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Memories of Sue and family

Shared by Sally Van Buren on July 23, 2021
I had the best job in the world, babysitting the Huss children during my college years in the early 60s. Today, we'd call that a Nanny, but then I was a babysitter. I have wonderful memories of Lake Geneva, water skiing, getting donuts from Fontana, sailing, going for ice cream, and generally, loving my experiences with these three great kids and their parents. I am saddened her hear of Sue's death and I hold her and her brother in my heart. 

Sally Shipman Pitt Van Buren

My Aunt Sue

Shared by Harrison Huss on May 16, 2021
As her nephew I have known Sue all my life. She was always Q to everyone in my family, but I knew her as my Aunt Sue and she had a very profound impact on my life as I mentioned during the service. As I said she expanded my horizons on knowing what freedom was and the will to explore at a very young age. A quote I love that is very Sue is "Jump into the Unknown." I try to live my life in that way and I believe it was very much influenced by Sue and how she lived her life. A friend recently said to me "You know the world is opening back up when Harry is once again constantly on the move" which is once again very much Sue, and I know the seed for the love of travel and adventure I got from Sue. Even more than that though is her impact on my personality. I was about 4 years old when she sat me down and had me watch the movie "The Blues Brothers", and when I tell people if they want to know who I am and what I'm like I tell them to just watch that movie because its so very much me. So thank you Q for having an incredible impact on my life, my personality, and my being. Miss you and love you.

Sue's Puja the Night of my Mother's Death

Shared by Jim Beauchamp on May 15, 2021
"I did a Puja last night and before I did it, when I was walking home from the hospital, I had an idea to do it for your Mom.
When I got home I was so tired from a rough day at the hospital that I sat down in front of the TV and watched a movie for a little while. Then I got up and started to slowly assemble the ingredients - the fruit and flowers and handkerchief. etc, - for the puja but slowly as if I intended to do it tomorrow morning. I was pretty dull and tired and discouraged.
Then all of a sudden my mind just sort of lighted up - really filled up - with energy and light. I had the feeling, the concrete and distinct feeling, your Mom knew I was doing a puja for her. It was as if she were there. I can't explain it. It was a very sudden and powerful feeling. It was so utterly unexpected. I completely changed - just spontaneously. I was no longer tired but very alert and eager and energetic and I quickly got ready for puja and did it. It seemed to be powerful, very powerful - sattwic - very enlivening during the puja and afterwards when I was done. "
The next day she added: "The puja story is - well -extraordinary. It was so vivid. Your Mom. I was very startled. It wasn't a feeling, it wasn't a presence. It was like infinite correlation but it was very definitely your Mom. I was very startled. And I quickly rushed to do the puja - a very nice puja with beautiful red carnations - that she seemed to know I intended for her."

My dear, wonderful friend of 40 years

Shared by Kathleen Johnson on April 23, 2021
Sue was such a big part of my life.  We were close friends for 40 years.  She understood me, she accepted me, she loved me.  Her presence was always lovely, soft, and nourishing. But more than that she was such great fun!  When staying in Pacific Palisades in California we used to "low ride" down Pacific Coast Highway, laughing and singing to the music on the radio.  She introduced me to the music of Michael Jackson and there was no turning back.  She had a boom box that we would turn up and dance and sing "Billie Jean".  We were both fans of The Three Tenors.  One time in Fairfield we were swooning over the video of the Three Tenors and completely forgot that the water was on in the sink.  Suds half way up to the ceiling!   I miss her so very much and will always hold her close to my heart.  I know she is in total bliss now and enjoying the highest heavenly blessings.  
Kathleen Johnson Skevington

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