Posted by massimo mastrorosato on February 26, 2021
Ciao Steve,
We miss you and your engine and electronic knowledge.
This did help us tp fix all the crap.

Posted by Vickie Cooper on February 4, 2019
Happy Birthday Steve!
Posted by Dan Durbin on February 26, 2018
Hi Steve,

How are things going at the Stevie Sandbakken School of Higher Knowledge?

Your Bud,
Dan Durbin
Posted by lee pangilinan on February 5, 2018
Happy Birthday Steve,
thinking of you.

Posted by Bill Caskey on February 4, 2018
Happy Birthday Steve, My cousin, My friend. I miss you. Still think of you often.
Posted by Vickie Cooper on February 4, 2018
Happy Birthday Steve!!
Posted by Vickie Cooper on February 4, 2017
Posted by Dan Durbin on February 4, 2017
Steve, I will never forget that year a SeaFair Hydroplane races. We didn't get on the log boom, so tried to anchor in 200 feet of water. We dragged and reset anchor for most of the race. Then we seemed to catch. We thought the line had tangled with another anchor line. At the end of the race, with four guys pulling on the line, we could not get it up. You yelled "Cut the line! It ain't coming up!" I said no, we can get it up. You said OK, but it ain't comin' up. As we struggled, a county police boat said to cut the line. I yelled "Cut the line!" expecting you to be pleased. You yelled, "No we can get this." I yelled "Cut the line. The cop is telling us to cut the line. You said "No we got this!" This went on for a few minutes, then the cop got on his hailer and said, you are caught on the main phone line between Seattle and Bellevue. If you break it you will have to pay to replace it. Before he finished his sentence, you were yelling "Cut the line!" "Cut the line!" "I told you guys we gotta cut the line!" I always appreciated your consistent wisdom. Miss ya'
Posted by Vickie Cooper on February 5, 2016
Happy Birthday Steve!
Posted by Bill Caskey on February 5, 2016
Happy Birthday Stever.  I miss you and think of you often. Bill
Posted by Gregory Bishop on February 4, 2015

Wish you were here to celebrate this day with 3 very special people. Oh, by the way, we both share a new title.............Happy Birthday GRANDPA!!!!

You would be proud!

Posted by John Wrobel on February 1, 2015
I served with Steve in the USMC, SOES Cherry Point, NC and was both his Sergeant and his friend. I just recently found out from another fellow Marine and friend George Mikuchonis that he passed. I must admit that I was floored and wish we could have somehow been in touch during his troubling times. Steve was a live wire to say the least, full of life and talent and always befriended by anyone he came in contact with. He kept me on my toes because he was always taking things to the extreme and I remember driving him back to the base many times to put his butt in the rack. I can still hear him saying "thank you Sergeant Wrobel," and I would just chuckle to myself, all the while thinking you crazy SOB :)! I have many fond memories of the times we spent together and all the crazy s**t we did, it's sad to know he's gone but will NEVER be forgotten. It is good to know he had some happy times and a family, my heart goes out to you folks. Thanks to Craig Murray also for filling in the gaps. We love you and miss you Brother and will be expecting a hearty welcome and a cold one when the time comes. Semper Fi Marine, you were definitely the epitome of that title if not more! SYOTOS!
Posted by Vickie Cooper on March 30, 2014
I am so sad to see of his passing, I went to school with Steve, he and I use to ride motorcycle's together, of course I was never as good as Steve, Steve and his dad use to try and get me to do a powder puff race.... but I was a chicken. Steve was full of life and a very down to earth guy. I will always remember the fun times that we had.
Posted by Nathan Price on February 26, 2014
Can't believe it's been that long! Hope you're OK up there..
Posted by lee pangilinan on February 4, 2014
Happy Birthday Steve! 
You are missed.

Posted by Paul Leask on February 4, 2013
Happy Birthday Buddy miss you
Posted by Nathan Price on February 4, 2013
Happy Birthday Steve!!!
Posted by Gregory Bishop on February 29, 2012
Steve, you were a great friend and mentor.You gave me confidence and good advice in those first days with Alaska Diesel. I never will forget it. Also will not forget I owe you a case of Biliken for riding out my best efforts to dump you off the tube at the Lake!

Miss you Buddy!
Posted by lee pangilinan on February 6, 2012
I miss you Steve. Happy Birthday. I'm sure you would have shrugged off the big 50 as opposed to the way some others agonize over reaching it. No, I think you would have said 'I'm just warning up now, look out!" lol.
I wonder if they have hot rods in heaven?
Have fun, 
Lee P.
Posted by eric peacock on February 5, 2012
i miss you and often think of you up there keeping track of all of us. by the way please stop watching me!! you missed 50. take it from me. you didnt miss much. you live on in our hearts and thoughts my friend.
Posted by Jim Wilke on February 4, 2012
Can't believe you've been gone a year. Seems like 5.
Posted by eric peacock on December 23, 2011
oh. by the way where the hell is that 9/16 you borowed from me on the anika?
Posted by eric peacock on December 23, 2011
I met the man. argued with the man. was at is side at his wedding.sweated bled with him in the test cell.lost touch and regret that.steve was a true friend and a character of the 1st degree . I will always remember the time I spent with you bud and I know you will go to heaven with that little screwdriver in your hand. I miss you. keep twisting that screw my friend!!!!
Posted by Doug Williams on August 31, 2011
I'm so sorry to hear of Steves passing. He raced Motocross at my familys track (Williams Raceway) back in the mid 70s, and had more natural talent than most of the riders combined. My sincere condolences to his Family and Friends....
Posted by Kelli Priest-Biggs on August 21, 2011
Steven. When. Dad passed. I still thought. Of you as a brother, I'm sorry we grew apart. You were a great guy. Just like dad u will be missed. Now ur with dad. See ya on the other side bro... love ya !!!
Posted by Greg Price on April 1, 2011
Steve, Remember your idea for a NASCAR motorhome made from a old tour bus so we could travel to every race on the schedule, we didn't get it done but I'll try while I'm still here. I'll miss you!! Love your other brother Greg.
Posted by Michael Maynard on March 29, 2011
Steve: Your impression on the industry and more importantly the people in the industry is a legacy that will last forever, you have left us too soon. Semper Fi!Mike Maynard
Posted by Larry Repman on March 21, 2011
Steve knew more about engines than anyone I have ever known. He built a 350 for my 1972 Nova, and I was happy to let him perform the cerimonial first burnout down my street the night we got it installed. Steve lived life with the pedal to the metal.
Posted by lee pangilinan on March 21, 2011
Steve, though separated by time and distance, I still have recollections of you and the conversations we shared. Its just like they say, one man CAN make an impression and you did just that. I won't forget you. Rest easy Steve, see you later. Lee
Posted by Sam Mathias on March 18, 2011
Goodbye Steve my friend. I hope you are well were you now rest. I will never forget you, you taught me, you helped me, your are a true friend. Sam Mathias
Posted by Doug McElroy on March 10, 2011

Wow. I am not sure I need to light a candle for a guy who always had both ends burning.

You are the man.  I never knew anyone who could put things right so fast. We will always have Solemates and fiberglass for lunch. The beer sure tasted good after that one. 

Thank you for your patience and your friendship.

Later on, big guy.

Posted by john franett on March 7, 2011
 I am proud to have had you as a friend and thanks for the memories !

John Franett
Posted by Jim Wilke on March 7, 2011
I didn't know you as well as others. But your advise was sound, your humor great and your smile lit up a room. I will miss you 'till I see you on the other side.
Posted by Rick Stinson on March 7, 2011
To all Steve's Friends, Family and loved one's,

Steve was a friend of mine and I knew him for many years. He will be missed by many as he was not only one of the best Technician's in the world, he was a wonderful and fun person to be around.

Rick Stinson
Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi
Posted by Nathan Price on March 7, 2011
Steve, the world was a better place with you in it. Heaven now has a new mechanical and electrical technician, the best I might add. Thanks for all you've taught me over the years, I love you like a brother. Ann and I decided we will make one of your favorite meals every weekend until we run through your extensive list. 

We will miss you much, your friend NATE
Posted by massimo mastrorosato on March 5, 2011
Hi Steve
I'll never forget the Northern Lights start up we did together in south of Italy back in 1990 !
The boat yard owner who pulled out the gun because he was happy about the job is still one of my favourite story..


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