Let the memory of Stripie be with us forever
  • 5 years old
  • Born on April 20, 2006 in Lodi, California, United States.
  • Passed away on March 11, 2012 in Stockton, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Stripie Lee 5 years old , born on April 20, 2006 and passed away on March 11, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Cheri Lee on 25th April 2015
This April 20th, 2015 our Stripe would have been nine (9) years old. We still miss her very much, me probably the most. In her passing it brought us a new cat and we sort of rescued her she needed a home and when we got her she was covered in fleas. The night we got her and next day combined we got over 120 fleas off of her we did count we had a special comb and we put flea medicine on her and took her to the vet and got her all current. In her fur on both sides of her body the words Joy was spelled out and that was her name, she was also a Tabby cat. I know Stripe was OK with this new cat because Joy would go and lie and relax on top of where Stripe was burried . Joy is also very smart and started becoming sensitive to my medical issues and always being there for my daughter and I. We discovered Joy has Kidney Stones and needs special care and special food. God placed her in the right house because she is family and no matter what will always be well taken care of because she does that for us. The spot where Stripie lay at peace a tree has grown, just like in the movie: Where the Red Fern Grows. Even with pets memories are Cherished and Love Lives Forever.
Posted by Mira Lee on 22nd April 2014
Ah........tis sad when a pet that has meant so much is taken away . I am sure you will remember and never forget the fun times you had. Bye Bye Stripe !
Posted by Cheri Lee on 12th March 2014
I never forget my cat Stripie that fur baby brought so much joy it is so sad no words can describe the loss. I have her picture by my bed and my Stripie is well protected and laying to rest in my back yard where we have a memorial to her. What is so sweet a tree began to grow right next to the memorial. It reminded me of the movie Where the Red Furn Grows. I loved my cat like a child and I miss her like a child. I am so blessed for the years she came into our life and made so many wonderful memories and gave us so much joy. She is waiting for me with my Kevin up in Heaven.
Posted by Cheri Lee on 20th April 2013
Today is April 20th and that would have been Stripies Birthday. We do miss her and all of her cute special ways. We have a new Tabby Cat named Joy and we got her soon after Stripie passed. This Kitty cat has a totally different personality, it is so funny and adorable.. We love our new Joy and we are a happy family. Stripie is forever in my heart, and always missed.
Posted by Cheri Lee on 13th March 2013
It has been a year and I still think of Stripie often especially when I am in the back yard doing yard work. Soon after her passing I heard of a young Female Tabby cat that needed a home. That night we had another special cat. Her fur on her body you can see her name Joy. That is her name and it is what she gives us everyday. Joy is sensitive to my health and so smart. She is a blessing.
Posted by Cheri Lee on 25th April 2012
My Best friend brought over a beautiful flower arrangement for her place of rest in the back yard pink and purple flowers that will last a long time. My sweet stripie was trained and when she did her tricks or would do a task she was rewarded with crunchy cat cookies. That helped her teeth stay clean but also gave her a small belly thats ok we loved each other so much and unconditionally.
Posted by Mira Lee on 24th April 2012
It is very sad about Stripie. I remember seeing Stripie when I visited Cheri and Cherish in California. The thing I remember about that cat, is boy was she ever fat !!!! They must have fed her everyday all day long. What a sad loss.
Posted by Cheri Lee on 20th April 2012
I have Multiple Sclerosis and my cat was so smart she knew when it was shot night. She was always there because The shots makes me feel achy and not sleep well. However when I hear her purr I can fall back to sleep eaiser. Times I had passed out when I got up to use the restroom early in the morning she rubbed against my leg and meowed to wake me, how awesome! I love her and miss her 4evr
Posted by Cherish Lee on 19th April 2012
there u go she WAS the HOP 2 my heart <---
Posted by Cherish Lee on 19th April 2012
:( hey all cat lovers this is 4 my cat stripie that passed on we will all miss her dearly sure she looked like she was a mother to be but no she was just a loved spoiled cat that got everything she wanted to cat cookies 2 yogurt, and even ambrosia she loved it all she was the best companion,lover,cat in the whole world i will always miss that soft loveing sweet furr...
Posted by Cherish Lee on 19th April 2012
stripie was the hop 2 my heart so here,, :( ( ) ( ) ( ^-^)
Posted by Cherish Lee on 19th April 2012
( ) ( ) =( ^-^)=
Posted by Cherish Lee on 19th April 2012
sorry fokes i can't do it :(
Posted by Cherish Lee on 19th April 2012
() () =(^-^)=
Posted by Cheri Lee on 19th March 2012
To my Fur Baby, my cat for the disabled. My partner and companion she was always there to comfort me and my daughter. It is amazing how much time and love our pets become part of our lives. I know this was a special kitty and my heart hurts so much because she is gone. The animals are always here when we need them, they love us unconditionally on our good days or our bad days. She's # 1

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