"Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure."
  • 17 years old
  • Born on November 25, 1982 in Kwa-zulu Natal, South Africa.
  • Passed away on October 3, 2000 in Verulam, Kwa-zulu Natal, South Africa.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sugandren Reuben Govender 17 years old , born on November 25, 1982 and passed away on October 3, 2000. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Lorna Govender on 25th November 2018
Happy heavenly birthday my dearest brother....it's been 18 long years with out you...but theres not a day that goes by that you not remembered.... everyday you are thought of and missed, you will always live on in our hearts forever.... we love and miss u more than words could ever say!!!
Posted by Lorna Govender on 25th November 2017
Happy heavenly Birthday My dearest brother, no amount of words can tell how much we miss you.......you will forever live on in our hearts
Posted by Lorna Govender on 3rd October 2017
Today marks the 17 year anniversary of your death, not even.time or distance have kept you more than a thought apart, for each day you are thought of , each day you are missed, your memories live on in our hearts......we love you more than words could ever say...RIP my dearest brother
Posted by Lorna Govender on 25th November 2016
Happy Heavenly Birthday to my dearest brother. The years have passed so quickly but the memories live on in our hearts. Birthdays are special moments shared with friends and families, people you love and care about....but today you will be celebrating ur special day in heaven. So today thoughts of you will fill my mind....Like every other day....memories of our childhood spent comes flooding back......Precious, precious memories of birthdays spent together......So today I will laugh a little in memory of our special sibling moments.....I'd cry a little.....coz I can't reach out and hug you tight......but 34 today... wow how time has flown by......you were only 17 when you were taken away from us...... So let the celebrations begin......let the heavens rejoice......let our love be felt through time and distance !!!! Missing you on your birthday!! Always in my heart....4eva on my mind
Posted by Lorna Govender on 3rd October 2016
I can't believe it's already 16 years since your passing away. Time as went by so fast, yet not a day you was forgotten, you are always remembered. We all miss you so much Reuben,life has never been the same, amongst our laughters there are always silent tears. Time as passed but our luv for you only grew stronger....I know it's time we let you go but the thought of it just breaks my heart.....i love you and always will....Rip my dear brother till we meet again in the sweet by and by!!
Posted by Paveshnee Govender on 3rd October 2016
2day marks the anniversary of ur death... 16 years and the pain remains. Life may go on but ur loss is still felt.. your presence dearly missed... ur laughter just waiting to be heard .... A big part of our hearts were lost that day... Now All we have are memories... moments in time that we cherish and hold close 2 our hearts. I wish u were here to share in our lives but deep down i know u are with us always.. in spirit. You are our guilding light... our angel thats protects us. My dear brother you are always thought of, always spoken about...always missed....always loved.... YOU will never be just a distant memory. You live on in our hearts...
Posted by Lorna Govender on 16th July 2016
 My dear brother its been months since i was able to write anyting on your wall...i have been so sad. I think about you every single day and still cry. I thought it would get better one day...but its gona be 16 years and that day has'nt come yet!!I think the hardest part of losing you wasn't having to say good bye, but learning to live life without you,trying to fill the void and emptiness that you left in our heart!! I miss you so much Reuben,life gets harder each day...nothing is like when we were kids i wish you were here!!I really thought i'll be able to get through this...but i guess its just not that easy!!I really dont know were i go from here or whats my journey?? But the one thing i do know is that I miss you. I really really miss you!! With all my love Your little sister Lorna
Posted by Lorna Govender on 25th November 2015
Today is full of memories of “happiness, laughter and tears” of birthdays we’ve shared throughout the years…it’s your birthday up in heaven and I’m wondering what you’ll do?? Will there be celebrations and cake …will it just be Jesus and you??? I won’t be there to hug or kiss you…I’m sure I’ll feel lonely today as I shed some birthday tears. But I know your heavenly birthday will be your best one ever….but just remember a birthday spent in heaven means you spend it with the Lord. HAPPY HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY BIG BROTHER….I LUV & MISS YOU LOTS!!!!
Posted by Lorna Govender on 26th May 2015
My dear brother, so much has happen and time has gone by so fast, yet you were never forgotten. I think about you all the time and remember all those precious memories of you playing with me as a little girl and wish i could see you again just for once....I know that when i'm down you always by my side wiping away my tears and taking away all that pain and worry, that's what big brothers do right!!!.so much has happen in life and you were not here to share all those special moments like when camzy was born ,our precious nephew.....through all our happiness we still feel the pain of your loss each and every day, we miss you reuben more than words could ever say and when you look at daddy you know what you meant to us..I hope you happy in heaven my dear brother and till we meet again where our lives would be complete having you again....with all my love your little sister.
Posted by Paveshnee Govender on 15th April 2015
My dearest brother in heaven.... I wish I had the chance to introduce your little nephew to you, I wish I could say my baby boy meet your uncle Sugan, you mummy’s little brother. Its two months later, and I haven’t had the words to post on your memorial page.... until today!!! It’s been 15 years and still daddy hasn’t come to terms with your loss, last night I watched him from a distance carrying baby Cameron... his words where “Baby I too had a baby just like you, I miss him” and when Cameron cried he said.. “but you my baby too”.... I heard the sadness in his voice, saw the tears in his eyes, felt the pain in his heart that very moment... I wish there was something I could do, something I could say but the pain daddy feels haunts me...there’s no words for him.. his life ended the day you died... all I could do was walk away helpless. I though having a baby boy would help daddy in some way with your loss, We even gave him the surname Govender after daddy... but Reuben no little baby, no surname, nothing can ever replace you in our hearts... if anything we miss you more, think of you more, cry over you more. If I ever had a wish, I’d wish for daddy to see you again, just one more time .. in a vision, in dream... anything, it’s what he needs. Your life was precious to us all, your memory is the strength that gets us through... your loss is the burning ache we carry deep within our hearts and soul... My dear brother as you look down from heaven, wrap dad in your loving arms, strengthen him, guide him, protect him... give him a reason to live... cos we can’t seem too. You were his treasure, you were his pride and joy, you were his future.... Reuben you were and always will be daddy’s life.
Posted by Lorna Govender on 25th November 2014
Happy Heavenly Birthday my dearest brother, i wish so much you was here with us today,time has pass but you were never ever forgotten not even for a second...you will forever remain in our hearts and all those precious memories remain priceless......with all my luv...hugs & kisses...Lorna
Posted by Lorna Govender on 3rd October 2014
14 Years Today, cant believe how time a flown by. Seems like only yesterday you were here with us. Still remember every moment of that day you were taken away, the worst moment in my life seeing your lifeless body covered with a silver foil lying on the side of the road. That memory will haunt me forever. I remember praying so hard for you to wake up that day, God never answered my prayers...He had his own plans for you. In an instant our world was turned up side down, our happiness taken away forever, our smiles filled with sadness.That day daddy's life was over as he watch you on that road, you took away his happiness...as you are his only son. A life without you hasn't been easy, watching our parents deal with your loss has been painful.. but true love never fades even though you gone because each day you are thought off, each day you are spoken to and each day you are remembered. Today our heart aches as its the anniversary of your death, but yesterday it ached too and the day before... all is left to do is put roses on your grave. But thru the tears, the memories shine... For death leaves a heart ache No one can heal.... Loves leaves a memory no one can steal... You Always Loved, Always Missed Your Sisters
Posted by Lorna Govender on 11th January 2014
Today I miss you the most, especially when we having fun and then I think of you, and my heart breaks, I wish you was here more than anyting in this world, to share our happiness with Pav and I as we start our new lives. It so hard to get use to life knowing you still not here. We will never forget you Reuben no matter where life takes us, cause without you our life is incomplete. I will love and miss you forever big brother...Till we meet again...
Posted by Lorna Govender on 25th November 2013
My Dear Brother I wish you were here today even for just a little while so I could say Happy Birthday "Reuben” and see your beautiful smile. The only gifts today will be the gifts you left behind; The laughter, joy and happiness... precious memories...the best kind. Today I'll do my very best to try and find a happy place... struggling to hide my heavy heart and the tears on my face. I'll sit quietly and look at your picture thinking of you with love; hoping you're doing ok in Heaven up above. May the angels hold you close and sing you a happy song... and I'll be sending wishes to you today and all year long. Happy Birthday Reuben, we miss you so much !! With All our Love .... Daddy, Mummy, Pavesh & Lorna
Posted by Paveshnee Govender on 25th November 2013
Happy Birthday Reuben!!!! Its been 13 years little brother, Each day you live on in our hearts… Never forgotten, Not even for a moment Wish you were here today to spend this special day with us. If I could, I would reach out and hold you tight, Shower you with hugs and kisses and birthday wishes, .... if only that was possible... Loving you, missing you, cherishing you.... Forever & Always Your sisters
Posted by Lorna Govender on 9th November 2013
Midday on Tuesday October 03, 2000 Reuben was killed in a hit and run accident whilst on his way to school for extra tuitions. The loss of our brother has changed our lives forever and life will never be the same without him!! "Reuben you will be missed, loved & cherished forever & always"
Posted by Paveshnee Govender on 9th November 2013
My dear brother, your death has left a void in my heart that nothing can fill. I miss all those special moments we shared.. moments that I treasure.. moments that lives on in my heart. I will always love you, always remember & cherish you each day my whole life through.!!!

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