17, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Steven Dooley 35 years old , born on January 10, 1977 and passed away on October 17, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Cathy Lee on 16th October 2016
hey Little brother. Well tomorrow you've been gone four years!! Doesn't seem possible. I miss the fun times we all had together... Things just haven't been the same since you went away.. I hope you realize that you've ALWAYS held a special place in my heart and you always will! Let our mommy know that we've got a date when I get there, We're all gonna sing our hearts out to Family Tradition! Lol
Posted by Kelly Showalter on 14th January 2016
I sure miss you, uncle Steven!! I think about you and grandmas so much, it hurts. Looks like my mom does too. I was so depressed on New Years eve but literally forced myself to go karaoke. I got a few people to sing "Family Tradition" with me, in your honor. I wish I could hear you sing it one more time, even if you really only knew the chorus, lol. I love you, always. You will never be forgotten!!!
Posted by Cathy Lee on 10th January 2016
Have missed you baby brother. Things have changed a lot since you left! By the way Happy Birthday from your Big Sissy! Just wanted to let you know I love you and have been thinking of you lots!
Posted by Cathy Test on 31st March 2015
I've missed you every single day since you left us! I wished for you to arrive to us many years before you were even born. The first day I laid my eyes on you I knew I loved you that very second. You were and still are MY BABY BUTTER!! We share many tears, laughs' smiles and hugs with one another. I wish I could have those back and I know someday that will happen. I miss you and mom so much, it breaks my heart! I needed you so very much when you finally came into our lives. I know God had his reasons for taking you away so early. I'm so happy for you to have been my brother. As I speak your name I can see that awesome smile and those beautiful loving blue eyes. I know you and mom (Linda Dooley) are taking care of each other. If you had gone away before OUR mother, she couldn't and wouldn't have made it at such a sad time. She loved you more than life itself. You are and will remain a special part of our life. I remember when mom brought you to Fla. to see us and you couldn't say Linda's name. You called her Fruit-Tock, cause she came from the land of grapefruits. lol Also how you loved Kelly's long red hair. You'd get two handfuls and lift both feet off the fireplace hearth, then laugh so hard you'd fall over. We had MANY good times at B.J.'s singing and dancing with family and friends. Those were good times. Just know always that your Sissy loves and misses you. I won't say I wish you were still here because you was so sick before you left us.Now the illness is gone you're not sick anymore and you're happy with our mom... Things are better for both of you in God's hands.XOXO little brother. Til we meet again! Sissy!
Posted by Kelly Showalter on 31st March 2015
I miss you Uncle Steve....you were like a brother to me because we were ALWAYS together and you were 2 years YOUNGER than me!! Words cannot explain how much I miss you and Grandma. However, when you passed away it brought a lot of things to light for me; for one....it told me WHY Grandma passed when she did. She wouldn't have been able to handle the death of either of her children before herself. Also, my original wedding date, 16 years ago, was set for October 17th (the day you passed) and that was canceled and performed on November 7th instead. For a long time I was upset that my "Dream Wedding" didn't happen like it was supposed to but when you passed on this date I understood WHY!! God works in mysterious ways. You wouldn't believe how often I think of you and Grandma Linda. I get Peace in knowing your both in Heaven, taking care of each other. Most of the time, when I look at pictures of Grandma, I smile with fond memories. But when I see pictures of you, I cry. You were my partner in crime, as Grandma always said. I have SO MANY pictures of us, from the time we were little tiny, always having a good time. I have a huge hole In my life now, that I feel every day without you here. I Love you, uncle steve....for as short as your life was you sure made an impact on my life!!

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