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The best Dad

Shared by william steppe on October 4, 2011

As a kid and a adault,  I remember my Dad really living it up and enjoying his life to the fullest. He was into really cool things like rock music, Harleys, Hot Rod cars, Speed boats and having good times with his friends and family especially his brother Tyrone. Dad would take me to partys where live bands would be playing, I have fond memories of him of me and him riding around in his 69 Roadrunner fishtailing down the road as he laughed and i cried it was so fun though. It was important to him that i had a good time too. I really enjoyed the time we spent together in Washington out in the forrest cutting fire wood for the fireplace. We were Father and Sone together enjoyin life in the fresh air in the beautiful forrest, spending time on the waters in his speed boats watersking and really enjoying life together on so many occasions. He would bring me with him in his Big Rig truck, I thought it was so cool! The most fond memorie of my Dad was when he sat me down one day and looked into my eyes while he cried and told me " Son I love you, your Dad loves you so much" I will never forget that. He really wanted me to understand that. And I did and i will never forget it. The last time I saw my father, those were the same last words he said to me. He was the best father a son could ever want. I miss him so much. Love you Dad!

Shared by angie lavey on August 7, 2011

I will never forget the short time you stayed with me and my family.  You spent alot of time with my 3 girls "your neices" and you made them sit and watch Beaves and Butthead with you.  They will never forget those times. You always lit up every room you entered with your happy go lucky personality.

You seemed to be off on some new adventure having fun and enjoying life. I miss you.  Hugs and kisses always and forever.

My Brother, Steven - "Too Much!"

Shared by Cherre Steppe on August 5, 2011

I can't express enough the fond memories I have of Steven. He really left an impression on my life. He was my perfect image of what an older brother should be. He always looked out for his younger siblings, me, Michael, Ty and Chelle, then later, Justin and Andy. But then, of course, typically, he would always tease us too, in a fun-loving, brotherly way. I remember him always making me blush with compliments when I was a young girl. I remember him to  always be so positive minded, and he was always so happy and smiling - "Too Much" he would say a lot, I love that memory of him! I saw Steven to be the kind to make good of any situation, he had his ups and downs, but I never saw his personality "down". I never heard him speak negatively about anyone or anything. He was such a breath of fresh air for me! I so desparately miss going to visit  with him and Trish. I miss his presence. I miss the ora of happiness that would engulf me when I was near him. He brought a lot of happiness through the years to a lot of people. He is truely, deeply missed by me, and everyone else, I'm sure. I love you forever and ever, Steven! See you in heaven!


Shared by Michael Steppe on August 5, 2011

Everytime I saw my brother for better or for worse he always had a smile. He would call me MIKIE. He was a strong person in everyway. He looked up to me his younger brother when it should have been the other way around. I had a little heart problem a few years ago and he would call me weekly just to make sure I was doing OK. I miss those phone calls but I still have them in my head. He always had such a hugh grin and smile on his face in sad times and in the best of times. He wasn't the most perfect person on earth, just the most perfect brother anybody could ask for. I miss him so much..........................

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