Shared by Frank Novotny on January 31, 2020
Hi iam frank novotny steves nephew lost touch years ago sooy to here he passed Michael or steves daughters please call me 931 952 5490

Young Friends

Shared by Mike Pusateri on January 17, 2020
I met Steve when I moved into the St John Bosco/Riis Park neighborhood in 1965. As Joe Scaramuzzi pointed out in the tributes, he was our leader. I was a bit of a rival because we were both pretty good athletes. But Steve had that competitive killer instinct that I didn’t have. And he had great self-confidence. We hung together off and on through grade school, high school, college and young adult years.We lost touch for a while but were brought back together through softball. One of the pictures on this site shows Steve with one of his kids on his shoulder wearing our 1990 Park Ridge championship windbreaker that I still have.

As life moves on we have lost touch. But I think of Steve often because he was such a large figure in my young life. He was not college educated but probably one of the smartest guys I know. Life did not hand him a good set of cards to play with as a young guy. Family structure was shaky and he lost his parents way to young. So I think he struggled with direction. But made the most out of the cards he was handed.And he found a woman in Debbie that gave him the structure he needed in those years.

I think the last time I saw Steve was when he was coaching his girls’ softball team in Park Ridge and I was an opposing coach. As was typical of Steve, he had his practices down to a science. He had fellow dads managing each practice station as he stood back, gave direction and watched. He was like Tom Sawyer getting all his friends to paint his fence while he played. As I said, he was a great leader. If he had a nurturing childhood with a solid family structure he probably would have wound up as a CEO of some company.

So it has been a while since I last saw Steve. So sorry to hear of his passing. Way to young. May he rest in peace.

Crescent ave memories!

Shared by Mary Daly on January 17, 2020
What wonderful memories Rick and I have from our years on Crescent ave in Park Ridge. Steve was always the ring leader as one of the kids. He was fun, spontaneous and very generous. We treasure those years and send our condolences on the loss of your great dad


Shared by Joe Castriano (US - Tax) on January 17, 2020
Condolences to the family on Steve’s passing. He will be remembered by the Lake Zurich Lightning family as a great coach and mentor for our girls. I will miss a long time buddy. Frank, Steve and I spent many a weekend strategizing, laughing and spending time with our girls. He will be missed.

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