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Our Last Conversation

Shared by Heather Hopkins on April 2, 2014

I was repairing his Sesame Street toy...he always told me how much he loved me and that when he was a man he would buy me a rose....and, he found a magazine with a big red rose on the back cover and showed me.  I miss him terribly as we were very bonded....and I was in the midst of breaking up with my spouse and already had but he was coming around...trying to upgrade my education at Douglas College within walking distance across the street a block away.

A friend of the ex was harassing me...I called the police but they can do little until something happens...It happened and it cost my son his life...the others escaped with the help of neighbors...because I had stepped out with a listen to music...between semesters at school and wanted a break.  I was entitled to a break but people have turned this around and slandered me for leaving my children oldest daughter was very responsible to guard/babysit for a few hours...nonsense and negative people.

The people at Olivet Baptist Church in New Westminster were awesome especially Rev James and his beautiful wife for helping us the way they did.  The many people who saw the headlines in the paper on April Fools Day and sent us donations...the Church Hall was full of donated clothing, furniture and anything you could think of to start again.  We lost everything except an old Ford LTD that Stevie loved to ride with me in...and a couple of his teddies.

The mystery of 'who arsoned Heather's house?' is still a mystery but I believe the New Westminster Police Dept closed the file due to a special court case that assisted them with this and they're investigations that they had a suspect but never charged him because he died before they could.

Only God knows the truth....the Bible speaks about revealing these mysteries of the world...

I do not remember where but when the local Christians told me this it helped me with my severe grief/loss issues...and anger and revenge and I started to drink alcohol and that put me on the ground puking at a bus stop...and I quit because my 3 surviving children needed me...I will never pick up a drink because I get so angry and full of revenge

But alcohol somehow is the most popular of all drugs in the world today...for me, it is tabboo. be cont'd


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