Mr milkshake

Shared by Jon Whitman on October 13, 2020
What a birthday that was for you Steve. The one thing you always wanted was a milkshake. I remember all the times I took you to in and out to get one. I will miss you buddy.

From Jonathan

Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
September 18, 2020

Hi Stevie, 
I am sorry that you are being challenged with living with Parkinson’s. I have been thinking about you and praying for you often. 
I have several wonderful memories of us together. You are the one cousin that I always looked forward to seeing and sitting next to at our family banquets and gatherings, because you were always interested in knowing what I was doing and made me feel great about myself.

Remember, when I first got my driver’s license and I took you for a spin in my souped-up ’69 Camaro on Geary Street in Union Square and almost got hit by a bus? Your face turned white and you almost shit your pants. I did not even see the bus coming, lol! 

Another great memory was driving to LA with you and Robin to the Super Bowl in Pasadena to watch the Raiders beat the Vikings. It was a great game and was fun to hang out with you and also see Uncle Freddie at the Super Bowl.

You always inspired me with your million-dollar smile and positive attitude. I remember visiting you in the hospital before your heart transplant and you took the time to proudly introduce Allison and me to the nursing staff.

It was a blessing to have you travel to Birmingham, Alabama with your parents and David to my wedding 22 years ago. I remember you and my friends took me out for my bachelor party in Southside Birmingham and we went out to eat and listened to music at different clubs.

I will always remember your carefree nature, traveling to tropical places, and enjoying life no matter what challenges you faced.

Allison is working at Netflix and Ayla just got her driver’s license. Lance gave Ayla his sweet 1999 Mercedes 230 SLK, which she is enjoying. I am teaching photography and art classes at San Jose State University, also creating art to raise awareness on human trafficking, coaching girls high school basketball, and pastoring youth at my church.

My relationship with God is the most important part of my life. God gives me purpose to make a difference and to serve others. He sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for us sinners and to save humanity. We have an opportunity to live with God forever even after we leave this earth. He will forgive us for our sins when we ask him to because he loves us unconditionally and his grace is enough. 

If you don’t know Jesus, it’s not too late to accept him into your heart and life. He will bring you joy you never experienced before.

Romans 10:9-10 from the Bible says, “That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved."
Stevie, I love and care about you and would like to see you in Heaven when I get there. I believe my dad, your dad, Uncle Ed, and Yun Yun are in Heaven together.

No pressure, but would you like to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? Do you believe that God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for you, that he resurrected on the third day to bring you everlasting life? God will take all your pain away when you are with him in Heaven and you will experience love and joy unimaginable. If you said yes, God will bless you now and prepare you to enter his kingdom.

Thank you for being a wonderful cousin and influencing my life!
Love you man!

From Carolyn

Shared by Carolyn Beauchamp on October 12, 2020
There were many fun and exciting things we did, Stevie, but this one stands out in my mind:
We were in your parent's bedroom on Stockton Street.  Remember the tall closet/wardrobe they had?  It was at the foot of their bed?  You showed Donna, Gigi, and I how to climb up on top of the wardrobe and jump, like Superman, onto their bed!!  It was so daring and fun!  We climbed and jumped, I don't know how many times, until...the planks supporting the boxspring and mattress fell off!!  Uh-Oh!  We all thought...that was the end of our Superman adventure!!  Thank you for encouraging me to do the brave climbing and jumping!  I'll never forget that memory.  Still puts a smile on my face!
I will always cherish the wonderful memories, Stevie.  I will miss you, but I know that you are in a better place now.
Love you always, Carolyn

From Your Sister Donna

Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
Dear Steve,
I was remembering the summers when all of us rented a houseboat and cruised around Shasta Lake. Dad would have a couple of lines out at the back of the boat very early every day. 

We arrived first at your Anderson home and settled in before going to Costco to load up on food for the boating. One time we bought a watermelon that we made sure to keep icy cold in the boat’s cooler. But one night, a bear visited the boat, ripped open the cooler and ate the whole thing. You were sleeping on the top of the boat and started throwing things at it and David and I were inside behind a sliding glass door, banging on pots and pans. The bear stood up on its hind legs and roared at us, scaring both David and me, before it ran off. After that, you would scout out different places in the middle of the lake where we would tie off for the evening.

It was fun to be able to spend some days at your home after getting off the boat. David liked playing in your pool and picking black berries in your backyard. And it was great family time.

You had remodeled your home yourself to make it really comfortable, open, and relaxing. You have done the same with your apartment, too. Your living spaces (home and apartment) reflect creative use of space as well as your creativity in general

Steve, I am so proud that we are brother and sister. Please know that I keep you in my heart always.  Love, Donna 

2012 Redding Visit

Shared by Deb Hagler-Wong on October 12, 2020
Stevie - May you soar in the Heavens, free from all restraint, forever in pure joy. One of my memories: In 2012, we vacationed in Northern California, including Redding. Stayed with our friend Gary Kellogg, and we all met with you at one of your favorite restaurants. The owners were your friends, said hi, introduced us, etc., and you could tell that they and the eatery were pretty special. We all ordered, and I think I had a green chili and bean burrito. Anyway, everything was going smoothly we were enjoying the conversation, etc., but then my intestines sabotaged me. "OH NO! I NEED TO USE THE RESTROOM - I'M GOING TO HAVE THE RUNS!" Your face fell -LOL - I mean you looked horrified, and whispered: "Debbie - shhhh...not so loud!", looking around to see if your friends heard, and then I realized as I was running to the lavatory that it might not look too good to say that anywhere - much less a restaurant that you recommended! You laughed about it later......but, ugh, I was so embarrassed!  
Deb Hagler Wong

From Tim Leong

Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
Hi Steve, 
This is Tim Leong.
Do you remember a road trip we took with your mom and I think grandmother, to Reno? John Yano also went with us on that trip. I think your dad had to work so he couldn’t go with us. I don’t think your mom liked driving on that highway and when she asked if anyone wanted to drive, I said yes. Only problem was I didn’t have a license yet. Boy that was fun.
Another time when John and I came over and we took your family car out one night for a joy ride and had to sneak it back into the garage on Stanyan Street by shutting off the engine and coasting it into the garage. Since this was at night I just don’t remember how we did it but we did. For some reason I remember we had to push the car and don’t recall how three scrawny kids could actually move a car.
I also remembered a time when we got a chance to eat at where your dad worked and I was so excited because I never ate at such a fancy and expensive restaurant before. I don’t remember what we ate but I felt so special.
Lastly, I remember watching you play basketball and I think run track when Presidio and Roosevelt had a meet. You were so fast.
We lost touch when I left for San Jose to go to college, remembered you being in Hawaii for a while because of work. Unfortunately, we never got a chance to get together face to face to remember the good, silly times we had together. I hope some of these memories bring a smile to your face, and you  will join me in always remembering our days together when we were young.
Your friend, Tim Leong

Barefoot Friends Forever

Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
 Dear Steve,
Just thinking back how our lives have crossed paths over the many years at different coincidental intervals. It is quite amazing and so fun to reflect upon our youth and the serendipitous moments when we would "bump" into each other and reconnect. 
Junior High Days - The Beginning
I believe we met in our Junior High days beginning in the year 1965 thru 1968 when I was at Marina and you at Roosevelt. I don't remember if you belonged to a club at Cameron House, but I do remember you being friends with the "half a grade" younger girls club members first than our Mikado's "half a grade older" girls club. In those days, that was a crucial difference. Lol. We, the Mikados were a large group from both Marina, Francisco and Presidio Jr. High and the boys, the same, were called the Marauders. I believe you were friends with some of them who were from Presidio Jr High and started to hang out with our group of girls and guys in our age crowd. We started overlapping friendships from the different junior highs and branching out to SF neighborhood districts with basketball school game competitions, at Downtown Bowling tournaments or Cameron House events or dances and parties we were allowed to attend. All an innocent and carefree time with our first "boy/girl crushes!" I remember in those days when we would meet everyone's parents, we were taught to be very formal, polite, courteous and respectful addressing your parents for the first time as "Hello, Mr. & Mrs. Fung. Nice to meet you." I remember your parents being the "cutest couple" and your Dad was just like you, friendly and funny with a twinkle in his eyes. I remember vaguely going to Trader Vic's with a group of us hosted by you and because your Dad worked there, we had extra special treatment. I remember being so mesmerized by the dark-lanterned room with the Polynesian decor and furniture and being allowed to have fruit drinks with the little umbrella and pineapple stick. Felt so sophisticated and cool at 14 years old and we all thought we were "the coolest!" You were always the friendly accommodating host.
High School Graduation/Early College Adventure
We all went to different high schools and then to different paths for college and work, so lost touch for a while. However, it was the Summer of 1973, right before transferring to San Jose State for my junior year when 3 girl friends and I decided to enter University of Hawaii in Oahu, Honolulu Manoa Campus for a 6 week summer school course. We ended up taking Hula Dancing as a PE Physical ED class and had a ball. One night on a late Friday evening after touring the city and wanting to go to the top of the famous La Ronde revolving restaurant for drinks, we were parking our rented car in the Ala Moana Shopping Center garage that was fairly empty at that late hour and were searching which way to enter the correct elevator to take to the top. Along comes this convertible sports car driver with his buddy swinging in to park and seeing 4 young ladies, they asked if we were lost and if they could be of assistance. Low and behold, it ended up being you, Steve and Mike McDonald! I was so shocked to run into you! How random was that?! And, by chance, we discover you work at the La Ronde restaurant as a chef! Again, you were the gracious suave host to escort us to the top to have Hawaiian drinks with the umbrellas and again, we felt so sophisticated, this time at age 19 years old! Well, our 6 weeks of summer school became extra filled with outings and touring by you and your friends along with more Hawaiian spirited fun events! That is when you and your friend (Collin -not sure if this was his name) introduced the music of the ukulele artist, Ohta San to me and his beautiful song, "Song for Anna." I just found the song on YouTube and texted to Jon, your caretaker, to play for you since it was one of your favorite songs at that time. Well, the next summer of 1974, Dardie and her parents moved to Honolulu and more friends from San Francisco also came out to visit and reconnected with you. Again, you were the host with the most, entertaining all of us and teaching us the "relaxed, kick-back Hawaiian way of living, never wearing shoes again!" You also taught me to "walk slower, no need to rush, take it easy." After the Summer of 1973, I entered San Jose State in the Fall and I looked up your sister, Donna for she was an instructor there and visited her and low and behold, I see the Trader Vic's dining set revisited in her apartment and chuckled again at fond flashback memories of you.
Fast Forward to Mid 1990's
After starting a career in Occupational Therapy, getting married and having my second child, I changed OT jobs to California Pacific Medical Center in SF. Working there,  I was always assigned to the building across the street from the medical hospital center so I would only go over to the main building for Thursday staff meetings. Well, one day on my way over to a staff meeting, I took a quick short cut through the main lobby and jumped onto an elevator just opening up and low and behold, I run into this guy with an IV pole walking out. OMG, it ends up being you, Steve! Once again, our lives intersect. I couldn't believe it! I soon find out you are a resident in-patient on the cardiac floor awaiting a heart transplant and you were heading to the lobby area to hang out in the visitor lounge area with your group of fellow patients. Again, through you, I could see during the length of time you stayed waiting and finally receiving your heart, the camaraderie you built with your select group and how you made the most of your time together planning group meetings and meal events. I remember the cardiac rehab OT therapist, Beth treating you and kidding you always having to remind you to remediate your self care routine and not take such long showers you so always wanted to do! It was so uplifting to see and be there with you and your family when your turn finally came up to receive your transplant and see you stabilize to return home safely and later periodically check back at the clinic. Again, a very cool progression in surviving that medical challenge! 
80th Birthday Banquet 
Years passed and we lost contact, but it was not until my husband's father's sister, his Aunt Velma turned 80 yo and she had a birthday banquet at the Grand Palace Restaurant in South SF did I find out your mother was best of friends with Aunt Velma all these years. Your parents were in attendance at the banquet for I recognized them. They were "older, but still cute as ever" and I re-introduced myself to them, of course with polite respect, "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Fung! Nice to see you again!" I was able to briefly catch up through them how well you were doing then. 
As you continue this challenging medical health journey through life, just know Steve you have always been a survivor and managed through some tough obstacles. I know that twinkle in your eye and Ohana Hawaiian hospitality soul is still underneath the surface inside of you always. 
Barefoot Friends forever, 

Adventures with Cousin Gigi

Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020


I've been thinking about you lately and I hope that you are resting comfortably.  I just wanted to recount some of the best memories I have of us growing up. 
First off, other than you, I don't know of anyone who can slide down a staircase while lying on the handrail!

I remember that you, me and Mike Wong would always play together whenever we had a family function and we had the best time!  

I remember watching the Columbus Day Parade outside your flat on Stockton Street back in the '50's.  Carolyn used to march in that parade.

We had a lot of fun at the park across the street from your home, climbing trees and lighting firecrackers in the sand box area.  
It was so nice to be within blocks of the Napoli Market, where we could visit with Uncle Lloyd and Auntie Helen.  And back then, my Grandmother, Uncle Cy and Auntie Jeanette, and Uncle Junior and Auntie (Rose) Christina lived up the block on Greenwich.  I called Auntie Christina three weeks ago and she is 80 and doing well.  Boy she sure was a looker!!

Do you remember when we climbed up Telegraph Hill?  That was some "High Adventure" wasn't it?   

I remember going with you to see movies at the Palace Theater and the Uptown Theater.  Sampson and Delilah, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Hercules, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, House on Haunted Hill, and 13 Ghosts, are some of the movies that I remember. 

Then there was the time we went to Chinatown at night during Chinese New Year.  We walked to Porthsmouth Square to pop firecrackers and I got busted by the cops?  LOL.  

The trip we took to Clear Lake was really memorable.  It was great fun.  I'm glad you remembered what happened before someone contacted some garbage cans.  

As we got older, I remember when Uncle Fred flew us to gamble in Reno one night.  I have never been hotter playing Black Jack than I was that night!  I knew ahead of time, if I was going to win or lose the next hand.  If I thought I'd win, then I'd bet $3.  If not, I'd only bet $2.  By betting this way, I won $65.  Now of course, that was a big gambling lesson for me too.  I should have known to increase my bets to at least $5-$10!!!  I remember seeing you and Uncle Fred playing a line of machines, and you had your own change attendant behind you to keep things going!!!  Great night!!   

I remember that you came over to visit me at the blackjack table and you said that Uncle Fred has just hit a $1,000 Jackpot.  I said, "Wow, that's great!", then you said, "Now he's only $1500 in the hole".  I wasn't expecting that, but it sure made for a great memory. 

But of all the things we did, I must say that the overnight trip to Yosemite was one of the best memories of my whole life.  That night, I slept in the back of the Ol' Mercury station wagon.  I counted 17 shooting stars (because I was too excited to sleep).  I remember Uncle Fred getting our food hot at Campground #4.  Do you remember going to  that meadow and breaking up a downed tree trunk to have wood for our camp fire?  Then we climbed the Indian Caves, rode bikes and swam in the Merced River before heading home.  That was a great trip that I'll never forget. 

Oh yeah, since you and I are the inventors of the skateboard, I remember the countless times that we sat on a board with a skate beneath and we coasted down Steiner Street between Washington and Clay.  One time, my Mom took us downtown and bought us new shoes at Summer and Kaughman.  Remember the horses that you could ride like a glider?  After we got home, we played some more, and you wore your new shoes to ride that skate and you used the heel of the shoes to slow down.  When we got home my Mom laughed when she looked at how the heels of your shoes had been ground off from grinding on the sidewalk.  Great times. 

Steve, I want to thank you for being part of my life and creating these loving memories.  I wish we had more opportunities to get together and make some more memories!! 

I send you good wishes, comfort and Love Stevie!


Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
Dear Steve,
I'm Lynette Matthews, sister-in-law of Renee Matthews, a long time friend of your father and family. Many years ago, I had the privilege, while in prayer, to see the great love of God extended to your family. I literally saw as in a vision, God's hand grasping your sister's brain tumor in His strong and loving hand and squeezing it together to the size of a walnut and then a pea. All this occurred shortly before her scheduled surgery.
Steve, I want to assure you that God's love never changes - and it is as real and strong and loving for you today. It was clear to me this morning repeated three times in the Bible's Psalms as I was reading that 
He is extending that same hand to take you by the hand and bring you home to Himself. It's not so much about "letting go" as it is of being held and holding on to HIM. He is GOOD!
Donna told me about how your neurologist, who knows, admires and respects you so much, wrote about how much you are loved by your family and friends. That is so true and yet there is more, a deep cry to know you are loved and forgiven by God your heavenly Father and King.
There is a Bible story of a group of friends and family who knew that Jesus was the only hope and answer for their sick friend. They were so desperate to get to him to see HIM that they'd do anything. And they did! They carried him on a stretcher up onto the roof and broke open the ceiling in order to get him face-to-face with Jesus. Then when He saw their faith, he looked with His heart and eyes of compassion and said, "Son, your sins are forgiven." Steve, your sins are forgiven by the precious blood of Christ. Take His hand, for His is the love you have hungered to know deep inside.
He will walk with you through the door of eternity. FEAR NOT, He has loved you and redeemed you and called you by your name - for you are His. He will take good care of your mother and sister too; And all those you love and care for. 
Steve, I bless you with this personalized prayer -
God bless you and keep you close to His heart
And make His face shine fully upon you
And pour out on you an endless supply of grace. 
May God smile on you and His approval
Fill you with the Peace of His Presence,
Peace flooding your body, soul and spirit.
Trust in the Goodness of God today, Steve.
For the honor of His wonderful Name,
Lynette Matthews

From Cousin Mike Wong

Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Dear Stevie,

I'll start by saying "We love you very much"!

One of my first memories of us took place in a basement recreation hall in Chinatown that our families rented for a party. I remember something like flip up panels on the sidewalk which exposed the stairway down to the party. For whatever reason at about 6-7 years old, I picked a fight with you. You got a good punch in and gave me a bloody nose and I made you cry before Uncle Bill pulled us apart. I've spent a lifetime asking myself why I did such a thing, might have been our generation trying to be the tough guy.

Later in life I truly appreciated having a cousin the same age as me. Back in the 60s I was in awe that you went to The Fillmore and Avalon to see bands such as Big Brother with Janis Joplin, Quicksilver Messenger Service and The Grateful Dead. You were a true San Francisco hippy while I was stuck in the suburbs. 

When I flew out to Hawaii to stay with Janice, Carol and Deedee. You took me under your wings to show me around. I remember you were a cook in the Ala Moana rotating restaurant which was a prestigious location. One night we rode around in your car stopping at tourist locations. It seemed you knew everybody on the island. Then you said let's visit the red light district. I let you know I wasn't comfortable with the idea but you told me "they're just people and we'll just talk with them". We didn't actually go there, but later in life I realized that you treated all people with respect and liked a good conversation with all walks of life. I would say you were much like Uncle Freddie. 

One of my fondest times with you was in Birmingham, Alabama. We all flew out for Jonathan and Aliceson's wedding. It was early morning next to the swimming pool, just you and I relaxing and chatting about life. This is the time that you intimately told me about your heart problem. At that time I was probably one of the few people that you had told. 

You have always been an outdoor nature lover. I couldn't understand how you picked a remote area up near Redding to live. Upon visiting the area I realized you loved Kayaking in the rivers and lakes. You had your jeep to get you and friends into remote regions and of course Mt Lassen was near by. 

We always loved it when you would show up at our store. Oftentimes there would be a famous surfer or artist in the store where you would make friends and conversation in such a natural fashion. 

Well cous, maybe it will be your time to go on the next adventure. Nobody knows what to expect but we will all catch up to you soon enough. I love you dear cousin. 


Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Hi Stevie,
I wish I could be by your bedside right now but wanted you to know how much I love you and think about you. As my older cousin you have always been a role model for me. I will always remember how cool it was to hang out in your bedroom below your parents’ house. It was a huge adventure for me just like playing under your parent’s dining room table. I always admired your spirit and ability to laugh and enjoy life. I think you got that wonderful quality from your father. When you moved to Hawaii you illustrated to me the possibility of leaving the Bay Area which led me to move to NYC for graduate school.
I am not sure if I truly expressed how grateful I am for your support of my lifestyle. You have unconditionally embraced, supported, and loved me and all that positive energy enabled me to grow and develop into the person I am. I hope you remember my expression of surprise and delight when you brought your Mom, Uncle D, and Auntie Theda to John and my wedding celebration at our home. The biggest bonus what the huge coffee cake you brought. You knew as a kid how much I loved the cake and brought it for everyone to share.
Just know you are always in my heart and prayers and all the angels are looking upon you.
your littlest cousin, Lance


Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Our Dearest Steve,
This is Setaita who takes care of your mom...
Our hearts goes out to you with so much love as we remember the first time we met you was picking you up from the airport and bringing you home to your mother Elsie...
I can also remember seeing your mother’s eyes light up with joy when she saw you, throwing her arms around you and giving you the biggest hug.
For the whole week you stayed with us, it was the best week for your mom in a long time and I could tell you were a mama’s boy.
I can still remember blending you fruit smoothies, adding almond nuts and hearing you tell me how much you loved it.
We miss you Steve, thank you for choosing to come to spend time with all of us taking us and taking us out to local Chinese restaurants. Thank you for welcoming and loving my four grandkids who were here for the school break and thank you for telling them that they’re welcome here at your mom’s house anytime. I felt the love that you showed for them. Thank you so much.
They loved you too because they wouldn’t leave you alone. They felt for you because you couldn’t do everything for yourself.
Thank you so much Steve for all the love and your great spirit of welcoming all of us to be here with your mom. That was a moment of my life that I felt really good with your spirit of welcome.
Thank you so much for wanting to pay me for taking care of you while you were here, taking you to all of your doctor appointments but I told you never to do
And the best thing of your whole stay when you told me as we took you to the airport on your return that the real reason of your coming here and staying the week was to check up on me if I was a good caregiver to your mom because you were bothered cause you didn’t know me at all and for the choice that your sister made.
Thank you so much for doing that and for you to know that when you returned to Redding, your mind and heart was at peace because your mom was in good hands.
I love seeing how you and your sister really love and care for your mom because I come from a family where we love and care and value our parents.

I want to let you know that your mom is still in good hands...and she is comforted when we tell her everyday and remind her that we love her.
We pray daily that God blesses you with peace and comfort as you communicate with HIM each and everyday of your life now.

I want to let you know that you are a choice son of God and HE loves you. He does not want you to suffer your mortal body here on earth.
We will forever love and remember you, Steve, and know that our prayers are always with you.
Setaita and Charlotte Olive And the rest of my family...


Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Hi Stevie! Sure have missed seeing you all these years! You are always in our thoughts here in Fresno. I am so sorry you are going through this whole ordeal with no relatives close by. But, you have always wanted to be an independent kinda guy! You did that well for so many years. 

I remember well all those summers you came down to Fresno when we were all little. The summers in Fresno were REALLY hot. All the grandkids would sleep in the Living Room of Grandpa’s and Grandma‘s house! It was somewhat cool in there with the swamp cooler blowing all the time! Those were the good old days, huh?????

I can still see all these young pics of you, Karen, Darren, and me outside Poa and Goong’s front porch on Pottle Ave. So many years ago still seems just like yesterday! 

I remember the time you came over to our house on Kearney Blvd. I forgot if you had spent the night or if it was just during the day. But you and Darren had gone upstairs and were fooling around with a gun. It went off. I remember Kenny running up the stairs and yelling at you and Darren about what was going on. Coulda been disastrous, but no one was hurt

Who woulda thought we would get to be this age already? It was like forever when we were little! Old age and health problems were never a concern for us! And now, here it is hitting us in the face! We all lived such good lives back then.

And now, real time is hitting. We are born into this world with love, and we will leave this world with love and good memories. That is what I wish for you, Steve! All the best memories you can have with lots of love and free from pain. You are loved and will be missed. Say hi to all our relatives and your friends up in heaven, Steve!

Have an everlasting life up in heaven! God be with you! 
Lots of love, Cousin Gaylene


Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Hey Steve, as you might know Donna has been a very strong influence in my professional life. I wanted you to know that you were also very important in terms of my personal growth and confidence in the world in general.

My being inept socially, you managed to bring me along as we traveled the city together. mostly we didn't really do too much but we shared time and harmless activities. I'm going to mention a few. You probably don't remember much of this stuff because it happened so long ago but I still recall them because when you add them up it was pretty meaningful to me. Most of these memories were in the time I was in the 8th and 9th grade. You were a year older, I think.

I mentioned to Donna a couple of weeks ago about us kicking John Yano off of the Hyde Street cable car so he had to run up the hill to catch us. Also ,we hid in the closet of Mei Lin and Mei Lon's place because Ernie Low showed up.

We also hung around Diane Huang's house, and ran around Market Street a lot. We went to the Derby factory to look at jackets, bought shoes (with buckles) at Flagg brothers and got "high boy" collar shirts from the clothes store on the corner near JC Penny's and listened to records (45s) at M5 and at Woolworth's. I think you were with me when I bought my first transistor radio from one of those discount camera and radio shops too. 

You know over time I worked myself into being a pretty good basketball player. The light bulb really didn't go off until I was between the 8th and 9th grades. I think that my being around you had a lot to do with it. You were independent in a way that I was not and were pretty much unafraid of others and what they might think. Great traits indeed!

I could never figure out why we walked around Macys so much other than the time you got me umbrella stuck in the escalator (ha!)

There was also birthday dinners with you at Trader Vic's and later the next year at Senior Pico's. I had a peppercorn steak at Trader Vic's and a lamb shank at Senior Pico's. You can tell that I remember a lot!

Well that's all for now, I'll probably remember more later on. I'll pass the memories along as they resurface.

With great fondness and appreciation,

From Mei Lon

Shared by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
I remember when Steve lived on Oahu. I think I was under 20??? I came to Waikiki for a visit and he picked me up in his little red convertible to take me around the island! It was such fun, except it was so windy and I had long hair then and it kept whipping my face. 

We went to the beach, to eat, to drink and talk and laugh and have a week of merriment!. I am now living on Oahu and would have loved to have Steve here on island to enjoy his company. 

Fast forward, over 30 years later (I was still living on the mainland). My husband and I were up towards Redding, And got hungry and went to a Chevy’s... Imagine my surprise that Steve was the manager there! Again, he was the perfect host and even comped our meal!

Two years later, we went to a Chevy’s near Davis and yes, there was Steve, as temporary manager for the new Chevy’s restaurant. Even Chevy’s knew what a wonderful person and employee he was that they wanted him to open their newest restaurant addition.

Sadly our lives have not crossed much since school days, but I remember Steve’s smile and laugh and super friendly personality! I am sure if we were able to see each other, big hugs and kisses would follow.

Please give Steve these hugs and kisses. Stay strong,
Mei Lon

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