Let the memory of STEVEN J be with us forever
  • 49 years old
  • Born on January 27, 1958 .
  • Passed away on July 11, 2007 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, STEVEN J HEDEEN 49 years old , born on January 27, 1958 and passed away on July 11, 2007. We will remember him forever.
Posted by SANDI GRAHAM-HEDEEN on 11th July 2016
As I remember the good times and the bad times we had as a family I remember how much we loved each other. We are a difficult family to understand. No matter what I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU. Till we see each other again tell Mom and Dad Hi!! Tell Grama Bales I miss her more today than ever! God Blesd! Love Sandi
Posted by SANDI GRAHAM-HEDEEN on 27th January 2015
Another year has gone by and I still miss you everyday. I hate that this is how I have to talk to you but I want to wish you a happy birthday and I hope that there is a heaven so I can see all of you when I get there. I hope that Mom is not to disappointed in the family she left behind, I am sure she can see what goes on. I send all my love to all of you and can't wait to see all of you. Love Sandi
Posted by Shawna Smith on 27th January 2015
Love you and miss you so much! I know that sometimes we drift but I love you forever..... :-(
Posted by SANDI GRAHAM-HEDEEN on 11th July 2014
Oh Steve, how we miss you! I thought about you yesterday but I think about you every time I see your picture on my desk. I am hoping you see what is going on here, all the memories you are not here to make. I just want you to know that you are still loved and missed by all your family and friends here. Please tell all our family that have passed we send our love and prayers to meet again someday. Your sister Sandi
Posted by Sheila Schrader on 11th July 2014
Well Steve you would be so pleased with the way the kids have turn out. The boys are now great men!! Shandi is a nurse. they are all doning great!!! I hope you have meet Sami She was Mels wife we lost her a year ago. We miss you so much and we pray everyday to see you Mom Dad Wanda LittleDanni and very on there. My love to you....Sheils
Posted by SANDI GRAHAM-HEDEEN on 11th July 2013
I can't believe it has been 6 years, I just always want you to know that you are loved and always missed. We lost another of our family although you did not know her she is gone from us, Samantha Boone, Mel's wife. I hope she is with all of you. RIP all who are gone from us and remember "We love you and Miss you!!!!!" Your Sis Sandi
Posted by SANDI GRAHAM-HEDEEN on 27th January 2013
Steve, I love you and miss you. You would be amazed how much we all miss you. I say good morning to you everyday and good night when I leave work. I hope when I get there you and Mom will be there to meet me. Love always, Sandi
Posted by Sheila Schrader on 27th January 2013
Happy Birthday Steve!!! Its been so long since you left us. But you have not left our hearts!!We miss you everyday. Tell Mom Dad Wanda and Dandy that we love them and will see them someday!!! Love you!!!
Posted by SANDI GRAHAM-HEDEEN on 27th January 2013
Posted by SANDI GRAHAM-HEDEEN on 11th July 2012
I can't believe its been 5 years, I look at your picture everyday its right next to Mom & Dads. I wish I could change places with you so you could be here for your family. I love you always, Sandi
Posted by Sheila Schrader on 12th July 2011
You have been gone 4 years now BUT not forgotten We all love and miss you everyday. Give Mom and Dad a hug for us.
Posted by SANDI GRAHAM-HEDEEN on 11th July 2011
We miss you more today than that day four years ago. You are not forgotten we love you!!!!!!
Posted by Laurie Hedeen on 13th May 2011
Don't shed a tear or begin to whimper,through the wind,i am a whisper.I lift the birds and push the waves,fall to you in pouring rains.I am with Love and time,close your eyes I'm not hard to find. The kids and I Love and Miss Steve everyday.
Posted by Mel Boone on 12th May 2011
I cant believe that it has been almost 4 years since u left us. There is not a day that goes by where we do not think about you. You would be so proud of your kids. Tell grandma and grandpa i love them and miss them very much, and please look over my
Posted by SANDI GRAHAM-HEDEEN on 12th May 2011
Just wanted you to know I talked to Laurie the other day, I can tell she still misses you. The kids are doing well which I am sure you know. I hope you have found some peace there with Mom & Dad, Grama & Grampa and Aunt Wanda. We love you
Posted by Sheila Schrader on 10th May 2011
The day that we lost you was a very sad day for us BUT a very happy day for Mom and Dad. They have you in their arms again. I know that you are smiling now and was happy with your life when you left us because you were going home to Laurie.
Posted by Butch Hedeen on 18th April 2011
Steve was a born again christian! I have no doubt where he is today.He is missed, but will be seen again soon. God is good! Butch
Posted by Latham Hedeen on 18th April 2011
For all the things that could be said about bo, the only important things to know, He Loved Lori, his kids, their kids, and he loved the rest of in his mis-fit family more than anything. and his compassionate heart, would do anything to help anyone.
Posted by Matthew Hedeen on 17th April 2011
What I find amazing about when a loved one passes is that first your in shock, then your angry, then your sad.But then you start to remember the things that you did together and the fun that we had.I miss him.But I know in my heart he's OK.God bless.
Posted by SANDI GRAHAM-HEDEEN on 16th April 2011
The last thing I said to you was "I loved you!!" I meant it then and I still mean it today. You are missed as much today as you were that very very sad day. Your sister, Sandi

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