This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Steven Steppe, 59 years old, born on August 5, 1951, and passed away on October 4, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by william steppe on October 4, 2018
Its been 8 years today I lost you Dad. Its gone by so fast its scary. I think of you every day and miss you more than ever. I know your resting in peace and are with God. I love you Dad! Say hi to Michael for me. Your Son Willy.
Posted by william steppe on August 6, 2018
Dad I thought of you all day yesterday on your Birthday. I miss you and Michael so much. I didn't realize how much both of you meant to me until I realized you not here anymore. I'm trying to get the courage up to get closer to my Steppe family but its hard because I'm still trying to work on me. I know you did the best you could and I'm so grateful for that. Say hi to Michael for me if he hasn't already received my emotions. I love you Michael and Dad. Happy Birthday my precious father.
Posted by JoAnn Steppe on August 5, 2018
If my #1 son, Steve were with us, today would be his 67th BIRTHDAY! I sure do miss him. I thank God for the years we did have together You were a great son.
Posted by william steppe on August 5, 2017
Happy Birthday Dad! Your 66 today! I miss you and your always on my mind! I know your in a better place and with God. Love you Dad! I know we will be re united again someday!
Posted by Cherre Steppe on October 30, 2016
Well well, my dear sweet big Brother, I finally made the time to sit down and have a nice chat with you. My thoughts were with you on October 4th, but I'm so overwhelmed (again) with work. The new guy and his supervisor both quit at the same time and your's truly got stuck filling in until some new guys get hired. So I'm ordering everything for the entire research department on top of everything else! Whoa, what a hand full. It's got me dreaming at night of doing the work, over and over, it's that intense. Little bit closer to retirement from last time we talked, so that's encouraging.

Enough of that - now on a good note - Sissy is having a baby girl and this Saturday is her baby shower in the park at Lake Elsinore. It's supposed to be very hot that day. I would rather have it at Chelle's home where it's nice and comfortable, but her husband Sam doesn't like to have us over there anymore. Christmas and Thanksgiving is all he's willing to tolerate. Can ya really blame him? tee hee!! No, really, I do understand, him and Chelle both are probably tired of all the preparation that goes into a family gathering.

Steven - I see that Pee Wee has cleaned up his act - wow that is a wonderful thing to hear. He said you helped him by visiting him one night in his dreams. That was a very Fatherly thing to do, Brother. You may have just saved his life. Way to go Brother!! I'm sure Mom had many prayers go up for him as well. Mom loves all of us so much. She's a good Mom. We were very fortunate to have her and Dad as our Parents growing up. So many other children are so much less fortunate, we need to count our blessings.

It's a rainy Sunday, I love it!! It's so cozy and comfy to be inside peering out the window seeing the rain drops drip from the awning. I remember last year, the last week of the year, new year's eve week, I was sick with the flu and I had the yule log scene playing on my TV the whole time, with the curtains wide open, and there was some rain. Even though I was sick, I enjoyed that week so much! I medicated myself with lots of Alka Seltzer Severe Cold & Flu so I only felt tired, the flu symptoms were totally masked. Snoopy would be on the floor right by me the whole time as I lay on the couch. My neighbor would stop by three times a day and take him for a short walk. I was kind of bummed at first b/c I had so much stuff I wanted to get done, but I'm glad the Good Lord made me stop and just relax, and create those warm and fuzzy memories. Funny how other people have their favorite memories of like a lavish European vacation, or their big beautiful wedding. And then my latest favorite memory is one like this. The Lord has satisfied me with the simple things in life. Good thing though - cuz he knows I just got a huge rent increase that is restricting me immensely. I'm lucky if I have a hundred dollars left for the month after all is said and done. I'm learning to be very very frugal. I go from store to store for groceries. My latest was pork roast for 69 cents a pound. When I cooked it and put all the meat in a bowl, wow, it would have cost me about 40 dollars for all that meat, and I only paid less than 9 dollars!! It was a lot of prep work though, like separating the bone and fat from the meat. Snoopy loved it, he was right there to catch any scraps that I threw his way. And I take advantage of "rewards" points that I get from my "Shop Your Way" membership with Sears and KMart. So far I've got 2 Christmas presents with my points. Last Christmas Chelle told me they weren't buying gifts, so I didn't buy anything either. On Christmas day, there I was at her house, and they all gathered in the living room to open gifts!! I freaked out and was never so embarrassed. I couldn't even sit with them, I went and hid in the bedroom until they were finished. Now I know I shouldn't have acted that way, but Steven, I was never so embarrassed in all my life. It has always been important for me to have gifts, but I trusted her that what she said was true and I was kind of relieved b/c you know, it's somewhat of a financial hardship on me to get gifts for everyone on such a limited budget. So never again, I will always have gifts no matter what anyone says. I certainly don't want to go through that ever again. Besides, I do love buying gifts - finding the perfect gift and using my rewards to buy it, it's a real thrill for me to get such a good deal! Mom used to get so mad at me when I would buy name brand drug store items instead of the generic. Michael would always tell me that she was rather disgusted by it and that I thought I was too good for the generic ones. Well, now she can't say anything about it cuz I'm the generic queen!! God has really humbled me by giving me a tiny budget.

I just had a thought - the income I make isn't shabby and I'm having to scrimp, it's gotten so out of hand with our society. The illegal immigrants are taking over the areas that I can only afford to live in. Oh my gosh, Steven, if you were here I know for sure that you would be a Trumpster!! I know you would definitely be voting for a President Trump! You would love him, he's so much like us, even though he's a billionaire, you'd never know it. He's such a breath of fresh air. Hillary Clinton hates him and she has done every imaginable wicked thing to discredit him. I can definitely see that God is on his side, and I pray to God "may the best person win" and I'm getting the feeling that he just may have a good shot at the Presidency. If he loses I will have lost all my faith in humanity. If he loses, then that's a sure sign that the good Lord is making way for the end of the times.

Hey Brother, Snoopy is staring at me wanting some kind of attention and I have to go to the bathroom anyway so I'd better get up and start taking care of my "business"! Gotta get things ready for the work week. Looks like the rain is letting up so I might just have to take the old mutt out for his walk.

Tonight I'm taking one of my neighbor's to Walmart. Even though she's a Hillary fan I do this favor for her. I have to pray real hard to not hold it against her, even though I can't imagine how anyone would possibly ever want her in the Oval office is beyond me. She should be in jail if you want to know the truth (that was a Michael statement!). He always said "if you want to know the truth".

Well, if you want to know the truth, Brother, I love you and miss you so very much and am anticipating the day we will be reunited in Heaven. Until then I will keep plotting along, doing my Christian duty of shining God's light within me, helping to bring all of humanity to Christ. On that note, I'll say toot-a-loo for now and I will be talking with you maybe on Thanksgiving, but for sure at Christmas time. Love Love Love to my Dear Wonderful Brother, your loving Sis, Cherre (& Snoopy).
Posted by william steppe on October 4, 2016
Six years already Dad it goes so fast its unbelievable! I can still sense your presents with me all the time. I still hear your voice and see your face clear as day. I know you are still with me and are still a important figure in my life and still Fathering me. I got your message may 9 th of this year and am staying clean and sober and will remain for the rest of this journey. Thank you for the extra push I needed in that area. Life has really changed sinse then for the better. Although I'm temporarily tight on cash I have the freedom I so desperately needed from that job that was ruling and wasting my life. The same goes for the drugs and alcohol. I know you Uncle Mike and God has my back. I miss you more than words can say! Love you Dad!
Your son Willy!
Pee Wee!
Posted by Cherre Steppe on August 6, 2016
Happy 65th birthday to my big Brother, Steven! I miss you so much, Life keeps plotting on as we get older and older. As I know my time is coming nearer each day, i look at life so differently. it's so much more peaceful when I'm following God. I want to follow him even more every day. It's so comforting to know you are resting peacefully with Michael and Dad. Little Snoopy is right here by my side. It's 3:00 AM friday night, August 5th, well, to me it's still friday, august 5th cuz i haven't been to bed yet!! Snoopy and I just finished a really good movie. Work is going just fine, it's mellowed out a bit with the new guy on board relieving me of some of my duties. Retirement - so close, yet so far. I remember as a kid Dad saying that when we were stuck in traffic on the 91 fwy coming home sunday night from camping, he'd say, so close, yet so far. Funny how we remember little things like that, something so insignificant, well, evidently not so insignificant if I'm still remembering it, right?!! it left a lasting impression on me..... too much!! Steven, you always said "too much", I certainly do remember that! I can still hear your voice, see your face and facial expressions, I have a pretty good idea what you'd say at any given time. I miss all that, I miss our visits to Arizona too. I have to go take a shower now, brother and think about getting to bed. But first I will read my bible, which I'm almost finished with. Can you believe that? Well, actually it's the bible told in a story form, making much easier to comprehend. I'm getting restless now and it's very hot in my living room so I have to get up and turn on the air and move around a little. Well, happy birthday my beloved Brother. I will see you in heaven one day!! But until then I love you and you are always in my thoughts. Love from your little Sis, Cherre.
Posted by JoAnn Steppe on August 5, 2016
Happy Birthday my dearest son. 65 years ago this day you were born to me and you were the cutest thing I had ever seen. You were my very own. You were #1 and you always reminded me that you were! I hope you and your baby brother Michael are having a good time together. One of these days the rest of us will join you. PeeWee looks so much like you, I know he misses you so. Mamma loves you baby boy!
Posted by Cherre Steppe on January 1, 2016
Happy new year Brother! It's almost 2016 and I'm thinking about you a lot. I love and miss you so much! Love Sis.
Posted by Cherre Steppe on December 26, 2015
Merry Christmas my precious Brother Steven! You are always in my thoughts Brother and you are so very missed. I find it to be very difficult when my loved ones are leaving this earth and going to be with the Lord. I sort of feel left behind. It's kind of awesome though to wonder when my time will arrive, but I don't like thinking that it will be hard for my loved ones still remaining to feel the pain I feel for the loss of a loved one. Who knows, maybe they will be rejoicing! Well, Brother just wanted to say a few words to you on this very special day, the birth of Christ. I try to imagine what it's like to be with Christ but it's way bigger than I could ever understand. I'll be back to talk soon, but until then you are in my thoughts and my dreams. I love you my Steven, your Sis, Cherre.
Posted by Cherre Steppe on October 14, 2015
My Dear Brother Seven, my sincere apologies for missing your birthday but as you know, our Brother, dear sweet Michael passed away on August 4th, the day before your birthday. I'm sure you and him are together again, only this time in sheer bliss - to behold our Great Lord's presence. You, Dad and Michael now reunited in God's love. One day it will be all of us, oh, what a glorious day that will be! I will never stop loving and missing you my Brother. Until we meet again, luv you, your little Sis, Cherre.
Posted by william steppe on October 4, 2015
its been 5 years and I miss you more than ever. see you in my dreams Dad. love you!
You son Willy aka Dorko!
Posted by Bill Vernon on August 5, 2015
Its August 5th and its your birthday Dad. I'm sure your having a good one because your brother is there with you now. Dad Michael's passing really hurt because i didn't get to spend time with him and now its too late. My heart is aching . I will miss him like i miss you Dad. Michael was such a kind Uncle and always had a good heart. So sad hes not here anymore but I know he really wanted to be where you are because he missed you so much he cried every time i spoke to him. I love you Uncle Michael and I love you Dad Happy Birthday! Your son Willy
Posted by Cherre Steppe on May 26, 2015
Ditto for me too Big Bro :o) Miss you bunches & bunches........
Posted by Michael Steppe on May 25, 2015
Dear Steve, thinking about you on this Memorial Day for 2015. The years are now going by but your memory lives on forever. One day we will see each other again until that day I prepare myself for my life in heaven with you and our family. You are loved and deeply missed. I find myself lost for words to describe how the loss of you effects me. You were and always will be my Big Brother. Love forever, your brother Michael. 2/25/2015
Posted by Michael Steppe on May 11, 2015
Missing You................My brother...............Michael
Posted by william steppe on November 3, 2014
Thank you Dad for visiting me last night whle i slept. You must hav known i was struggling with my emotionsbecause you were there last night and it gave me comfort to talk to you and give you a hug and to tell you l miss you and love you. I had no idea you were coming to visit me. I know it is very difficult for you to do so and i really appreciate it and really did need it because ive been missing you so much and crying so much lately. Im feeling stronger now amd coping a little better today. I hope you visit again soon. I love you Dad
Posted by Cherre Steppe on October 9, 2014
Well, Dear Brother Steven, it's been a while. My heart is aching today with the thought of you not here with us. However, I am in awe of you- dwelling with the Lord Jesus must be so brilliant from what we experience here on earth. So with that, I must say I am very happy for you where you are right now. I look forward to our reunion in Heaven some day. Things are good here- work is so busy. I'm really focusing strongly on building a more solid relationship with our Heavenly Father.This, in itself is keeping me lifted up, seeing things through, God's way. Unimportant now are the things that used to mean so much. Living "not of this world" but of God is tremendously fulfilling. It took me this long to really wholeheartedly accept that. I read in the bible It's typical for humans to navigate towards living life out our way, before we learn that our way is a dead end road leading to disaster, and that God's way is the only way to complete peace and happiness- hence the saying "One Way". Boy, it sure is good that the Lord has so much patience with us throughout our lives. I visualize him watching us flounder in our own pathetic ways, shaking his head. But what's amazing is he never lets his children wander too far away. Those who believe will always be his "kept" children, no matter how far we wander, like his precious little lost sheep, he will always bring us back to his secure loving care. Like a mischievious toddler wandering off at a zoo, but the Father is certainly close by, keeping a close eye, so his precious little toddler doesn't wander too far into danger- just enough to explore the world a little to quench it's curiosity. So wonderful when you look at it for what it really is - just like that. I heard on the Christian radio today a man who said the devil is cool, he let's us do whatever we want, but God is so restricting, like living in prision. If that man only knew God as I know him, he would feel differently. He would love God for his caring ways, and despise the Devil for his deceitfulness. I pray that one day he will. Steven, I could go on all day with you, it's been so long since we talked, but unfortunately the reality of life is calling me back- literally, my phone is ringing - it's probably my boss, going, um, you're supposed to be working! I love you Brother and look forward to our next conversation. Take care, your Loving Sis, Cherre. PS: Snoopy is just the Bee's Knees. I can't get over how darned sweet that little guy is. I wish you could see him. Will you take a peek down here and have a look? Just watch him interact with me, he's amazing! Later Bro!
Posted by Michael Steppe on October 4, 2014
Dear brother, again here I sit putting down my thoughts that come from my heart, four years later. Life is and has changed although my memories of you stand still. Time has a way of its own but time is what keeps your memory in each of us. You will forever be held in my heart and my thoughts. You will always be my big brother. I think of you more often than I realize. I now understand the true meaning of loss and I must live with it...daily. I smile now when I think of you, that is what time has done, put a smile in my day instead of a tear in my eye. Although I must admit around this time, now in my life I cry a tear...but it is a tear of love and memory. My love for you will last through eternity. Your brother Michael 10/04/2014
Posted by Cherre Steppe on August 5, 2014
Happy 63rd birthday, Brother! I know if you were here with us you would for sure make it a great day! I miss your funloving outlook on life, I miss your grin, I miss you calling me Sis, I miss our visits, I miss your chuckles and the way you would nod your head repeatedly and say yep, for sure - or unreal! I have these images in my mind quite frequently, Brother. You certainly are thought of always, and certainly always missed. If I could, I would wrap my arms around you so tight and never let go. I would gaze into your eyes and let you know how deeply I love you and I would tell you again and again just how much you have meant to me and I would kiss your cheek and your forehead, and I would hold your hand so tight. All this I long to do, if only I had done it more when I was able. I am looking forward to the day in Heaven that I will physically be able to make these things come true. I will never let you go, you are forever in my heart, my soul, and every fiber of my being. All this because I love you so, my Steven, my Big Brother. Until we meet again, in the clouds above, with our Lord and Savior. It's hard to say goodby for now, I long for our conversations, but time is never ending, so I will say toot-a-loo for now, my beloved Brother, my beloved Steven. Love to you always and forever, your Sis, Cherre. PS: Snoopy would have liked you, you were always fond of animals. I wish I could share his cuteness with you. ;-)
Posted by Michael Steppe on August 5, 2014
Dear brother, I have thought about your birthday for several weeks wondering how I would feel and what I would say. Just as I thought the moment I open this up I begin to cry. Yes, I still miss you. I guess that is something that will never go away. You are loved, thought off and talked about often. Mom is getting older, I wish you could see her. Well Happy Birthday I will be thinking about you all day and the rest of my life. I pray you are with God and feel no more pain. I love you, your brother Michael.
Posted by william steppe on August 5, 2014
I miss my Dad more than ever. words cant describe the loss I feel every single day. I love you Dad and you will always be the nearest to my heart. I wish we could have spent this day together. but I know life is short and knowon is promised tomorrow. love you Dad :'(
love your son Willy
Posted by Cherre Steppe on October 4, 2013
Hey Brother! You're so missed it's painful. I wish we had spent more time together when you were here, but our times together were always good quality time, that's for sure. I hope you feel the love that is manifested through my prayers everyday. I only wish I'd done it more when you were here on earth. I'ts so hard losing someone dear to you, almost incomprehendable. Peace and Love, Sis.
Posted by william steppe on October 4, 2013
Theres not a day that goes by that Im not thinking of you dad. I Miss you so much but I am dealing with it better now..I cand believe its been three years already. It seems like it was just yesturday the cteator took you home to be in eternity. Say Hi to aunt donna huntington for me and mom. Im sure shes right there with you. Love you always
Posted by Michael Steppe on October 4, 2013
My Dear Brother Steve, Today Oct. 4th marks the 3rd anniversary of your passing. The memory of you I carry in my heart each and every day of my life. Pastor Chuck passed on Oct 3rd, I pray that the two of you will become good friends in heaven with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. I pray for the day we will be united. Gods peace be with you brother. Your Brother Michael.
Posted by angie lavey on August 10, 2013
Hey Brother, I so sorry I missed your Birthday. I know your having the time of your life with our Lord Jesus Christ. Well I'm late because your Niece Destiny just lost her baby Luke Gabriel this week. I hope you will welcome him and let him know that his Mommy misses him and loves him with all her heart as do we all. Hugs and Kisses
Posted by Cherre Steppe on August 5, 2013
Happy 62nd birthday Brother! Oh how I wish I could hug you for an hour straight. I still miss you so very much that it hurts terribly, my only consolation is knowing that you are resting peacefully by the side of our Lord Jesus. How wonderful that must be. Things here are ok, the Lord takes care of our needs. You would have liked my friend Snoopy, I wish you could have met him. Luv U, Sis.
Posted by william steppe on August 5, 2013
Words cant discribe the hole in my heart not having you here to love. I know your in a better place now where theres no more suffering and pain. We didn't get to grow old together but did spent a lot of time together as men. Your lessons are what helps me survive and get thru this life. From my heart to the memories I carry with me and to your spirit Happy Birthday Dad! You loving son :)
Posted by Michael Steppe on August 5, 2013
Well Steve, today is your birthday. You would have been 62 today. I know we would have visited you this past weekend so it was a difficult one for me. Times are challenging now but the Lord continues to give me strength and I continue to have faith. I love you, miss you and pray you are with our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday in heaven, your brother, Michael
Posted by Cherre Steppe on June 18, 2013
Hey Brother - I agree with Michael, time does heal, but there's still those times that I get all choked up when a thought comes to mind, and I reminisce of our times together. Perhaps you will see April there in heaven with you. Like yourself, she had so much more life to live, but was called by the Lord to come home, so that's good. I love you so very much and miss you a lot. Sis :o)
Posted by Michael Steppe on June 18, 2013
Today was a tragic day for the family. Our loving Cousin April 38 years old passed away. I pray her soul is with Jesus our Lord. I miss you brother it is nearly three years since your passing. I am told time... but at TIMES it still hurts. I pray for the day we are all united together with our Lord Jesus Christ. Your brother Michael 6/17/2013
Posted by william steppe on March 19, 2013
Thank you dad for listening to my prayers and responding so quickly. It was good to see you when I was sleeping. It was good to get to hear you say you love me and to give you a hug and to tell you I love you. Dad can you do us a favor next time and see if you can find some clothing before you visit again lol! Love you Dad see you again soon hopefully. Love you Dad :)
Posted by angie lavey on March 13, 2013
Hi Brother, I would like to tell you that we lost our little dog Joey yesterday, I know you liked him. Its hard to lose something you love but God as a way of helping us to cope with loses. Our brother Michael is helping all of us and he is the piller of the family now. I know God is giving him the strength he needs and I'm so proud of him and the way he is allowing God to guide him
Posted by Michael Steppe on March 13, 2013
Dearest Brother, Winter has come and gone. Spring is just around the corner. Time for new things. I think of you often and need to come here to put down my thoughts. I am fine, God has saved my life. Mom is getting older and it scares me. I miss you, I wish I had you to talk to again. I pray for the day we can embrace each other again. In your lovoing memory, your brother, Michael
Posted by Cherre Steppe on January 2, 2013
Merry Christmas sweet Brother. You were very much missed this Christmas, but lucky you, getting to spend Jesus' birthday with him personally. What an honor and pleasure that must have been! We all miss you terribly. You are still very much alive in our hearts. Love you big Brother, Sis and Snoopy.
Posted by Michael Steppe on December 27, 2012
Well Dear Brother, Christmas has come and gone. You were thought of & spoke about many times. It is still hard to believe you are no longer here on earth with us. We talked about you around the dinner table at Chelle's. Mom talked about you & I said prayers during Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve. I know you are with our Lord Jesus Christ. You are loved & Missed. Your Brother, Michael
Posted by Michael Steppe on November 24, 2012
Another Thanksgiving has come & gone. Our beloved Steven was thought of and talked about throughout the day. We still have that empty spot in our hearts. I guess it will just be there forever. He will forever be loved and missed. Our BIG brother will always be in our hearts & thoughts. I pray you are sitting at the feet of our Lord and Jesus Christ. Peace brother....Your Brother Michael
Posted by Cherre Steppe on October 5, 2012
My dear loving Brother, it's been a while now since you left this world to be with our Lord, but the precious memories you left me with, Steve, are still very much alive in my heart, reassuring that one day we will be reunited in the Kingdom of Heaven to share our love once again. I miss you terribly Brother, so much more than words could ever say. Forever loving you, Sis & Snoopy.
Posted by william steppe on October 4, 2012
Miss you dad wish you were here. I think of you every single day. Its almost like your here with me more now than When you were here in body. Knowing that you had a good life really helps me deal with your passing . I know your in a better place and have no more pain or worries. I Miss you more than words can discribe. Love always your son William.
Posted by Michael Steppe on October 4, 2012
My Dear Brother, Today October 4, 2012 marks the 2nd year of your passing. They say time heals all wounds.....I still hurt. I miss you terribly. I miss your smiling face, our times together, especially your bar-b-ques. I miss your laughter, you calling me Mickey and "HEY SIS" to your sisters. I know in my heart you are with our Lord & Savor and that gives me peace. Your brother, Michael
Posted by angie lavey on August 17, 2012
Hey Steve, It's been awhile life can get to busy and time just flys by. Just wanted to let you know you have 2 more cousins. Two boys, 1 from Trin and 1 from Dest. Can you believe it I'm a grandmother WOW.  I would love to talk to you, I think I would talk your ears off asking question. I'm sure you would say " Woooo Sis it's unbelievable" anyways we all miss you very much XOXO
Posted by william steppe on August 7, 2012
Your life just seemed like a flash of time, it was too short. I miss you so much. My dreams and memories are all I have to hang on to now. Wish you were here so we can hangout and BBQ and listen to rock & roll like we used to. As long as I'm alive you will always have a birthday and be getting older with my. Memories and dreams. Love you dad! Your #1 Willy.
Posted by Cherre Steppe on August 6, 2012
Well, brother, what can I say except how much I miss you and long to hug you forever and ever. It's been real hard since you left us, but the only thing that brings comfort to this heartache is knowing that you are with our Lord Jesus and you are so much better off now, no more pain and suffering, just peace and harmony, always. Happy 61st birthday brother! Love, Sis and Snoopy.
Posted by Michael Steppe on August 5, 2012
My dearest brother Steve, Today August 5th would have been your 61st Birthday. Although you are not here with us to celebrate, I celebrate you in my heart. I know you are sitting at the foot of our Lord Jesus Christ. I miss you although I know you are in a better place. You are and always be with me, in my heart and my soul. Happy Birthday Brother, I love you.
Posted by Michael Steppe on February 25, 2012
My dearest brother I miss you so terrible. That is the thing of being creamated there is no place to go and visit you, I only have this, pictures and my memories. You have been on my mind so strongly lately. I loved you so very much, I wish I had told you that more often. You are and will always be in my heart. I pray you are sitting at the feet of our lord Jesus. I love you Steven........
Posted by Michael Steppe on January 2, 2012
The Holidays have come and gone. It was a difficult year. I thought of my brother so much during the Holidays. I missed his phone call on my birthday, I missed the most unusual Christmas present he used to buy us. I wish there was some place to go to be near to him but there isn't. The only place there is, is in our hearts and minds. I know he is with the Lord and that keeps me at peace.
Posted by Betty Kingma on October 27, 2011
You could always make me laugh till I hurt. I have so many happy memories of when we were all so young and I babysat you ( I was only 4 years older than you) and your siblings. I'll never forget your smile that would light up a room. You will never be forgotten and always loved. xoxoxoxoxoxox
Aunt Betty
Posted by Michael Steppe on October 4, 2011
I know my brother is in heaven with God & is finally at peace. I pray for peace for myself as well as my family. The loss of our brother is so difficult to bear, there is such an empty space in our lives. I see his smiling face everyday in my mind. I love you Steven. 10/04/11
Posted by william steppe on October 4, 2011
Its still hard to believe that your not here Dad. I think of you everyday missing you so much. This year went so fast its hard to believe that you been gon already for a year. Your life seems to be a flash in time, here and gone. Happy first birthday Dad. Love you, your son Willy
Posted by angie lavey on August 7, 2011
This is to my big Brother Steven, you were loved by so many people while you were here on earth. I know that you are missed everyday by the ones you left behind. I pray that our Lord Jesus is comforting you and that there is no more pain. Love you always your little sister.
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Posted by william steppe on October 4, 2018
Its been 8 years today I lost you Dad. Its gone by so fast its scary. I think of you every day and miss you more than ever. I know your resting in peace and are with God. I love you Dad! Say hi to Michael for me. Your Son Willy.
Posted by william steppe on August 6, 2018
Dad I thought of you all day yesterday on your Birthday. I miss you and Michael so much. I didn't realize how much both of you meant to me until I realized you not here anymore. I'm trying to get the courage up to get closer to my Steppe family but its hard because I'm still trying to work on me. I know you did the best you could and I'm so grateful for that. Say hi to Michael for me if he hasn't already received my emotions. I love you Michael and Dad. Happy Birthday my precious father.
Posted by JoAnn Steppe on August 5, 2018
If my #1 son, Steve were with us, today would be his 67th BIRTHDAY! I sure do miss him. I thank God for the years we did have together You were a great son.
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The best Dad

Shared by william steppe on October 4, 2011

As a kid and a adault,  I remember my Dad really living it up and enjoying his life to the fullest. He was into really cool things like rock music, Harleys, Hot Rod cars, Speed boats and having good times with his friends and family especially his brother Tyrone. Dad would take me to partys where live bands would be playing, I have fond memories of him of me and him riding around in his 69 Roadrunner fishtailing down the road as he laughed and i cried it was so fun though. It was important to him that i had a good time too. I really enjoyed the time we spent together in Washington out in the forrest cutting fire wood for the fireplace. We were Father and Sone together enjoyin life in the fresh air in the beautiful forrest, spending time on the waters in his speed boats watersking and really enjoying life together on so many occasions. He would bring me with him in his Big Rig truck, I thought it was so cool! The most fond memorie of my Dad was when he sat me down one day and looked into my eyes while he cried and told me " Son I love you, your Dad loves you so much" I will never forget that. He really wanted me to understand that. And I did and i will never forget it. The last time I saw my father, those were the same last words he said to me. He was the best father a son could ever want. I miss him so much. Love you Dad!

Shared by angie lavey on August 7, 2011

I will never forget the short time you stayed with me and my family.  You spent alot of time with my 3 girls "your neices" and you made them sit and watch Beaves and Butthead with you.  They will never forget those times. You always lit up every room you entered with your happy go lucky personality.

You seemed to be off on some new adventure having fun and enjoying life. I miss you.  Hugs and kisses always and forever.

My Brother, Steven - "Too Much!"

Shared by Cherre Steppe on August 5, 2011

I can't express enough the fond memories I have of Steven. He really left an impression on my life. He was my perfect image of what an older brother should be. He always looked out for his younger siblings, me, Michael, Ty and Chelle, then later, Justin and Andy. But then, of course, typically, he would always tease us too, in a fun-loving, brotherly way. I remember him always making me blush with compliments when I was a young girl. I remember him to  always be so positive minded, and he was always so happy and smiling - "Too Much" he would say a lot, I love that memory of him! I saw Steven to be the kind to make good of any situation, he had his ups and downs, but I never saw his personality "down". I never heard him speak negatively about anyone or anything. He was such a breath of fresh air for me! I so desparately miss going to visit  with him and Trish. I miss his presence. I miss the ora of happiness that would engulf me when I was near him. He brought a lot of happiness through the years to a lot of people. He is truely, deeply missed by me, and everyone else, I'm sure. I love you forever and ever, Steven! See you in heaven!