Shared by Michelle Hackler on August 17, 2018

I love you and miss you,  sweet, beautiful cousin.  I can't believe it's been 5 years. I have a collection of your cards and letters that I treasure, along with so many wonderful memories. Though we miss you deeply, I am so thankful you're in no more pain, but, it's an eternal joy you're experiencing,  which could never be explained here on earth. 

Shared by Hedda Depew on October 17, 2015

Allow me to celebrate your Birthday, dear Stori.

Every day I celebrate you and know, that you feel that connection up in heaven. You are very close to me in my heart and I feel your presence often.

Like when the birds are singing, I hear your voice, reminding me of the beautiful times we could share together. Other artifacts and pictures from the past surrounding me to give you an honorable place in my home and heart.

Love always, your friend



Shared by Robert Illjes on October 26, 2013



A Stori of Life Lived Right


As we move through life… we set rules and goals.

How to live… how to love… THE RIGHT WAY.

Our legacy is created by learning... Living... and loving.

Knowing right from wrong is the base… and execution the path.

As actions speak louder than words… how we act is the key.

Successful application will result in

A Life Lived Right


The thoughts of people Stori impacted represent a picture of our girl.

We experienced her presence… felt the peace, the love, the competiveness…

The beauty, the smile, the strength… the grace, and the compassion.

The ability to have a positive approach toward the challenges of life.

No time to feel sorrow and despair.

A Life Lived Right


A love story second to none evolved with Stori and Jon.

Jon helped give Stori the strength to live life.

Two became one to live and love… and compete with the challenges of life.

Positiveness was the goal… and each gave strength to the other as needed.

Sweety and Honey….   What a team.

Two Lives Lived Right


We gather today to celebrate Stori.

Relatives… friends… and most important… Stori’s “honey”.

Her companion… her advocate… and her protector.

Stori is here… and is asking us all to celebrate her life.

She is asking us to take care of each other

Do good deeds and think of her as we do them.

Following her example will help us all experience…

Life Lived Right

Beautiful friend

Shared by Hedda Depew on August 28, 2013


you have entered my world by transforming it. Your visit to Germany brought us closer together and we became livelong friends. I am blessed to be your friend, with so many things in live that we could share, joyess moments of happiness and celebrations. Thank you for introducing me to my husband, Richard, that transformed my live, moving to the US and being here raising a family.
 Your friendship was the most special to me one could only dream of. You have been there in time of struggle, when Bella was sick, you gave me courage and hope, which I tried to return,         My world is in despair, My eyes doen't stop watering,   I will miss you so much, that only the Lord knows.
 Bless you, Jonathan, for being there for Stori and helping her along the way, Hedda 

Shared by Libby Parker on August 19, 2013

Dear Pugs,
I walked the beach this morning at sunrise thinking of Stori.  Thinking not of her suffering, I was thinking about her. I remember the moment I met her in that front hall of Siwanoy.  She was so beautiful it was almost off-putting. Then she speaks, speaks with that Texas twang, smiles brightly gives you a big hug and you’re in love with her too. Not some dumb Barbie doll you thought she might be but a charming, extremely nice and stunning girl.  We thought, Thank God for Pugs, ya lucky bastard and good luck to you’re gonna need it :D Actually she was the lucky one too.  This Cancer ride you’ve been on has proven your intelligence, compassion, dedication, work ethic and most certainly, your love for Stori.  She was always commenting to me, “Jon is taking care of everything.”  I know it was your genuine love for each other that kept her so bravely battling to the amazement of all of her doctors.  She told me recently that she is at peace.  As I thought of her this morning, of her twangy drawl, her beautiful eyes and her infectious laugh, I’m telling you the sun glowed stronger. I took from that to love the moment, I had to turn away from the sunrise to walk home and I kept looking over my shoulder at it and it would glow brighter again.  When things start to get tough for me I will think of looking over my shoulder to see the sun glow brighter knowing Stori is reminding me to enjoy that very moment, whenever and wherever it might be. Thanks Stori for life lessons. I will remember them and you often. Stroke Jake’s belly for me. I love you.

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