This tribute was added by Billy Turner on October 17, 2020
Aloha ,my good friend we had many adventures over 47 yrs of friendship,when we first meet in Hawaii after almost getting in fight,all the people we met a long the way,many are still friends,your parents treated me like a son I am forever grateful for that.
Now your up in Heaven, rocking out....
My family will miss you love you ...
Billy and Kim...
This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 15, 2020
Dear Steve,

Thinking of you at this time and reflecting back on some fond memories.
I'm sending you a few photos that I dug up of us in Hawaii. As I flipped through the pages of my album, I began to recall some of the places I saw, events that I attended and people I met. It was a moment of joy to relive those happy, carefree days. I hope these photos will bring back good memories for you too.

Sharon, Di, Sarah and I ran into you the summer of 1973 at the Ala Moana Center as we were headed for La Ronde, where you worked. We enjoyed your company at the beach, hiking and dining out. There’s a photo of you, enjoying a good meal, like most Chinese do. What a great shot with my cheap camera!

It would have been nice to have kept in touch throughout the years, but as life gets busy for most of us, we tend to lose touch. I have you in my memory bank though and I'm glad that we had the chance to meet and spend some time together.

Peace and prayers for you.

Aloha nui,
This tribute was added by Kathy Taniguchi on October 14, 2020
You probably don't remember me (Kathy Wong) but when we were in middle school my family had moved to Parker Ave. There was this boy that lived across the street and one day he had introduce himself to me. That boy was John Yano. I remember you coming over one day and that was when I met you. We use to play ball out in the street and did a lot of hanging out. Those were fond memories and I will always cherish them. 
May you rest in peace
Kathy Wong Taniguchi
This tribute was added by Kim Chamberlain on October 13, 2020
My dear long time friend Steve,
I have been cutting your hairs since 1979. Your Asian also i am a Asian up in Northern Cal we be cam a instant friends.
During our years we shared good times and sad times too.
Today i learned your passing. It gave me so many emotions.
I am sad that your journey is done.
Yet your no longer suffering give me peace. Have a rejoice in heaven say hello to my late husband Paul for me. I will miss you Steve Fung!
RIP My friend.
This tribute was added by Ed Rullman on October 12, 2020
Debbie and I will always remember the fun times we all had at C R Gibbs. We have great memories of you as that one person who always had a smile no matter what was going on. Love you my friend, I am sure you will entertain everyone in Heaven.
This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
My dear cousin, Steve…I cherish our wonderful memories of Hawaii…
Your car that always needed water! You were so kind to let me stay a few nights with you.

You and your friend, Joe, came for a visit to San Francisco and you made a reservation at your Dad’s restaurant in Emeryville to surprise him. And we did! After we went out for drinks and then decided to head up to Lake Tahoe that same night. Of course, we weren’t dressed for winter weather but, hey, we were young and didn’t care.

I moved to Hawaii May ’73 and Carroll, Deedee and I got an apartment in the Makiki area. More fun was in our futures!

The LaRonde restaurant, The Grog Shop, clubbing more nights a week than we should have, playing tennis at night to beat the heat of day…

When you developed a fondness for my dearest friend, Carroll, and took her out on a date to a very exclusive restaurant. I sent you a picture with you both all dressed up…it was so sweet.

I enjoyed our drives to Redding (Danny did all the driving, which we really appreciated), and being able to see you several times last year, holding your hand and seeing your tears. We were blessed to get that time with you. So glad we were able to do that.

I know we will be together again in a paradise earth where we will suffer no more and live that perfect life in perfect conditions. See you there my dear cousin!

I love you!

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020

Hi Steve,
Donna asked me for a blessing for you. She and I are good friends and I performed her marriage ceremony. My name is Virstan Choy.

May you be blessed with waking moments that allow you to remember all the good people and the many good times that have made your life truly good. May those memories fill you with joy and gratitude.

May God bless you with the assurance that you are in the thoughts and prayers of those you love and who love you and with the assurance that you have a permanent place in their hearts and minds

And may God bless you and enable you to set aside what troubles you and to let go of what worries you
So that your final moments may be gentle, and
so that your transition may be calm when you begin the life that comes after this life,

And enjoy healing rest and lasting peace. 

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
Aloha Steve!!!

This is a photo of my daughter-in-law, Zoe, and my 2 sons, Aaron and Joshua, and me making dinner for Aaron’s 33rd bday!

I’ve live in Honolulu for 43 years now and wanted to share a recent photo of my family.

Steve... one of my fondest memories in junior high was when I had a crush on you!

You were in a band with your buddy Seth and I thought you were real cool and a cutie!!!

A few of us had crushes on you! ☺️

And was super surprised and happy that you gave me a Christmas present that was beyond my wildest dreams! You probably don’t remember but it was a necklace watch. I treasured it! 1967

The best thing in my life other than God’s gifts to me of my kids was finally having a true relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Changed my my perspective in life and now know what this verse really means:

For God so loved the world, that He gave His begotten Son... and whosoever believes in Him will not parish but have eternal life. John 3:16

This I share with you and fond memories with all my heart!

God’s Grace to you & Aloha!
Margo Wong

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
NOTE: Lisa is Claudette’s daughter (Claudette worked for dad at Trader Vic’s)

Dear Steve, I just wanted to let you know I share fun memories starting at Farrell’s ice creamery back in the day. We had some great times traveling around in your MG convertible fun car. 

The Hawaiian hikes, also great memory. I would like to go on that trail whenever Oahu is ready to open again.

It was misty and lush, as I recall. At the time, I was learning a lot about myself. Just know I always cherished the fun times and enjoyment we had.

Honoring your life, Lisa
This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020

I had a chance to talk with Gloria Garcia Smith. She really misses you. Here’s what she said:

GLORIA Garcia Smith
Now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico

She said you and she are “FOREVER FRIENDS” and she misses you dearly. She said that if it weren’t for the restrictions due to the corona virus, she would be there to see you in a heartbeat.

She remembers how much fun and what a great friendship you shared: having meals together sometimes prepared together and sometimes dining out; going to bars and listening to good music, and so much more “just hanging out” like good pals do.

She sends you HUGE hugs and kisses and says she knows when the time is right, angels will come and lead you to a better place.

She said she misses you soooooo much! You are remembered with lots of love and smiles. She wants you to know you are her best friend and she loves you A LOT.
This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
Hello Steve –
It’s Cookie Wong – you may not remember me as we knew each other long ago at Cameron House in the club program. I knew the Marauders club and the Mikados but my clubs were the next grade older – the Noremacs and the Grenadier Guards. I sang with leader Gary Tong at variety shows and hootenannies. We had great times on the basketball and volleyball courts with our clubs competing on Friday nights. I remember you way back then...athletic, friendly, fun with an easy smile.
And my cousin Rennie Owyang married your cousin Blossom, so I guess we are related! You must know that you are so loved by friends and family, and you are remembered for so many things including your kindness and strength and courage.
I wish for you a peaceful and loving journey in your next chapter. Know that you have made a difference in this world.
This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
Hello Stevie,

This is Auntie Marian. I wish I could visit you but with COVID-19 and with no driving long distances anymore, I am writing to you instead. Uncle Bill and I always enjoyed seeing you at the Fung Family holidays and get-togethers. You have always been so kind to me and I love you very much. I am sorry that you have to go through health issues, but I know you are strong. You proved your strength and love for life when you received your heart transplant. I am praying for you. Stay strong!

I love you,
Auntie Marian

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
Dearest Steve,

I have fond memories of Thanksgivings with the Fungs and our fun conversations while we were waiting (what seemed like hours) for Uncle Freddie to finally finish cooking the turkey, which was always delicious. I am so glad you were able to be part of our wedding and helped throw Jonathan a memorable bachelor party.

I know these last few years have truly been challenging in so many ways. I’m so thankful for your caregivers (and friends) who have helped to carry you through the good days and the bad.

My prayer for you now is to let the Lord carry your burdens, your struggles, your frustrations - and may you be free from pain and find joy and wholeness in His presence.

We continue to carry you in our thoughts and prayers.

All my love to you,
Allison Fung
This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
NOTE : I'm a lifelong friend of Di Lee from the "hood" and I used to stop in HNL regularly and cherish the times.


Ricky Leong here. Oh do I remember stopping through on the way back from Asia and you were always so welcoming. Always insisting we hang a couple of days...even while you were so busy at the restaurant. Always time for a smoke and a smile!

A ton of fun with you always making time for us and being a great host!!!

You must've hosted all the kids from Cameron House & Chinatown over the years .... following your own path in Hawaii. We were always in awe and a bit of envy. I saw your Dad in you :-)

Remember you let me drive your Blue Alpha one nite going to one of your friends? Pretty brave of you letting a Chinese driver from SF behind the wheel.

A lot of memories that we have forever Steve.

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
Dear Steven,

We were very sad to learn about your condition. I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I admire you. You are the strongest, smartest and kindest man I know. I also know that you are deeply loved by your friends and your family. I would like to thank you for letting me be your medical assistant these years.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

With great respect and admiration,
Dr. Greenberg and Doreen
This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 12, 2020
Rest in Eternal Peace, Steve. You brought smiles, laughter & good times to our lives and we are all Thankful for our time together in this lifetime. You will be missed but not forgotten, Brother. "
Peace & Blessings All, Jeff & Lil
This tribute was added by Margo Mun on October 11, 2020
Truly the BEST news I've heard... that Steve accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and now I know Steve is in peace, joyfully with God and lives in Heaven!
What a most wonderful gift to a wonderful guy!
Now, for sure I will see you again!
Answered prayers through God's Grace & Glory!
Much Aloha, Margo
This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020

"All our lives have been blessed by our friendships. 
Rest In Peace Our beloved Steve." Mei Lin

"Gone too soon...May the memories we have of time spent with Steve provide comfort knowing that he was a part of our lives." Jojo

"Amen. It’s also a time to be thankful for one another." Tim

"I am so sad to hear of Steve’s passing. I am glad that he lived life to the fullest and we were able to convey our fond memories to Steve to let him know that we care. Thank you for letting us know about Donna’s project for Steve and all of us are so very grateful we were able to send our thoughts and prayers." Mei Lon

"I will always cherish the fond memories I had with him and John Yano hanging around my house or playing ball in the street,
He's at peace now and I will miss him." Kathy

"We all look on how Steve impacted our lives one way or another with fond memories!

Let’s reflect our own paths, we see why and what we are doing here.

May God’s Grace be upon Steve." Margo

"Another friend gone too soon and lost in 2020. RIP Steve...❤️" Dardie

"Steve is at peace now. Bless him." Gail

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Dear Steve,
Mei Lon & I remember your bright smile and funny quips. We will always see you in your aloha shirt with the big white puka shell necklace long hair flowing in the breeze. Please know that all your kid time friends that you grew up with will have you in our hearts. 
Big hugs, Mei Lin & Mei Lon

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Hi Steve,
Sending you a blast from the past. This is Sharon McCarthy, a friend of Diane Huang Lee. I met you in Hawaii in the 70’s. Just reaching out to say hi and to send you good wishes!


This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Dear Steve,
Ron and I were saddened to hear that your health has not been good. Life is a very precious thing, and it was your dad who taught us the value of it. Every day he would remind us how to love our friends and family, and I’m sure that you know what I mean. You are just like your dad and I though we didn’t live in the same areas as each other, we always stayed in touch because you are family. We love you Steve and wish you the best. God bless you.
Love Ron and Renee

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Hi Steve,
I’ve been so removed from everyone but managed to stay in touch over the years just by luck. I am now living in Florida...Gypsy at heart!I’m happy people have kept me in the loop so I cud keep up with ‘our group’ over the years. I hear you are having a hard time. The moment I heard your name, your face just popped up in front of me like it was yesterday. You always had a great smile and so sweet in nature. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for the best!
Only good thoughts

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Steve you are always so bubbly and cheerful.....i don't think I’ve ever seen you angry. You are just one of those guys people always want to be around!

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Dear Steve,
When I think of our times together, I think of all the family gatherings at your mom and dad's house and the cousins catching up with one another and hearing what everyone was up to. You are the one with the great sense of humor and would tease us and make us laugh. As we got older, we remember the delicious food you and your dad would prepare for all of us and there would be a lot of talk about sports, and we also liked hearing about your times in Hawaii. Those are all good memories. 
Rhonda and Peter

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Hey Cuz,
Long time no see. I'm sorry to hear that you're not doing well. I remember one day going to your house and we went for a ride, jumping some of the hills and getting buzzed. That was when we were really young and stupid. Now we're old and not so stupid. Anyway, I will miss you and one day we'll catch up with the rest of the family, just like when we got together for birthday parties at the NORTH BEACH house. I remember all of the grownups playing cards and MJ while us kids would go out and get into mischief. 

This is a bummer and where did all of the time go. 
I hope you were able to do the things you wanted,


This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Dear Steve,
Looking back when we were kids, I always thought you were the fun party cousin. Everyone loved your infectious laugh, jokes and games that you would come up with. We had so much fun playing card games and swinging from the pipes down in the basement.

I’d like to thank you for your kindness and generosity. No matter how much you had or how little, you would always share a great meal with us whether we went out to a restaurant or enjoyed your yummy home cooking, this is what brought our families together.
These memories will be in our hearts forever.
All our love,
Blum, Ren and family

This tribute was added by DEBORAH WONG on October 11, 2020
Steve and I had many crazy adventures when we lived in Hawaii. We went out to eat many different restaurants; always had maxed out credit cards (so we just got new ones); spent lots of time at the different beaches, and found a hidden water fall that was known to the locals as “Secret Falls”. These are just some of our time together living in Hawaii. There are so, so many more good memories wherever we were that I can spend a day remembering them. We were pals and I will never forget him. - Bill

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