Posted by Fiona Govan on December 24, 2020
As this frenetic year draws to a close I wonder how I ever survived without you. Can hardly believe it is my 6th Christmas without you! I trust you are with all our friends and family and hope your Christmas is as magical as it can be. Love you always. RIP
Posted by Fiona Govan on April 28, 2019
Tomorrow will be four years, still miss you madly Stewart, until we meet again!
Posted by Fiona Govan on January 31, 2019
My husband of 43 years, I know how much I put you through with my various fears and phobias and you were always there for me, such a rock! What a pity it was not to be that you hung around for a few more years, we had so much planned! I even fly now you will be shocked to know!! I am hoping that wherever you are life will be as you expected and even though you haven’t visited as requested, you had better be there to meet me when I arrive. Love you more than life itself, rest in peace Stew.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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