Posted by Claudia Magill on May 16, 2021
Sue lived and well knew the Greatness of life. I share a song for/about her.

Posted by Kathleen Johnson on May 16, 2021
Sue was an accomplished artist. Here is her art photography blog with beautiful photos she took. Enjoy!
Posted by Sandra Crowe on May 12, 2021
Stan and I have so many fond memories of you and your wonderful family. What a great life you had with them, generously shared with your friends. We will hold you and Friday in our hearts forever, dear beautiful Sue.
Posted by Jan Shaw on May 6, 2021
Our dear, precious, enlightened Sue,
We will miss your divine, lovely presence in so many ways. It was always a delight to see your shining face, whether over the lunch table, at the market or the Maharishi Vedic Pandit yagyas. Your forever friendly, sweet, loving Self will be remembered with great appreciation and much love. Your light and bliss fill our hearts now, as you float on that highest of heavenly plateaus. Love and Jai Guru Dev
Posted by Teri Tucker on May 6, 2021
All love to you, dear Sue, beautiful soul. Wishing you divine love and bliss always.
Posted by Kathleen Johnson on April 23, 2021
To Sue, our dear friend,
Your beauty is eternal, your life a tribute to your goodness, your laughter a window to your soul, and your devotion a blessing to the world. You have touched so many of us with your kindness and love. We will miss you terribly. But life goes on and we know you are in the perfect place of pure bliss and divinity. May the light you shared forever light the world.
We love you so much, dear Sue. 

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